Leonie Hansen Cameron

Born as the younger of two children to Daniel “Dan” Hanson and his wife Sally, Leonie and her older brother Steven were raised very traditionally and conventional, in a family where the father worked and made all decisions, while the wife stayed home to tend to household and kids.

Leonie aspired to have a true career one day, very studious, so she would not one day end up as co-dependent as her mother.

When she was 15 her father moved the family to Newcrest, after he was offered the Chief of Police position in San Myshuno. During her first week there she met Liam Cameron and instantly felt sparks flying, and it was obvious that he did too. His bad boy reputation did precede him, so Leonie did her best to keep him at bay, though she finally agreed to be friends, dodging his many advances.

After having been invited to his home several times and impressed by the way his parents acted with each other and their children, she finally let her guard down and began dating Liam thinking if his parents were great, he could not be so bad.

When she introduced him to her parents though, things went terribly wrong and the evening ended with Leonie’s father throwing Liam out of the house, forbidding her to see him again. At that point Leonie and Liam were so much in love already that she continued to meet with him secretly anyway. At some point Liam couldn’t stand being separated and climbed into her room one night through the window. Her father caught them, and had Liam arrested and Leonie was sent away to boarding school.

Things got rocky after that and when Liam’s parents decided to move the family to the far away Del Sol Valley, he broke up with Leonie to give her the freedom to date someone else rather than trying to keep up a secret long distance relationship.

They remained friends, but both felt something missing from their lives. Liam was discovered and rose to stardom as an internationally acclaimed actor when he was still a teen, and continued his successful career for decades after. Life in the fast lane did take its toll and while he dated numerous models and actresses, he kept returning to the old home to hang out with his friends, a still close-knit groups since they were children, among them always Leonie.

One night during a get-together at the group’s favorite spot since they were young, Everett Heights, Liam and Leonie spend the night together, which unbeknownst to Liam resulted in a pregnancy. He would not find out about his son until 3 years later when he ran into Leonie by accident and met the boy she had named Everett after the place of his conception.

They rekindled their romance, tried to upkeep a long distance relationship, as neither Leonie nor Liam were able to move at that point. Flying back and forth took a toll on Liam but when Leonie ended up pregnant again, he proposed and later married her.

She followed him to Del Sol Valley with their kids, but was unhappy in the artificial society where nothing was what it seemed. Eventually after the birth of their third child and expecting the forth, they moved back to Liam’s hometown of Brindleton Bay.

Their four children in sequence of age from oldest to youngest are Everett (“Rett” for short), Natalie (called Natty), Jake and Brianna (called Bree).