Heath Grainger

A young new-breed vampire, struggling to find his way in the world, not wanting to fit in with the cold and dismal ways of the new-breed vampires like his father, not accepted by the old-breed vampires, who generally dislike the new-breeds, and feared by most humans, as the new-breed vampires have a terrible reputation.

Conceived not out of love, but solely when his father, a powerful demonic grand master vampire named Armand Grainger, decided he wanted an heir. New breed vampires are unable to procreate among each other, for that they need humans. Heath’ mother was a hapless victim, once violated by Heath’ father to impregnate her, then she died during his birth, as new-breed vampire births are extremely taxing on humans and usually ended in the death of the human mother.

His father’s wife, Archeflow Grainger and her sister Raven Stark did nothing to make Heath feel loved or sheltered, both as emotionally unavailable as Heath’ father. Lost and lonely as a child Heath met Everleigh at a playground when they were both about 5 years old. Instantly he was drawn to her kind but brave ways. A friendship formed, lasting the years.

Among the many differences between new and old breed vampires were the inability to conceive or father children among the own kind, but also the fact that new breeds had to feed on blood, unable to digest the very popular plasma fruit most old-breed vamps used as sustenance. Unlike old-breed vampires, new-breeds do not have the ability to attain sun-resistance, no matter how powerful they may get. New-breed vampires also are generally weak when just born or turned until they would reach a level or age where they could complete a ritual, turning them into powerful vampires, at the price of losing all ability to feel any emotions. When the time came for Heath to undergo said ritual he refused. As a result he was shunned by his family. Knowing that he felt much more for Everleigh than he should and that such a love was not only forbidden by law, but also dangerous for the human, he avoided her, hoping to forget her and she him.

A lonely vampire now he found a job, like many of the half-vampires he worked for rations of blood, treated like slaves.

Luck would have it that he would end up in a bind, and none other than Everleigh would find and help him, by allowing him to drink blood from her wrist to keep him from dying.
After that night Heath could not keep away from her, officially a friend, but deep down nearly obsessed with the kind and beautiful girl, the only thing holding him back from pursuing her romantically was the fear of hurting or potentially losing her if he ever let his love go further.

Eventually Everleigh’s grandfather Liam and his wife Leonie, both old breed vampires, would take Heath under their wing, give him a safe home and a perspective as he struggled to find his place in society.

At some point his father forced Heath to finish the ritual, to which he agreed to save Everleigh’s life. He accepted, during a heart-wrenching farewell Heath warned Evey to never try and find him again.
The ritual failed, it turned out that Heath apparently had been a full vampire all along. Resulting reseach revealed that his mother died not only because of his birth, but because she had been bitten by an old-breed vampire while pregnant, which was forbidden, and she was transforming while giving birth, mixing the old and new breed in Heath making him a hybrid, and nobody knew what that would really mean.

He returned to find Evey, to resume living at her grandparents home, which was now also his home.
The love that could not be between him and Everleigh, who was strongly drawn to him as well, would often be cause for friction, magnified when she found a boyfriend, who later became her husband, but their deep friendship always prevailed.

Heath’s family, L to R, Armand Grainger his wife Archeflow and her sister Raven Stark