Liam Cameron – The Samaritan

The youngest child of Blaine and Viktoria Cameron, Liam grew up as a happy and content kid in a stable home. He got along well with his parents and sister and his nephew Finn.
As a child, he formed deep friendships with some class mates, calling themselves “The Clique”, which would end up withstanding the tests of time. Even as adults with families of their own they all remained fast friends.

Liam’s biggest problem had always had a tendency to overdo things.

This came into play when he turned 15. After a messy breakup with his first girlfriend, he became rambunctious, dating girls by the dozen, becoming a really bad playboy, until he found another girlfriend. When he and his friends were at a bowling alley, he met a girl who had just moved into town, Leonie Hanson. It was love at first sight. At least for him. While she liked him and the side she saw when alone with him, she disliked his player reputation and did not want to be anything but friends with him.

Using all of his charm he finally changed her mind, and while it was obvious to everyone who knew Liam better that he was dead-serious about Leonie, her father and newly assigned Chief-of-Police of San Myshuno strongly disagreed. He forbade the relationship, when Liam just climbed into Leonie’s window one night, he was caught and sent to jail.
Liam’s parents decided a move was in order and relocated to the far away Del Sol Valley. Liam broke up with Leonie, thinking he was giving her a better chance to find a new love without feeling obligated to him.

He quickly made new friends at his new school in Del Sol Valley and started his old mass dating habits again. One night at a club he was approached by an agent and what started as a dare by his new friends ended in him becoming an overnight rising star actor.
Before he even graduated high school he had risen to fame, accumulating fortune, dating models and actresses, his parents were proud, his friends happy and envious, yet he always felt that something was amiss. Traveling back to his old home often to meet with his friends, which kept him grounded, he always felt happiest when Leonie was around. They would run into one another every so often and were like good friends.

After he became a young adult, his parents moved back to their old beachhouse in Brindleton Bay, but Liam stayed in Del Sol Valley, visiting often.
Most of the time all of the friends – aside from Liam and Leonie all now married, some expecting kids – would meet at the old hangout place, called Everett Heights, a preferred teen hangout where one can dance, have campfires and BBQs, camp, skate, swim, whatever a teen heart desired.
During one visit Liam and Leonie were the last one at Everett Heights when all their friends already went home, both finding themselves overcome by their old feelings for each other, magnified by alcohol consumed through the night, which lead to a romantic night spent together.

Due to his acting obligations Liam had to leave the next morning and would not see Leonie for a long time after that, unable to reach her after damage to his phone, causing him to lose all contacts. In no position to attempt to remedy this as his career kept him busy.

Liam’s acting career took him around the world for filming and promos and years would pass until he ran into Leonie on accident again. She had not been at the last get-togethers with their friends and nobody knew why, but suspected she was busy with her finals in college and working, since she always had had high aspirations for a career in business.

One night, during a layover, his flight back to Del Sol Valley were cancelled so he decided to stay at his parents’ home. On his way back to hail a cab after meeting his friends in San Myshuno, he ran into Leonie. They had a drink together, then he learned she had moved to San Myshuno. After walking her home, trying to spend every second possible with her, he found out by chance that she had a child, a boy, named Everett after the place of his conception. Realizing quickly that he was his child, Liam wanted nothing more than Leonie and his little family.

Since he had no other way to make money, Liam split his time between San Myshuno and Del Sol Valley for many months. Things began to happen fast. He proposed, Leonie found out she was pregnant again. They had a girl together, Natalie, then a big, romantic wedding.

They would have two further children after that, another boy, named Jake and a girl by the name of Brianna.

While born a vampire, he would eventually undergo a special procedure to be turned into a mortal.