2-27) Liam & Leonie’s Wedding

Liam’s Point of View
It had finally arrived.
The big day.
Our wedding day.
So eagerly anticipated and now that it was here, all seemed surreal.
2018-10-22 (25).png
I had spent the night at Corbin’s, my best man’s home, for the old tradition to not see the bride before the wedding. Leonie and the kids were staying with my parents since the situation with her own was still iffy, to put it mildly.
Via her brother Stephen, her father told her last minute that he would not be willing to walk her down the aisle after all. A low blow.
I was hoping her family would at least have the decency to show up.2018-10-22 (22).png
Luckily my assistant Jana had flown in from Del Sol Valley to help, and I asked her to make sure that if there were any no-shows, especially Leonie’s family, to reassign the seating of the wedding hall so that the first two rows on the right, the bride’s side, would not be empty.
She told me she’d try but had her hands full keeping all the lookie-loos away, who kept trying to sneak in uninvited through the side doors.
2018-10-22 (20).png
I was not impressed by those news.
Last thing I wanted to deal with now was paparazzi and nosey fans. This was a very important, very private day to me.
There was hustle and bustle, shouting, noises, foot traffic everywhere, the staff was running about for the finishing touches, a fair amount of guests had shown up, yet no sight of Leonie’s parents yet, I had seen my mom, but not my dad.
I hoped he would not bail, he hated weddings with great passion. My wedding was huge, so no telling if he would risk the dog house with mom and me.
2018-10-22 (21).png
So I went outside myself, the wedding venue was at the waterfront of Windenburg, so I enjoyed the cool breeze and fresh air standing out of sight behind some pillar,when I noticed some man trying to sneak past me. Gotcha! I thought, Let’s teach you some manners!
I came out from my spot and yelled at him
“Hey buddy, this is a private event and you need to get lost – NOW!”
10-22-18_11-36-44 AM
“Oh yeah?” he sounded amused, but made no efforts to leave or turn to face me.
10-22-18_11-42-43 AM.png
“Yes, or I’ll help you and you won’t like it!” I threatened, taking my frustration out on him, when he slowly turned to me, smirking. I stood, my chin hitting the floor in surprise.10-22-18_11-41-57 AM.png
“If you will take this up with your mother, kid, I’ll leave right now. Just need you to give this little box to her, she forgot it and sent me back for it.”
10-22-18_11-46-16 AM.png
“Just a haircut and some fancy clothing, son, don’t get your panties in a bunch.” he said, still amused.
“WOW – dad – just WOW!” I was floored.
What a difference the change in hair and clothing made.
10-22-18_11-44-32 AM.png
“That’s what your mom said too, gotta say, had I know what an effect this would have on her, I would have done it years ago. Let’s just say, you may have a few new siblings soon, if we keep that up.” he chuckled.
“You look amazing!” I ignored his comment and just could not get over the change.
“You clean up nice too kid. Making the ol’ penguin suit look fashionable there.  How about a hug, son?”
We hugged. I was speechless.
10-22-18_11-45-57 AM.png
“Love you, kid. Damn proud of you.” Dad sounded very sincere now.
“Thank you dad. Straight back at ya.” I meant it. I could never have asked for a better father, no matter what the rest of the world might think about Blaine Cameron.

He left to give something to my mom, I greeted some guests, hung out with my groomsmen when I saw the Hansons arrive, all of them, Leonie’s father, mother, brother and his wife. Phew. My family was there in its entirety, the good crop of the Auditore clan had shown, even James and Juliet had flown in from college for the day.


Meanwhile in the bridal suite
Viktoria’s Point of View
We had just finished getting the bride ready. Everybody made it, even Leonie’s mother was there.  If you caught her alone, without that impossible husband of hers, she was actually quite pleasant.
2018-10-22 (10)
Once Leonie was dressed and ready, we all left, to give her a few moments to herself. The bridesmaids had some final tasks to tend to and I eagerly awaited Blaine. When he finally made it, grinning, we kept it brief. He went ot take a seat while I returned to the bridal suite.
I knocked gently, then opened the door.
“Knock, knock.” I said and entered. Leonie looked sad, nervous and was shaking. She was so beautiful.  Like a princess angel. My eyes welled up.
“Look at you, beautiful girl!” I cooed.
“Thanks Vik.” she smiled.
10-22-18_12-05-12 PM.png
“Don’t cry please. This is one of the best days of my life. And if you cry, I will too! Think of my makeup!” she smiled, stroking my cheek gently.
Leonie was such a gentle soul, and had been a wonderful influence on the hot temper my son could have.
“I have something for you. Left home without it, so Blaine went back to get it.”
I handed her a pretty little box, in it a necklace with an accent pearl, grey, but if the light hit it just right it looked almost the color of her eyes.
“Oh my God, it’s beautiful!” now she was welling up.
10-22-18_12-06-08 PM.png
“Let’s put it on you.”
It worked perfectly with the gown.
“Thank you – for everything. And for being here. For always being there.” she said, suppressing getting emotional, while smiling.
“Oh – try and get rid of us now. You are almost a Cameron now, we are pesky bunch, but loyal to a fault.” I smiled before kissing her forehead. 10-22-18_12-08-31 PM.png
I stayed with her, talking, adding finishing touches here and there when there was a knock on the door. Alexa, her maid of honor informed us it was time to go. I left her after a few encouraging words, a hug and a kiss on the cheek.

When I got up to the first row on the right, Blaine was already seated, putting his arm around me and pulling me close when I took place next to him, while planting a big kiss on my cheek, smiling. The bridal party and groom were already in position. It was gorgeous. Finally a wonderful wedding, since I never had one, our daughter never did, but at least our son would.
10-22-18_10-52-08 AM.png
First, the flower girl and ring bearer. Tatum, Finn and Alexa’s little girl and Everett, my grandson, Liam and Leonie’s little boy.
Then came the beautiful bride.
10-22-18_10-56-58 AM.png
10-22-18_10-57-42 AM.png
The ceremony was so beautiful and emotional.10-22-18_11-10-02 AM.png
“Liam, are we really doing this? I am not dreaming?” Leonie asked him.
His response was emotional, unplanned and non-verbal.
10-22-18_11-12-32 AM.png10-22-18_11-12-55 AM.png
“All right, now that we have that out of our system, may I please call to the proper order of things?” the minister called out, half-amused, and half-annoyed.
“Sorry.” Liam grinned apologetic.
“No, problem son. Dearly beloved, we have gathered here today …” he began his monologue.
10-22-18_2-10-26 PM.png
Leonie handed her bouquet to Alexa, her maid-of-honor. The priest continued his spiel.
“Do you, Liam Cameron, take the here present Leonie Anne Hanson to be your lawful wedded wife, to have and to hold, in sickness and in health, till death or fate do thee part?” the vows altered for the more and more accepted vampire population.
“I do. ”
10-22-18_2-12-20 PM.png
“Leonie Anne Hanson, do you take the here present Liam Cameron to be your lawful…” the minister turned to Leonie, who was fighting back tears throughout the question looking into Liam’s stunning light green eyes.
“I do!”
10-22-18_2-14-17 PM.png
“Then with the power vested in me by God and the city of Windenburg, I now pronounce you man and wife. You may kiss the bride. Again! This time as long as you like, son.” the minister joked.10-22-18_2-14-48 PM.png
No need to tell Liam twice.
2018-10-22 (12)
“Mrs. Cameron – no getting away anymore.” Liam picked her up.
“I was never the one getting away – that was all on you, hubby!” she retored, kissing him.
“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Mr. and Mrs. Liam Cameron!”
The couple turned to the guests and everybody applauded. Music was played.
“May I have this dance?” Liam asked.
“The dancefloor is over there.” Leonie pointed when he took he into a dancer’s embrace and started pulling her with.
“Since when do we do anything by the book, Leo?”
2018-10-22-15.png2018-10-22-17.png2018-10-22-16.png2018-10-22 (17).png

As soon as it was over, and the new couple was announced, everybody galloped over to the reception hall. The mortals were hungry and thirsty, as the kitchen staff had been going on high, it smelled enticing. The non-mortals all seemed to need a free drink. Or several.
And then there were the bridal portraits.
2018-10-22 (9)
The stuffy one with the parents of the couple was a bust. The mood dropped several degrees when Leonie’s father could not help but say
“At least she didn’t insult everybody’s intelligence by wearing white. Or a veil!”
What a piece of work that man! Blaine just recoved in time for the photo from his ‘I-am-going-to-beat-you!’ look at the old Hanson.
We all left him standing there after the shot was done.
The bridal party shots with the bridesmaids and groomsmen were much more pleasant.
10-22-18_1-47-42 PM.png
And that was that. A new chapter in all our lives. Rung in with a lot of changes.
Still, all of us eager to learn what the future may hold.

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  1. Just beautiful! Well done…. Leonies dress was gorgeous. And where did you find the clerical collar? I looked everywhere for one!

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  2. Thank you, glad you liked it. PM me on FB and I can send you the file for the clerical outfit directly. I do not keep links, I have way too much CC to keep track of sourcing.

    Liked by 1 person

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