Thanks for coming here.

Since I usually start the the very beginning whenever I discover a new story and assume most are like that, I wanted to explain a few things.

My blog started out small and as just an artistic outlet on a different hosting site more for personal use than anything else. Somehow I was talked into going live and developing this into a small blog for SimLit.
Between not knowing how much images are appreciated in SimLit and the relocation of the blog which messed up some posts badly, the first dozen or so chapters are pretty bleak on the imagery front. The characters have changed and evolved since this storyline began almost two years ago (even though this blog is not even a full year old) and it is not feasible to go back and add now. If you can make it through those chapters, I promise you a vastly increasing amount of images with – if I may say so – increasing quality as I discovered the power of posing Sims.

About me, well, I am the real life Viktoria from the story, (no typo, it is supposed to be a “k” guys, get over it), but that is about the only connection aside from her sense of humor, which obviously, she borrows from me from time to time. The rest of the characters are all fictional.

Real life me has a husband, no, not Blaine – but equally as smartassy and occasionally aggravating – LOL – but above all we were – and still are – best friends before ever being a romantic couple, which is how we have weathered some pretty ‘rough seas’ in our lives. Unlike the Vik from the story this is my first (and last – LOL) marriage (likewise for the hubster) and neither of us has any desire to change that fact anytime soon. We’ve dealt with each other for half our lives now, so we can manage it till the end, right? Ha ha ha.

Blaine Cameron is actually an old character I once created in my Sims 3 days, and whom I ended up liking so much that I created my Sims 4 Simself’s childhood friend (born in game) in the Sims 3 Blaine’s image when all this storyline first began. They were NEVER supposed to get married. Ask me how that went. 🙂 Here an image from the Sims 3 Blaine, who was a drummer in a band (and my Simself from Sims 3 many years ago).

Another notable difference to my Simself in the story would be that we have two fur kids (big, shaggy dogs) but no human children, by choice. No foreseeable desire to change that. Ever.

Surprisingly I am not a vampire, often argued by those who know me while referring to my pale-esque appearance which won’t tan worth a dang and my strong dislike of bright lights and garlic, the latter much to the dismay of many Italian friends, which explains some of the Italian influences in the story occasionally.

I do work from home in a technical career (NERD!), love history, especially the Middle ages and Renaissance era (OMG – even more nerdy!), I loved vampire stories since I was old enough to read them – and before they were considered ‘cool’. 

I have traveled extensively, within the US and Europe and am familiar with a lot of different cultures, creeds, ideas, religions and general takes on life, which has shaped my very liberal take on ‘live and let live’. I truly do not judge people by incidental (to me at least) facts as their heritage, skin color, religion, sexuality, views, upbringing, financial status, careers, and whatever else you could think of, but solely on their kindness and behavior towards me, others and animals. (Add here that I deeply love nature – and hence also animals.)

Yep, this about sums it up I guess.

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(P.S. no, this is not me – or my husband! LOL)