Viktoria Cameron

Only mutual child born to her parents’ late in their lives after a near miraculous surprise pregnancy. Before she even reached school age her parents separated during a messy divorce. Her abusive alcoholic father, who hated children, which he took out on his innocent daughter, while blaming his wife for ending up pregnant at an advanced age, tried to stop the divorce unsuccessfully. Aside from Viktoria, her mother had an adult son from a previous marriage; her father would later remarry and have a son with his new wife. Viktoria had always been on good terms with both half-brothers.

Instead of letting the hardships of her dominant father, his abusive ways, threats and lack of love towards his own child make her resentful and bitter; Viktoria developed a distinct dislike of injustice and strong drive to protect the weaker from a very young age on, traits which would play a key role once she reached school age.
After her first full day of school Viktoria met her oldest friend Blaine which would result in a lifelong friendship, making them inseparable for many years to come. For the most part Blaine, a child from an abusive and broken home, ended up living with Viktoria and her mother, developing a strong bond with both. Happy to share her home, toys and mother with her best friend, Viktoria became the first and only person to ever show and teach Blaine about love and compassion for others, further intensified by her mother caring for and raising him like a son.
Academically inclined and popular Viktoria excelled throughout school and college but oddly never in love matters, mostly because unbeknown to her, charming yet over-protective and jealous Blaine had taken it upon himself to fiercely disabuse interested boys from the mere notion of dating his best friend, successfully so until a new athlete transferred to their school, Lawson, strong and confident enough to not bend to Blaine’s threats. He pursued Viktoria, who was now 15 years old; eventually he would be her first boyfriend. While she had a crush on her bestie Blaine for years now, she was reluctant to act on it, afraid of losing him. Just before Blaine’s 16th birthday, a traumatic incident with his stepfather caused Blaine to vanish without a trace. Viktoria spent months searching for him, unsuccessfully.
It would not be until several years later; Viktoria had just graduated college and left a very short and heartbreaking relationship, when she and Blaine, both young adults now, would happen upon each other again by accident. Old friendship and other feelings rekindled and they became inseparable yet again. He moved in with her into a small apartment in the Fashion District of San Myshuno.
Thanks to her academic success Viktoria landed a great job at a large financial institution, where she caught the eye and attention of her boss, Ezio Auditore, a desired and eligible wealthy bachelor.
A whirlwind affair began, Viktoria fell hard for Ezio, but his family forced him to end the relationship which after initial resistance he eventually obliged after an unforeseen circumstance escalated the already mixed up feelings.
Broken hearted again, Viktoria turned to Blaine to console her. A night of drinking lead to their first ever night of intimacy with each other, startling both when soberly faced with the unusual situation and feelings the next morning.
Incapable of handling the rollercoaster of emotions, both ended up rushing into relationships with other people because each of them was mortified of inadequacy and of risking the treasured friendship. Viktoria was pursued by her wealthy, charming and attractive boss again, and while still confused by her mixed up feelings after the night with Blaine she rushed into a marriage with her boss when he proposed within mere weeks of them reconnecting.
She focused on her career and being a wife, truly falling in love with Ezio.

The beginning of their life together was tough, his family openly resented her, disowned him when he married her against their wishes. He gave up all the money, creature comforts and luxuries he had grown up with for her and never once complained about it. Both worked hard for everything they had, supporting one another through it all, fusing them together. Soon their family would grow when Viktoria unexpectedly got pregnant with a daughter, Adrianna. A great business model idea by Ezio took flight, making him wealthy again with the support of Viktoria, who would grow into the mother role, running the household and shielding everything else from Ezio so he could fully focus on growing the business. Their life together was loving and dedicated, harmonious.
Eventually they moved to the scenic and sleepy coastal town of Brindleton Bay, designed and built a modern, luxurious home in a prime location on a hilltop overlooking the old town and harbor.

Soon they would have another child, a son they named Marco. Both children thrived and would grow into smart, confident, happy children, close with their parents and each other.
Tragedy hit during Marco’s birthday party when he became a teen. His beloved grandmother, Viktoria’s mom, suddenly did not feel well, lost conscience and died during his party.

After that, Marco was traumatized. He used to be a sweet and loving boy, very tight with his parents and his sister. They had him see doctors and therapists, but he was just different after that, troubled, angry, challenging, aloof, a complicated young man.
Ezio’s parents passed on as well some weeks after that, leaving a significant inheritance to him and his older brother Frederico.
The Auditores were now a force of nature, wealthy and respected, treated like celebrities. The children thrived, as did the Auditore business, Ezio and Viktoria’s marriage was still harmonious, loving and smooth like a well-oiled machine. Viktoria made sure that Ezio would not focus solely on work but remember to have some fun as well, keeping him balanced. They had made peace with his family and for decades parties and dinners at the Auditore house were always well attended and popular.
While Viktoria’s life had changed in many ways throughout the years, keeping her occupied, she was happy with her husband and children; despite it all she had never stopped missing Blaine. Blaine had gotten married to Olivia just after Ezio had married Viktoria, he had three children with his wife, and occasionally would attend parties at Ezio and Vik’s, yet Blaine seemed very different, distant, quiet and more like a shell of his former self.
For years their friendship stagnated until a decade later their teen children started dating.
Soon after that, Blaine’s marriage would fall apart, sending him into a deep dark hole severely struggling with his life and health. Once more Viktoria was there to help her friend, rekindling the old friendship again. Tragedy struck again regarding Blaine’s health.

The tragedy caused much heartbreak and many tears, but at the end turned out to be a blessing in disguise for them. Several dramas ensued, and eventually Viktoria’s marriage ended as well.
This time though Blaine did not stand back, instead he took the chance and made his move. He showed her his true feelings, readily reciprocated by Viktoria, they became a couple, moved in together. Except by two of their children, Addy and Blaine Jr. who were very supportive of their respective parent, they faced severe criticism and resistance and shunning for their life together. Just the two of them alone without a penny to their names, Blaine and Vik started their lives over together. Blaine proposed to her in scenic Windenburg, where their old friendship once began many years ago, married her several months later during a romantic boat ride in Brindleton Bay.

They would eventually have a daughter together, Vivian, and buy a small house on the beach of Brindleton Bay, several years later a son, Liam, would complete their family.