Special Chapter) Un-Turning

Seven people were present in the living room in our beach house. Ezio and Melissa had just arrived. Vivian, Vitto, Blaine and I were there, as was our son Liam, who called the meeting. He was one of two standing up, the other was Vitto. Liam was looking slightly tense, even though now he cleared his throat, smiled and began speaking.

“Thank you all for coming. I’ll try to make this as brief as I can, I know we all have busy lives and it is a very impromptu meeting, but as you know…”

“Get to the point, kid, will ya!?” Ezio growled. He had been called away from date night with Melissa and his mood showed it.

“Hey, meatball, interrupt my son once more and I will give you something to do while you listen! You can pick up your teeth off the floor!” Blaine warned.
“Do not even!” Melissa warned both men, who had both risen up off the couch, but now plopped back down, eyeing each other angrily.
“Thank you Melissa.” Liam said “What I was trying to get at, is as you may know I am filming in Iceland. We had some technical malfunctions and needed parts, which took days to get there. I hung around town and ended up meeting some vampires from the local chapter, and they told me about a procedure, a cure. Something that can turn any vampire, those who once were human and those who were born as vampires, into mortals. Don’t say it, I was just as doubtful as you were, but I have seen it work. Several “un-turns” have been performed, all worked and none were staged. I have spoken to the local Elder there and I have talked to Caleb. He is aware of that possibility, evidently it has been around for centuries. Needless to say that Caleb is not the greatest supporter, for the sake of vampire population. He does not want those numbers diminished too much, and asked me – and by extension now all of you – to not make this public. But he did confirm it works and is absolutely safe. I am going to do it, as soon as the ongoing part of filming is wrapped up and you all are here because I want all of you to do it, or at least consider it.”

Voices started roaring, people talking all at the same time.

“I want to do it!” Vitto said, looking expectantly at Vivian, who frowned.
“I think it would be great, right?” I said, looking at Blaine.
“Me too! I am really done with this already!” Mel agreed with me looking at Ezio, who had not been in a stellar mood since he arrived, but now looked seriously confused.

“OK, guys, how many yes’ do we have, how many nos and how many maybe?” Liam asked.

“Definite yes.” Vitto raised his hand.
“Boy, does it not even occur to you to at least speak to us about it first?” Ezio complained.
“It’s his life, Ezio. Me too, clear yes.” Melissa raised her hand.
“Same!” I raised my hand, which Blaine pulled back down, shaking his head. Instead I grabbed his hand and raised both of ours, giving him THAT look. He rolled his eyes while pulling his hand away, shaking his head at me.

Vivian cleared her throat and said
“I actually agree with your dad, Vitto. Nice that we discussed this first. I am between a no and a maybe here. I have no problem with being a vampire.” Vivian said irritated.

Blaine looked frightened.

“Wait! I know I kinda started this vamp trend here, but there was a reason for it. I was very sick and about to kick the bucket, remember? If I turn back, I am gonna die.”

“No. I did ask exactly that with you in mind and all of them, plus Caleb, told me that would not happen. Our bodies would basically reset. So no, dad, give me a little credit here, please. I would never want you to do anything risky. Oh yes, there is one downside to this: once we do this, there is not turning back. We could never be vampires again, we could not be turned again. It would just not work. Just food for thought. Of course we won’t make such a decision on the fly, I wanted to get a general idea first about where I stand with you. We will all go home and discuss with our loved ones. Just know this, I am most definitely going to do it. So, I am gonna fly home for the weekend to spend with my family, then I will be out-of-pocket for a week again. After that, filming will seize for a few months, giving me just enough time to get un-turned, recover from it, learn the mortal ways before filming resumes. So you all have one week from tomorrow to make up your minds. We’ll meet back here again and go from there.”
“Wait. I have one more question: Will this be doable if there is an underlying condition of some sort?” Vitto asked, with a side glance to Vivian.
“Condition? As in …?” Liam asked confused.
All eyes immediately went to Vivian, who shut hers, turned towards the wall and sighed.

Everybody talked all at once, Vivian heard her name a bunch of times. Eventually she had enough.
“Stop it! Yes, it’s true, I am carrying Vitto’s child. No, was not quite planned that way. And how do you even know about it?!” she directed the last part at Vitto.
“I found a pregnancy test box in your trash can, while I was cleaning out your litter box. Between that and you acting out of character recently, I put two and two together.”
“What? Why would you… never mind. But why did you not say anything?”
“I was waiting for you to tell me the happy news.” Vitto looked a little disappointed.
“I told you, Melissa! Did I not say that she was pregnant after the night at the restaurant?!” Ezio turned to Melissa, who rolled her eyes.
“Yes, you sure did.” she confirmed.
“OK, guys. Since the cat is out of the bag, here is the full story. I know how much Vitto wants a child and I read an article about women who have been on hormonal birth control for a long time and had problems conceiving. Sometimes it took a year, even two, sometimes longer. I did not want to do that to Vitto, so I stopped taking the pill, hoping that by the wedding night my body would have recovered enough. In the meantime I thought we’d just use other methods. Planning was good, execution lacked, cos one night passion got the best of us and … what can I say? We didn’t use a backup method. Good news is: apparently my body recovered really quickly. Yay?” Vivian shrugged.
“But why did you not tell me?” Vitto’s expression still had not changed.
“Because of him.” Vivian pointed at Ezio.
“ME?!” Ezio looked like someone accused him of murder.
“You said that I would get myself knocked up out-of-wedlock by him.” Vivian told him.
“Oh goodness, girl! This is not what I meant! I was talking about doing this to get him to marry you before he was ready. He already proposed and you already set a date. Besides, it does not take a rocket scientist to figure out that something was up, with as quickly as you were suddenly going to tie that knot after dragging it out before.” Ezio smiled at Vivian.
“And he would really be the last person to throw the first stone if it comes to unplanned pregnancies anyway.” Melissa chimed in, winking at me, making both of us giggle. There had been plenty of unplanned pregnancies for Ezio. He frowned, but smiled.
“Oh, and the answer is no. Does not affect the expecting mother or the child, except of course the child would be born mortal for sure, although un-turning is strongly discouraged at the end of the second, or beginning of the third trimester.” Blaine interrupted.
“How do you know this?” I asked, surprised.
Blaine held up his cell phone.
“I texted Caleb. He sends his congrats by the way.” Blaine smirked and shrugged.
“Aren’t you a smartie!” I kissed his cheek.
“OK, well, hey Vitto, you’re gonna be a daddy soon.” Vivian smiled apologetically at Vitto.
“You would not believe how happy that makes me, Viv!”

They kissed, everybody else just began to mingle and talk. There was a lot to process.
Once Vitto and Vivian let off one another, everybody congratulated the couple.


After everybody left, Blaine and I went to sit in the new sun-room addition we had just finished.
“So you want to do this?” Blaine asked quietly and sincerely.

“I do, Blaine. This vampire thing was fun for a while, but has gotten old. All my old friends are dead now. I do not like that our grandchildren are going to be older than we look before long. It’s just not natural.” I tried to justify my wish.
“I actually called Caleb, while you were seeing everybody off. Turns out when you are turned you start with a clean slate. No diseases, no underlying conditions. We would start at the age we were when we were turned, so in our 40s, and if we play our cards right and I don’t make you so mad at me that you actually strangle me, we can get a good 40 or more years out of life. That’s a lot of time. When we were kids, I always imagined us growing old together, seeing us as an old couple, holding hands on some porch swing watching the sunset. Liam seems dead set on doing this, and I am pretty sure neither one of us could bear watching our son die before us. Vivian too. She may be bitching and moaning now, but she loves that boy, so if Vitto goes through with it, she will, no doubt in my mind. So, babygirl, we are going to be just good old Blaine and Vik again, with backaches and sore throats. Oh, and I am to tell you from Caleb that you are married to a fucking asshole.” his facial expression had been sincere until he got to the last sentence, and now changed to that irrisistible crooked Blaine-smirk.
“Oh. How did you piss him off now?” I asked amused. Caleb and Blaine was fast friends. Nothing could destroy that friendship, so I knew this was play.
“If I get un-turned, I cannot be his Vice-Elder. He did not like that one bit.”
“I can live with that. Besides, I think you are awesome!” With that I jumped atop him kissing him like crazy.
I felt a great sense of relief about the chance for a do-over and to be just plain ol’ us again. Even though that meant that one day it would end.

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