Kieran “KC” McCoy Cameron

Raised in a run down trailer park on the outskirts of Oasis Springs, his father a jobless, uninspired alcoholic, his mother a stripper at the strip club across the street where KC’s father, uncle and grandfather still frequent to this day.

His parents never married, although his mother came to live with them after getting pregnant, along with her sister, who ended up marrying KC’s uncle and had a child with him, a girl, KC’s older cousin.

Roaming one day as a child he met Everleigh, initially wanting to steal from her, he felt bad when she cried. Despite of it all she showed him kindness and a friendship budded, which would last over the years.

Years of neglect and abuse lead him down the wrong path, after several brushes with the law he eventually went too far and ended up in prison. Everleigh found out about it, visited him. He broke out one night and came to her, she hid him with the help of her friend Heath, but they would be found out by Everleigh’s grandfather Liam. Recognizing that KC was not generally bad, he offered him a chance, which KC gladly accepted.

His life changed for the better at that point, and again when his best friend became his girlfriend and later fiance.

They got married and had twins, a boy names Ethan and a girl names Esmée.

At some point KC decided on a name change for his family (Everleigh and the twins) from McCoy to Cameron, in order to cut the last ties to his unpleasant past.