Sunshine Blogger Award

Thank you so very much to the extra-ordinary writer and person Kymber from for nominating me:

My questions were:

What is your favorite TV show?

We binge-watch more on paid services, rather than watch shows, but currently we are following “Animal Kingdom” (not a nature doc, but a crime show). If it has action, drama and/or is a period piece, chances are I have seen it or am following.

What color are your eyes?

Depends on light, but a very light silvery aqua-blue normally, but some see some green, other see a bright blue.

Do you collect anything? What?

I do not, since I have been borderline minimalist loooooong before it became mainstream. I guess I collect experiences and knowledge.

What is something you feel strongly about?

Human and animal rights, equality and nature/healthy living.

What is your favorite thing about storytelling?

I can take myself into a different world and invite other to join me on the roller-coaster journey, still all of us come out unharmed. πŸ™‚

Dogs? Cats? Both? Or none?

I am 100% dog person, but respect all animals.

And now it’s my turn to nominate some great bloggers!

My questions for you:

What would be your favorite place to be, if it could be anywhere?
Whom would you really like to meet/spend a day with (alive or dead)?
What is your guilty pleasure?
What is the best advice anybody ever gave you?
What got you into storytelling?
What captivates you first when reading a brand-new story?

2 Replies to “Sunshine Blogger Award”

  1. I love what you said about human and animal rights. πŸ™‚ I had a lot of fun reading your answers! πŸ˜€ Thanks for the nom!

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