Ezio Auditore

Pronounced “Etsioh Au-ditohreh”
Born the second oldest son of four children to Giovanni and Maria Auditore. The Auditores, an old wealthy Italian banker family and local royalty, lead for generations in a strict patriarchic fashion, raised and groomed Ezio to eventually continue the family legacy. Right after college he joined Frederico, the oldest of the four siblings and their father Giovanni in running the successful banking business. There were two younger siblings, Petruccio and the baby of the clan and only girl, Claudia, who were disowned and banned from the family business early on after refusing to follow the family’s plentiful and rigid rules.

After years of centering his life solely on the Auditore business, Ezio fell for his talented newly hired young employee Viktoria, a recent college graduate, soon began to date her which his parents vehemently vetoed, forcing him to end the affair. Weeks after the messy and painful break-up Ezio realized he wanted to be with Viktoria more than he wanted his parents’ blessing, so he painstakingly rekindled their relationship, this time not wasting any time, marrying her quickly. Once his father found out, Ezio was disowned after a bitter fight, but allowed to keep his management position in the Auditore business and keeping Viktoria in his employ as well.

He and Viktoria started out humble, a tiny house bought from their small savings, both working hard and long hours until Viktoria got pregnant with their daughter Adrianna, courtesy of Ezio secretly sabotaging her birth control. Ezio talked her into staying home with their child while he presented a lucrative business model to his father, which was sanctioned and funded, within few years Ezio grew it into a successful branch of the original financial institution with the help of Viktoria. Over the next years Ezio became a cunning business man, grew wealthy even before his father Giovanni’s death, soon followed by Maria’s demise, after which the inheritance was split mostly between Ezio and his older brother, making both unspeakably powerful and wealthy. He and Viktoria built a beautiful, modern mansion on a hilltop in sleepy Brindleton Bay, and when Adrianna, called Addy, was a toddler, they had another child, a son they named Marco, once more due to Ezio secretly rendering Viktoria’s birth control useless.

His little family thrived; Ezio being the workaholic he was did not notice until much later that he had probably neglected them trying to grow the business even more.

Viktoria’s oldest friend, Blaine, had always been a nuisance to Ezio, for one because in appearance and character Blaine stood for everything Ezio despised but also because Ezio always suspected that Blaine felt much more than just friendship for Viktoria. After years of being mostly illusive battling his own demons Blaine inadvertently became the reason for the beginning of the end of what once was the power couple Ezio and Viktoria Auditore, when Ezio found them together in a compromising situation, causing him to lose his temper, filing for divorce right away. Once Ezio realized he had made a mistake it was too late. What followed were years of bitterness. Bitterness about the perceived betrayal, about realizing it was the loss of his temper that cost him what he treasured most and bitterness that the one he lost it to was Blaine of all people. His beloved daughter Adrianna graduated college and joined Ezio in running the Auditore business, while his son opted for a political career, but tragically died young. When Adrianna, called Addy, got married, Ezio gifted her the childhood home, the very home he had built with Viktoria when they raised their family. In the meantime Viktoria and Blaine Cameron had moved back to Brindleton Bay, into a tiny home by the beach which they renovated. Under the cover of wishing to stay near Addy, Ezio purchased the largest mansion in the bay, located directly uphill from the Cameron’s humble home. For years his favorite spot in the home was a large raised deck, overlooking not only the scenic bay but also Viktoria and Blaine Cameron’s home.

Upset and bitter at Blaine, a vampire, Ezio began an affair with a vampire woman who had promising Italian heritage, Lilith Vatore, as beautiful as she was cold, resulting in an accidental pregnancy. Ezio was raised to not disgrace the family with illegitimate children so he married her. The marriage was miserable and short-lived, Lilith was cold as ice, distant, and showed no interest in, let alone love for either Ezio nor their baby boy, Vittorio, Vitto for short, the divorce was quick, Ezio kept the child, and neither of them saw Lilith again unless by sheer happenstance in a public place.

Adding insult to injury, Ezio had found out that Viktoria was pregnant by Blaine at the very same time his own wife Lilith was carrying Vittorio. Ezio’s jealousy of Blaine reached new heights when he found out that Viktoria had willingly agreed to have this child with him, when he, Ezio, had to resort to sabotaging Viktoria’s birth control for each of their two children, as she had firmly resented procreation at the time, while Ezio loved children and always wished to have more.

At some point Viktoria introduced him to a former colleague from her first job out of college, Julia, and Ezio in some fear of trying to raise a small child on his own married Julia after a short dating period. Unfortunately this marriage ended in a divorce as well when Julia despised Vittorio not only for being another woman’s son and a vampire, but also because she wanted her own children, which Ezio refused categorically, feeling too old and stretched too thin trying to raise Vitto and running his company. He had left the children and household care to Viktoria during their marriage and finding himself mostly alone with all that now overwhelmed him. Seeing how all this hurt Vitto, who became quiet and withdrawn after not only his own mother’s apparent rejection but now the obvious resentment of his stepmother, Ezio ended the marriage, just before finding out that Julia had been unfaithful to him all along.  At his wit’s end, and despite of several servants in his employ, Ezio turned to Viktoria for help, which she readily offered. Vittorio was now fast friends with Vivian, Blaine and Viktoria’s daughter, also a vampire child, while Viktoria almost became a mother replacement to Vitto under the watchful eyes of Blaine. Ezio gratefully accepted her assistance, but at the same time her kindness grew his hope to be able to win her back, his resulting attempts at her causing overprotective, yet compassionate Blaine and him to become some sort of frenemies. Blaine was supportive of Viktoria helping Ezio out, probably feeling guilty in a way, but definitely feeling sorry for Vitto, while always suspicious of Ezio’s intentions regarding Viktoria. Just like Ezio had when roles had been reversed, Blaine found that trying to keep Vik from helping the opponent was pointless. Viktoria still felt strongly about wanting Ezio in her life, as a friend and the father of her older children, and hated to see him suffer.

At long last Ezio would find love again, with the help of Viktoria of all people, when she – determined to see him happy again – introduced him to a charming, witty and beautiful new neighbor named Melissa. From the first moment on Ezio saw something in her, felt something that had been missing from his life for a long time. Something he had not felt since his long marriage to Viktoria had ended. Attempting to suppress his growing feelings for Melissa at first, burnt too many times by now, his passion after a romantic date with Melissa overcame him and it wasn’t long after they started seeing each other that she was pregnant by him. Initially shocked, as it reminded him of the failed relationship with Lilith, he considered the fact that Melissa and Viktoria were already good friends by now, decided to trust Viktoria’s intuition about her, and chose let Melissa fully into his life, also introducing her to his beloved son, whom he had protectively shielded from her until now. Once he saw how easily and naturally she and Vitto connected, he proposed, then, while she was already noticeably pregnant, married her in an elaborate and stunning wedding ceremony at a castle, no less, in part because he knew that most girls dream of a fairytale wedding, but also to show her and the world that the Auditore clan finally had a new queen. Even emotionally unavailable Vittorio took to Melissa quickly, eventually just calling her mommy after the birth of his twin step-siblings James and Juliet. Once realizing that he had his second chance, or, as Blaine once told him during one of their seize-fires, found his soulmate, Ezio allowed himself to fully immerse in the relationship. Finally, after years of pining after Viktoria or better the loss of something he treasured, he was finally happy again. Just like Viktoria had been, Melissa was also  significantly younger than him. So after months of pure elation, passion and romance, Ezio found himself ridden with doubt again. Melissa wanted more children. He did as well, she was a doting and kind mother, a wonderful loving person, his passion and the love of his life. But his age became apparent. His hair had meanwhile turned slate, wrinkles appeared and the heart was not what it once was, he felt exhausted after playing with the children and often had no energy left after a long day at work.

Viktoria had meanwhile decided to be turned into a vampire, while appalled by her decision and even more resentful of Blaine at first, eventually this gave Ezio an idea, a solution to his problem. If he, too,  were a vampire, his life would run eternal, he would never again battle health issues or aging, meaning he could give Melissa more children, attention and passion with no limits while still having the energy to focus on his business.

Alas, Blaine vetoed it and Viktoria refused. But an Auditore did not accept no easily, if at all.

Whether it was a cunning plan gone awry or just fate dealing him a double-edged sword, during one of the many friendly evenings together among the four of them, although this time with Blaine absent due to work, Viktoria ended up drinking too much wine when she was stressed about issues with their teen daughter Vivian. Hours in, Melissa wanted to go to bed, already pregnant again, so Ezio offered to see Viktoria home. Smart man that he was he acknowledged his big chance, decades of knowing Viktoria aiding him, Ezio artfully said the right things, pushing Viktoria’s buttons carefully trying to swing her decision about not wanting to turn him into a vampire. All that, along with too much alcohol accelerated the effects of lack of feeding in time, causing her to black out and feed on Ezio uncontrollably, inadvertently turning him into a vampire in the process. Shocked at first after realizing it was real and the choice had now been taken from him, plus the fact that Melissa was against it, he went to scream at Viktoria, who felt horrible about it already, especially since Blaine had specifically requested her to never turn Ezio.

Once back home recovering, Ezio concluded that he did get what he wanted, what he felt he needed, and knew that Melissa would love him regardless, confident that what they had together would conquer all adversities.

Fully transformed into a vampire, he became one the most powerful forces around, in business, life and love.

To date, he and Melissa have five children together, the twins James and Juliet, a daughter Stefania and a son, Michael, followed by another son, Elias.

After many years of being vampires, Melissa had Ezio turn her as well, Ezio, Melissa, Vittorio, Viktoria, Blaine and their children Liam and Vivian found a cure for vampirism and all decided to become human again.