Vittorio “Vitto” Auditore

Ezio’s son from a brief marriage to Lilith Vatore. She was cold as ice and cruel, leaving the boy damaged by the open rejection of his mother at a young age. It took his father a long time to realize that, but when he did, he ended the marriage and relied on his next door neighbor and ex-wife Viktoria to help raise the boy, much to the dismay of her now-husband Blaine, who allowed it out of pity for the innocent boy. Ezio remarried twice, the first wife was just as abusive to Vitto behind Ezio’s back. After that he stayed alone again until he met Melissa, who would be a loving step-mother to Vitto.

Vitto had always been shy, withdrawn, kind of geeky and unwilling to socialize with anybody but his family and the Camerons, who lived next door, especially their daughter Vivian, same age as Vitto. They were best friends for as long as they could remember.

Vitto realized he loved Vivian when he was a young teen, but did not dare tell her until she ended up pregnant and desolate after falling for a known playboy, who sadly happened to be his estranged cousin.

Vitto had always been there, waiting in the wings for the right time to confess his feelings to Vivian, but when she once more started dating a man who seemed to be everything Vitto was not, he took all his courage and went to tell her he loved her. Unfortunately the attempt failed, leaving the friendship in jeopardy and his ego badly bruised, which lead him straight into the arms of a golddigger, who after coaxing Vitto into his first time with her, claimed he got her pregnant, which turned out to be a lie, but did not help his issues with women. His father was livid, since he had seen right through the girl’s intentions from the get go and forbidden his son to see her again, which Vitto disregarded.
At some point after that he fell for his step-sister’s French au pair, who appeared to be a wholesome simple girl. He married her against his father’s wishes.
Once married, she kept Vitto at a distance, until one day she told him she found him incapable and repulsive and not to be a real man. Out of shame for having fallen for yet another golddigger, Vitto endured her frequent affairs up until a point that she got pregnant by another man. Having wanted a child of his own for many years at that point, this was the drop that overflowed the bucket.
The divorce was messy, leaving Vitto emotionally scarred even more and untrusting of strangers, plus with even worse issues with females. At this point he could barely speak to a woman without blushing or stuttering.

Months later he learned his childhood best friend and love of his life Vivian was going through a divorce as well, and had moved back in with her parents, his father’s neighbors. Inevitably they ran into one another and picked up their old friendship. Vivian was the fresh breeze Vitto had needed, he loved her perkiness and candor, her energy, despite her having gone through some rough times herself.

They spent much time together at his luxurious home, much too large for a single person and intened to host a growing family of heirs to the Auditore wealth.

Vitto realized that his feelings for Vivian were still the same and a night of video games and drinking lead to a night of intimacy between them. Agreeing to hide this from everybody at first, which was soon foiled by them getting caught by Ezio.
Reluctantly they make their relationship public.
Soon both realize they were meant to be and get married, then welcome their first child into the world, a healthy boy named Vincenzo “Enzo” Auditore.