Blake Cameron – The Musician

Firstborn son to Generation 5’s Ethan Cameron and his first wife Amy, Ethan grew up raised mostly by his father and grandfather after Amy left the family and gave up all parental rights when Blake was still a baby.

Her being in and out of his life when he was a toddler and a school-aged child, Blake grew a certain kind of disdain for his mother, for abandoning him and eventually remarrying and having another child, which she doted on.

When Blake was about 10 years old his father remarried as well. At first they were the little family he had always longed for, but when his father’s new wife Blythe became pregnant, problems started when after the birth of his half-brother Elias the focus shifted mostly to the loud and needy newborn.

Blake felt abandoned and replaced and became rebellious.

Despite of solid efforts by his father and grandfather, Blake’s behavior spiraled more and more out of control, by the age of 15 Blake had ignored all his father’s warnings and pleas and kept getting involved with alcohol, drugs and often didn’t come home for days at a time, until one party escalated and he ended up accused of rape.

Heartbroken, his father sent him away, feeling helpless and like he failed to properly raise his son.

That is where we start this legacy’s Generation 6, as we follow Blake around to make his way in the world, with dreams of making it big as a musician by way of becoming an actor. At only 18 years of age he is given a leading role in a TV show but doesn’t find out until he already moved to Del Sol Valley that this comes at a high price.