Light and Darkness

The girl – a misnomer really, despite her young years she didn’t exactly ooze girly feminism, more a rugged toughness – glared at me across the table with a similar disdain as I felt for her.

This meeting wasn’t going to make it into any romance novels anytime soon, but neither of us was here to romance each other.

“Look, uhm …” I struggled.

“Still Wendy. Wendy Charring. Not that hard.”

“Yeah, right. Look Wendy, my name is Asmodeus and I am …”

“What kinda name is Asmodeus? And what about your last name?”

“MY name!” I growled. “I have no use for last names. Your insolence is wearing my patience thin. Do you mind?”

“Nope, carry on. I am dying to see why I am at some gloomy bar in the middle of nowhere. I have stuff to do.”

“So do I. But as it stands, I was asked to make contact with you in order to …”

“Make contact?” she cut me off again.

“Yes, by my Grand Master Elder. He decreed that I …”

“Grand Master what? Decreed? Who talks like that?”

“I DO!”

“You’re a nutjob, this was a mistake, I am leaving!”

“You are NOT.”

“Watch me!”

“Quit being so complicated! You are coming with me!” I just about had it with her.

“I have mace, buddy. You are going to let me walk out that door or you’ll get a face full.”

“Go ahead, it won’t do anything to me. Except upset me, and trust me, that is a big mistake, even though I was instructed to let you live.”

“Uh yeah? Did your Grand Master Flash tell you that?!” she mocked, adding fuel to my anger.

“I prefer you not making fun of things you know nothing about.”

“Or what? You eyebrow me into submission, then blind me with your bright smile and perfect teeth? Scare tactics don’t work on me, bruh!”

“These teeth!?” I did what I know I wasn’t supposed to do, but she had pushed every single one of my buttons with her resistance, so I decided on a demonstration of my powers when I partially transformed showing my fangs.

As I anticipated her eyes grew wide with a mixture of surprise and fear, as she cowered a little taking a small step backwards, before she exploded in a fountain of curses, ready to run. This was when I grabbed her and pulled her along, protesting and all, which I ignored.
In some dark corner I slammed her into a wall, hard enough to silence her verbiage, but gentle enough to not break her. I had learned the hard way that mortals were rather delicate.

“Who are you? What are you?”

“I told you my name. What I am is rather obvious now, wouldn’t you say?”

“How can you be out during the day? I thought you’d turn to dust or something.”

“Old wives tales. Vampires are much more refined and multi-faceted than that.”

“So you really are a … a …. vampire? They exist?”

“Is that still a question? I was planning on leading up gently to that fact, if at all, but your insolence left me no choice.”

“So, what do you want from me? Drink my blood? Kill me? Turn me into one of you? What does that have to do with Aunt Lou?”

“If I wanted any of that, you’d be long drained. No, we have a common problem. I am here to dissuade you from following it any further. This is now our business and you need to move on.”

“Move on? My aunt is dead! Was that you? Or your buddies from your vampire posse?”

“No. If it had been, she would hardly have died the way she did. Should also be obvious to you, I was told you were cunning, though I very much doubt that. You seem rather daft. Vampires kill swiftly, if the occasion calls for it. But it seems we have a common enemy. This is why we met. You need to drop the matter and leave the rest to us.”

“Drop it?! Leave the rest to you? Who the heck is ‘us’? I don’t even know you! Why would you and your bros want to bring my aunt’s murder to justice. Makes zero sense.”

“We have no intentions of avenging your aunt. The men responsible for her death infringed significantly on vampire business, a great offense in our book, they will be held responsible. Your aunt was merely collateral damage. She inadvertendly discovered something no mortal should ever know, realizing how dangerous her discovery was, she put hints in a certain book she wrote, hiding the truth in plain sight. They wanted the transcripts. And you are coming too close to uncovering things that don’t concern you.”

“The novel!”


“So, why am I here?”

“We needed to make sure she didn’t share the knowledge with you. It is apparent that she didn’t. You are free to go, but heed my warning: stay out of this now or I guarantee for nothing. Do not test me. The others won’t be as lenient as I have been.”

I turned to leave.

“Whoa whoa whoa – wait a minute, you!”

I shut my eyes. Of course she had to be difficult. The little voice within me warned that she would probably not do as told, so I decided on another demonstration of my powers. As she walked around to face me, looked into her eyes, taking control. She was now fully under my spell, unable to run.

“Final warning!” I hissed, staring into her eyes with mine, now changed to a bright red, as I watched the fear in hers grow, while she stared at me levitating in the air before her, before I released her and vanished into the night.

Cowering on the ground Wendy stared into the void the vampire has left.

“I am going to find you again Asmodi-whatever, and you will help me find Aunt Louise’s murderers, or I’ll die trying.” she promised herself.


Editor’s Notes:

This story was my very first ever submission to the Monthly SimLit Story Challenge. It is exactly 998 words and contains 6 images.
My protagonist is on the Gallery, his name is Asmodeus, you can locate him using #MSSC or under my Origin ID TheLegacyStory.
My chosen antagonist is Wendy Charring by Sharae/Nocturne Mystique and in the Sims Gallery under her forum name: Qnshr5 or with #MSSSC. Her original January submission is here


Up to 1000 max (giving you more elbow room)
min 4 to max 10
29 February 2020 @ Midnight PST
Post your story on your blog AND here.
Monthly Simlit Short Story Challenge – forum thread link

8 Replies to “Light and Darkness”

  1. I’m so envious. This is great. I wanted to do this but simply don’t have the time nor the imagination. Congrats!

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Great story! Love the arguments between the two characters and I’m looking forward to reading the next part!

    Liked by 1 person

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