2-25) Back And Forth

Liam’s Point of View

Time flew by and at the same time dragged on whenever Leonie and Rett were not with me. I had the hardest time focusing on anything else, luckily there were no active movie projects going on right now or in the foreseeable future, but in this business, you never knew. Still, even if I were offered a role right now until all was ready for production it would be at least 6 months.

I worried about Leo all alone. She was so very pregnant now and taking care of an active toddler like Everett was not easy. Her finals on top of that. At least she finally quit working.

I had to come back though, so now I was sitting here at my place, staring at the blank screen of my computer where until minutes ago Leonie and Rett told me about their day. Now the silence felt heavy.

I picked up the phone and just texted Leo.

Come to see me. Soon. Tomorrow. I need you!

I stared at this screen now and then a message popped up.

Buy tickets and text the details!

Man, not what I had expected, guess she missed me too. Immediately I sprung into action, looking at my watch, it was probably too late to bother my assistant Jana with it. So I just booked them myself, on the next flight out in the morning.
They would be here tomorrow at noon.

Didn’t even bother sleeping that night, just stayed up till it was time to pick them up from the airport. I made sure I got there in plenty of time, which meant I was there 2 hours before the flight was scheduled to land. Eager much? Yes, yes I was. I stayed in my car until closer to arrival. Even after years of this, I often forgot that I could not just go out whenever wherever I liked anymore, without being recognized and having to deal with the consequences. That had gotten old quickly.

It was the best feeling when I saw them coming through that gate. Leonie looked huge already and she still had many weeks left. Everett squealed and ran towards me.

I got them home as fast as I safely could. 10-19-18_11-12-56 PM
To underline HOW happy I was to see my girl I had a rose for her, a new toy for Rett and dinner waiting. No, no credit to me. I ordered it in.
10-19-18_11-21-13 PM
Leo was overwhelmed with emotions when she saw what I had been up to.
10-20-18_1-02-08 PM
Yes, a crib for our little girl, who would hopefully join us soon. We had talked and both agreed that instead of a traditional nursery, we wanted to have the baby in our bedroom with us. While I was a full vampire of meanwhile significant rank, I never took to sleeping in a coffin and would certainly not start now when the rest of my family were mortals.
The rest of the time was family time. Boring to most, precious to us. And something I had always enjoyed immensely, even when I was younger with my own parents. Still did.
10-20-18_1-02-48 PM
TV time. The youngest member always gets the pick.
10-20-18_1-11-39 PM
Feeding time!
10-20-18_1-11-56 PM
10-20-18_1-28-46 PM
We spent an amazing time together until I was done with my batch of engagements so I flew back with them to San Myshuno.

I had a week with them again.

One night Finn called wanting to catch a movie. On our way there we took a shortcut through a park and were laughing about old times when some stranger ran into Finn, so hard that it made him stumble, and just kept going.

“Hey watch it, you fool!” I called after him. The man stopped, slowly turned, looked both of us over, then grinned arrogantly, now coming towards us.
“Aww, how precious. The local trash taking each other out for a walk,” he said, inches separating us.
“You itching for some pain?!” I offered.
“Liam, let’s just go. ” Finn urged.
“Right after I removed this MFs grin with my fist!” I replied into the still grinning visage of the other man.
“No, let’s go! NOW!” Finn tried to pull me with.  I wouldn’t budge. This is when the opponent made a grave mistake by ridiculing my nephew and friend by saying
“Yes, run. That is what you wimp are best at. Run to your little whore of a mother.”
10-20-18_11-06-07 AM
“EXCUSE ME?!” Oh no, he did not just insult my sister?! There was exactly one single person in this world that was allowed to do that, and that was most definitely not him!
10-20-18_11-06-19 AM
“You heard me! A cheap, diseased, nasty, fanged hoe!”
I was done listening and just punched that sack of garbage in response to his repeat offense.
10-20-18_11-06-50 AM
Then I nailed that lump of trash with my shoulder into his midriff and send us both to the ground. Don’t worry, I fell soft right atop him where I seamlessly continued my efforts.
10-20-18_11-08-02 AM
I pounded some wisdom about not picking fights with people and most definitely never to insult my sister into his skull. Several times over, just to make sure the message was received.
2018-10-20 (1)
Finn was still just standing there, suddenly seemed to wake from his shock and tried to separate me from that idiot.10-20-18_11-16-42 AM
I was not done. Did not budge. Instead, I continued pulling him back and forth with me during my special care of the fool on the ground. Finn realized it was pointless, let go of me, then I heard him talking to someone on the phone.
2018-10-20 (2)Seconds later I was being forcefully pulled off that piece of waste! Silas was here, evidently Finn had called him and he teleported here.10-20-18_11-23-34 AM
“Enough! ENOUGH!” he barked at me.
“No! He’s good for another round!” I retorted, kicking at the stranger.
Silas held me in an iron grip, while giving me that ‘nope’ look.
10-20-18_11-24-49 AM
“That piece of shit insulted your wife!” I yelled at him, trying to get back to work.
“Pick your battles! That one is not worth it. No good will come from it.” he insisted and he was strong. 2018-10-20 (3)
“Fine. So we just stand by now and let random strangers insult our family?!” I was angry.
“You don’t know who that is?” he sounded surprised.
“Nope, and I don’t give a damn!” I was still fuming when from the corner of my eye I saw that loser labor up and scurry away, leaving a few small puddles of blood in his wake where he had been laying.
2018-10-20 (4)
Silas looked at Finn, who now placed his hand on my arm and said
“Liam, that was my sperm donor.”
“Oh shit!” I snorted a laugh. Whoops.
“Yeah, you just cleaned Lucca Auditore’s clock.” Finn informed me.
“No doubt we’ll be hearing from him again,” Silas predicted with a grim expression on his face.
Neither Finn nor I felt like watching a movie anymore, so we went to our respective homes.
“Just had to try out our brand-new facility, huh son? Just like I always predicted, once a criminal, always a criminal. It’s in your DNA.” I heard from the direction of the cell door.
2018-10-20 (5)
“Here to gloat?” I asked, unamused.  While he had aged a lot, I recognized him instantly.
“That and gives me something to do on my lunch break.” the man informed me grinning.
“Thought you were fired. After doing a long-term testdrive in the slammer yourself.” I retored.
“Fired as the Chief, yes, but prison guards are always needed, and as desperate as they are, they hired me on the spot. Guess Leonie forgot to mention that.” her father said.
“You’re not exactly our favorite topic,” I growled. Dreamy. Leonie’s father of all people as my prison guard.
10-20-18_12-31-49 PM“Normally I would say now that I hope this would be enough for Leonie to see you for what you really are, but with the second brat on the way – still unmarried – I would not wish that shame upon her of being a single mother to vampire brats. They may seem normal, but there is no way those kids are like regular children. Not with some creature like you as their father. As if one hadn’t been more than enough. I tried to like you kid, but you are just filth. Even as rich and famous as you may be now, you are nothing but the bottom layer of humanity, using the term loosely.”
10-20-18_12-34-50 PM
4 days after this heavenly encounter, I was released. On probation.
10-20-18_12-44-57 PM
What had happened?
I was home with Leo and our boy, just minding our own business when the cops showed up at Leo’s apartment to detain me. All I could do was kiss my girl and child, grab my coat and go with them.

When I was finally brought before a judge, he went through a long spiel about vampires, celebrities, and entitlement, before he decreed that I had a known anger problem, which he seemed to think would get cured by jail time. He decided I needed to be taught a lesson and made example off. So a one-week incarceration and 3 months anger management classes after, plus one year on probation. At least I had a good reason not to leave Leonie now. That timeframe would put us right into the scheduled birth of our child and just weeks later, our wedding. A blessing in disguise, although we all could have done without the drama.

Once I was back home, no lectures,  Leo was just her happy self, as was Rett, Vivian came by and smooched me half to death for defending her honor against that prick, mom and dad came by and mom swore to skin ‘that Lucca’ alive, while dad made her pinky swear not to either touch him nor breathe anything to Ezio or Melissa.

Mom and Viv were helping Leonie with the wedding planning. I was so glad to have them. Poor Leo had been so down when her family was less than enthused about it, and her mother flaked on her several times for important wedding-related appointments.  The minute my mom found out about it she and Vivian were there whenever Leonie needed them.
I was proud to have such a great family.


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  1. You had me worried several times! I thought at first he might kill him and then in jail, when Leo’s dad was the guard, wow. Glad it worked out. And a Girl! Yay.

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