2-24) Countdown to Change

Leonie’s Point of View
You know how they say that ‘time flies’? It did. Before we knew it, I was well into my pregnancy and then came the time for the ectograph to see what gender our baby would be. I was so nervous, no telling why, but not as much as Liam! He kept his promise and chose his engagements in a way that he had as much time to spend with us as possible. It still was never enough.
10-19-18_2-31-28 PMLiam was there, was so excited when he finally saw his little – well, let’s just keep the suspense a little longer. He beamed when Dr. Paulsen told him that her office was well equipped for a birth, so as long as there would be no complications, I could give birth there and Liam could be present. She was very accommodating about him being a vampire.
10-19-18_2-33-04 PMWe went to the photoshoot for the baby announcement cards and met up with the expecting ladies among our friends and family and took an extra shot all together with me, Tamika, Emily and Autumn.
2018-10-19 (2)
Our cards turned out lovely, I think.
baby announce10-19-18_3-19-00 PM
We went for walks, met with friends, daily life. Sometimes you could almost forget all the circumstances making us not like every other couple.
10-18-18_10-36-30 PM
10-18-18_10-54-21 PM
Daddy took Everett jogging with him.
10-18-18_11-11-55 PM
10-18-18_10-58-29 PM
A game of foosball at Corbin and Emily’s home – just like almost 10 years ago now.
10-19-18_3-58-48 PM
Went to visit Finn and Alexa and their meanwhile two kids a few times.
Evidently, Everett had inherited his daddy’s and grandpa’s charm. He just could not get enough of little Tatum, Finn and Alex’s youngest daughter10-19-18_4-00-41 PM
Finn and Alexa’s home was gorgeous.
10-19-18_4-10-30 PM
I tried my hand on cooking. Man, it was so hard without my mother there tell me exactly what to do. Luckily Liam couldn’t eat, so he never realized how terrible I did most of the time.  Poor Everett.10-19-18_3-42-28 PM
10-19-18_3-53-46 PM
Liam was so helpful with the little one.
10-19-18_4-40-12 PM10-19-18_3-43-44 PM
He still worked a lot, even when home with us. Still better than him being gone.

It was already Fall now, my plan to have a Spring wedding did not pan out, every single decent place was booked up for Spring and early Summer. So a Winter wedding would be it, fine by me, meant I would get married much sooner than I thought.

I was so busy with school, the pregnancy was exhausting, my toddler was exhausting, and on top of all I was trying to plan my dream wedding.

It was difficult, and at some point I was about to give up on it all.

My mother did not want to help most of the time, so Liam’s mom took over.  She was also the one who talked me off the ledge when I was about to give up and just wanted to  elope with Liam.

She never had a wedding, not for a single one of her marriages.
Her daughter Vivian got married on some dare with her husband before a justice of peace without any family present.

So I was her one chance to plan a lovely wedding. And she helped. Tirelessly. Finally, we found the perfect venue, the perfect dress, and all the other stuff. Alexa was supposed to be my maid of honor, but had issues and could barely make it, so Liam’s sister Vivian took over.

It was weird, but it worked. It actually became fun for once.
10-18-18_5-48-13 PM
Now, all we needed was to send the invites and for everything to go as planned, the graduation, the birth and the wedding. And then – the big move. I did not even want to think about that just yet. Right now, I just wanted to look forward to our little bundle of joy, and then to have a beautiful wedding.

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