Blaine Cameron – The Bad Boy

Unwanted child, born to a drug addicted mother, who financed her habit through prostitution and the child support checks from Blaine’s biological father whom he never met, while she was co-dependent on an abusive alcoholic, the proverbial evil stepfather, who hated children, especially Blaine and his younger sister Blythe.

There was rarely ever food or money for clothing, so Blaine, skinny and fragile looking, was teased and singled out in school, beaten by his stepdad at home, which made him aggressive and angry, causing him to  get into trouble frequently from an early age on.

With Blaine and Blythe constantly in and out of the system, eventually their strict grandmother took younger Blythe in to live with her, but refused to take Blaine as he seemed to be a difficult child leaving him all alone in the bleak situation at his home.

The only saving grace he ever had was his best friend Viktoria, whom he had met during a brief stint in pre-school while in foster care for only a few months. They met again in grade school, Viktoria being younger than him, but feisty and determined enough to stand up for him on her first day of school.

She would invite him over to her home often, share her meals with him and help him with homework. Soon her mother figured out that the boy needed help, her being a single, divorced mother on a fixed income her attempt to adopt or foster Blaine was denied, so she tried to feed the boy, raise him properly, made sure he was clean with laundered, undamaged clothes to wear and gave him some semblance of a normal, happy childhood.

Throughout the years Blaine spent most days and nights with his best friend at her mom’s place, only to go home ever so often to not raise suspicion.

Growing older he realized at some point that he liked Viktoria a lot more than just like a sister or best friend, but knew that he was not the right guy for her, so he took his frustration out by either picking fights with other boys or sleeping with random girls, who fell easy for his bad boy charm and quick wit – and his signature crooked smile. When Viktoria’s mother realized that Blaine had a natural talent for music, she and Viktoria gave him a guitar for his 13th birthday. That guitar soon became one of Blaine major hobbies and outlets for his bottled up feelings, as well as most treasured possession.

When Viktoria reached the age where she began to notice boys and boys noticed her, Blaine’s jealousy overcame him unbeknown to Vik he made sure that none of the boys would even dare to ask her out. The few that did were dealt with eventually by him, well aware that it was neither right nor fair towards her, but unable to keep himself from what he told himself was ‘protecting’ her. He could barely contain his jealousy when Vik’s gay friend Eric came over.

Just before Blaine’s 16th birthday his stepfather, set off yet again by some minor things, nearly beat Blaine to death, when an older neighbor interfered, alarmed by the boy’s screams. In his drunken stupor, Blaine’s stepdad killed the man, right in front of the wounded, frightened boy. Scared for his life and afraid to be blamed for the demise of the man who wanted to help, Blaine ran away. He wanted to go to Viktoria’s but decided it was too dangerous to drag her and her mother into this.

Lost and penniless on the streets of the big city, Blaine became jaded soon, taking to drugs and alcohol, whatever he could get his hands on. He played his guitar for coins, before realizing that ladies really liked him, so he began using that to his advantage, exchanging his attentions for a warm bed and a meal.

Years later, sober for once, he played his guitar outside of a street festival in the city again, surrounded by starry eyed women, when he saw her again.

The hair was lightened and shorter, she wore make up and very fashionable clothing, all grown up now, but he recognized her right away. His heart jumped, when their eyes met, he smirked at her, she smiled big, signaling she had recognized him as well. He hurried through the song he was playing skipping to the end.

They hugged for a long time, it felt so right, like it had not been many years since they last saw each other, then sat down on the benches of one of the food stands to talk. Soon they moved the reunion to Vik’s nearby brand-new apartment, since his groupies just would not leave them be.

His heart was pounding when they were alone, but he felt out of place and did not want to rush things. When she found out that he was homeless, she made him move in with her, into her tiny second bedroom, which was little larger than a walk-in closet and probably more to up the rent than to be actually usable. He was ecstatic. When she told Blaine under tears about a very short failed marriage to a guy she met in college, who – unbeknown to her – had been cheating on her with several women while they were dating, engaged and married and even had two of his lovers pregnant, which Viktoria found out when they showed up at their home, after which she immediately divorced him, leaving her heartbroken, Blaine waited till she went to sleep that night, then found and beat the ex into a hospital for hurting her so.

Living together made him heal, for the first time in years he allowed himself to feel anything at all, he stayed away from drugs and alcohol and even other women, despite his relationship to Viktoria being purely platonic at the time, something he fully intended to change as soon as he had a stable income. But soon he realized that he still was not good enough for her. Always the smart girl, she had graduated college with honors and started a career, made new friends and everything was just so far out of Blaine’s league, who had no education, no money and nothing to show for the past years. During one of her parties with her new friends, he realized that her wealthy new boss was sweet on her. Before he knew it, they were dating. She seemed happy, despite of issues with his family not accepting her, but Blaine felt he was the last person who should fault anyone for a difficult family situation. So he let her go, but it was hard. She had a friend, Olivia, who was head over heels for him.

Eventually he married Olivia, feeling obligated to after she got accidentally pregnant despite his best efforts to never procreate. He was miserable after having lost Viktoria again. He took to drinking again and spent decades in a near haze, his life a mere blur rushing by, until his wife had enough and divorced him. This dropped him into an even deeper abyss, feeling like he had become what he hated the most, his parents, leaving his children in a broken home. He had tried to be a good father once he realized Olivia did not like children, only had them to tie him to her, the first child, a boy she named after Blaine, to get him to marry her, the two sub-sequential girls happened every time Blaine began to talk about leaving her. Olivia owned the house they had lived in, tossing him out on the street.

For the second time in his life Viktoria was there for him when he needed her the most. Once more she pulled him from the deep hole he had dug for himself. Just when things began to look up, he fell ill and received a terrifying diagnosis. Late stage cancer, few months left to live. Right when his life had meaning again, a stable job, and Viktoria in his life, he was about to lose it all for good. Viktoria took the news very hard, seeing her desperate and crying a lot broke his heart.

They spent his final day together. He passed with only happy memories.

But he did not die for good. He had previously found one of his former lovers, who was a master vampire and asked her to turn him, which he did not tell Viktoria about. While he died he was transforming, which took several days until he would come back.

Months after his supposed demise he finally dared to approach Viktoria at his ‘grave’ which naturally did not go too well.

It took many weeks for him to get her comfortable enough to even have a full conversation with him without trying to run from him. This was very hard for him, in all the many decades they had known one another, he had never given her reason to fear him, seeing her afraid of him was tough.

Then one night, when once more he had been secretly watching her, he could not stand it anymore and visited her. In her marital bedroom. He ended up teasing her about raunchy pics he supposedly took on his phone and while she was trying to take the phone from him, her husband walked in, mistaking the situation. The marriage broke apart soon after.

Viktoria moved in with Blaine and their love story finally began. For the first time Blaine felt grounded, lost all interest in other women and drugs, and only drank socially. He did everything he knew how to make her happy and to become a better man as they embarked on new adventures of life together.
They would have two children together, a girl, Vivian and a boy, Liam.

Blaine, his wife Viktoria, their children and their spouses would eventually be un-turned back into mortals and live out their lives as such.