2-23) Days Like No Other

Leonie’s Point of View2018-10-18 (2)“Liam?”
“I want to lay like this forever. I don’t want to have to go anywhere, I don’t want you to go anywhere, just here. Together. Like this.”
“Well, you may have to sit up eventually, considering that you had to run to the bathroom about 6 times already in the past hour.”
“Oh, don’t remind me…” I sighed and sat up. The mere mentioning of it.10-18-18_12-40-18 PM
“So, when will you and Rett come visit me again?” he asked me.
“I don’t know, I have so many tests, preparations and other things with school now …”
“And we have to make the rounds eventually, to tell everybody the news, before they hear it from someone else.”
“Don’t remind me.” I was not looking forward to spreading the baby news. Not that I wasn’t excited, I was, but the thought of the looks I would get ‘pregnant again and not married?!'”. Yeah, modern times, I know, problem was that most people I knew were just not that modern. Especially my family.10-18-18_12-41-20 PM“Those weren’t the news I meant though.” Liam said, and began to shift, until he was off the couch and kneeling before me.2018-10-18 (3)
On one knee to be exact. While I was still surprised about his behavior and trying to compute it, he had pulled a shiny ring from his pocket and was holding it up to me.
2018-10-18 (4)“Leonie Anne Hanson, will you do me the great honor and make me the luckiest man in the world by becoming my wife?” he looked up at me, hopeful, the same look he had when he had been trying to get me to go out with him when we were 15.
“Yes.” I beamed.
Not the most original, but all I could say.2018-10-18 (5)
He slid the ring onto my finger, a perfect fit. Later he told me that he had his mom help, by having her measure one of my favorite rings. Of course.
But he picked it out all by himself, he said, and I believed it. 10-18-18_12-45-07 PM
We kissed. Long and lots.
10-18-18_12-45-43 PM
2018-10-18 (8)
“Looks like it belongs. Just like we belong.” he said, holding up my hand after we snuggled up on the couch again.
2018-10-18 (7)
“Now my beautiful future Mrs. Cameron, we have to figure out when we will do it. Either we get married right away or we wait until after the birth, cos knowing you, you would not want to be a preggo bride.”
“Oh hell no! Well, nobody can get a wedding together in a month or so. So after would be logical. Besides, I always wanted a Spring wedding. Might be a late Spring, early Summer one, but good enough.”
“Here or in Del Sol Valley?”
“Oh no, here. 100% here! No offense, but everybody is here. And if we celebrate here, my family might actually show up.”
“Of course they would come. I’d fly them all out there. Friends, family, their cat, I don’t care.”
“Yeah, no, here. Definitely.”
“You got it.”

That was on a Saturday. I did not mind him proposing at home. He was recognized a lot outside and it was a rainy day today, we would have been hard pressed for some romantic location without interruption.

The next day, Sunday, we decided to go for a walk with the baby. But we started out slow and lazy, it was still dreary outside. So Liam played with his son while I got ready. 2018-10-18 (11)2018-10-18 (15)2018-10-18 (14)
When he was getting dressed, I rounded up the little monster, not always an easy feat and kept him entertained until we were all ready to go.
10-18-18_1-35-30 PM2018-10-18 (9)
Well, that was easy.2018-10-18 (10)
That afternoon we went to go tell people the news. I tried on six or more different outfits, I was so very nervous. Liam just kept Everett entertained and smiled.
First stop was Liam’s parents.
I loved coming here almost as much, if not more, than Everett and Liam did. I wished my parents were like this. It was always easy going, there was always laughter.
10-18-18_2-16-25 PM
Next stop was his sister Vivian’s home. I was nervous. I knew her, all of them of course, but she was always a bit intimidating to me. She used to be a model, was tall and skinny and beautiful … just like those women in Del Sol Valley. And her husband was gorgeous, but so … aloof. Yikes. Speaking of gorgeous – that house! The yard! Flowers EVERYWHERE – every romantic’s absolute dream.
Later I learned that was all Silas. Never judge a book by its cover.
10-18-18_2-19-48 PM
When we went in there was lots of hugging. Vivian was actually super-sweet.10-18-18_2-27-52 PM
And then Silas just hugged me. He, too was all charming and complimented me, he was sweet, attentive. So, were all vampires in reality just gorgeous and awesome then? What the hell kinda lies had naysayers been feeding us ignorant mortals all our lives?
They were all better than my own family. Pitiful.10-18-18_2-29-54 PM10-18-18_2-31-33 PM10-18-18_2-32-52 PM10-18-18_2-34-22 PM10-18-18_2-34-45 PM
The boys went off to  … wherever men go, and Vivian and I talked. Somehow I let it slip when she asked me about future plans, that I feared the competition. She was so understanding and told me that there were no people with less self confidence than young models, so they were just trying to scare me off. She gave me tips how to handle that and told me if all else failed to holler at her and she’d come and kick their skinny asses. I believed her, she was brave and feisty.

Caleb Vatore stopped by, to drop something off for Silas. Many people, incl. non-vampires knew who he was.
Initially I was scared of him, but that lasted all but 5 minutes. He, too was an absolute darling. So THAT was their most powerful leader, the ‘Elder’? Ok, guys, my father is scarier than that guy! By far!
When I found out I was pregnant the first time I was scared that the child might be a vampire, and was relieved when he wasn’t. Now I was thinking it really did not matter at all.

Speaking of scary …
10-18-18_2-41-23 PM
We eventually went to see my folks. Few weeks later. I was already starting to show, but carefully chose my outfit that it would not be too obvious. No need to poke the bear.
Liam actually pushed for this visit.
I procrastinated until he put his foot down, despite the fact that he was probably the one with the best reason to never ever want to set foot into that house ever again. Instead, he was the one encouraging me.10-18-18_2-41-47 PM10-18-18_2-42-19 PM10-18-18_2-44-16 PM10-18-18_2-50-54 PM10-18-18_2-51-36 PMTime with my father and Steven plus his wife was brief, but at least no casualties, so to speak. Both actually stayed really civil. The visit could almost pass as enjoyable.
They left, but mom stayed and played with Everett, talked to us. She seemed happy for me.10-18-18_2-53-42 PM10-18-18_2-55-38 PM10-18-18_2-58-36 PM
I was still glad when we were in Liam’s rental on our way back home.

Time was always so limited. Tomorrow morning Liam would have to leave on the early flight back to Del Sol Valley. This weekend had been life changing for me. I hated that it was almost over and was very melancholic.
Cuddled up on the couch together, we were watching a movie. Let me tell you though, watching movies with the boyfriend – pardon, fiancé – is one thing.
Watching a movie with your actor fiancé – oh dear goodness.
He would talk shop all the way though, normally. Not this time though. He was as quiet as me, probably for the same reasons.
10-18-18_4-29-59 PM
“What time is your flight tomorrow?” I asked.
“No flight. I am gonna stay here. Playing hooky! Hope you don’t mind.”10-18-18_4-30-25 PM
10-18-18_4-31-37 PM10-18-18_4-32-03 PM
“Whoa! Had I known that would be the reaction, I would have I had said something sooner!”
10-18-18_4-37-50 PM
He stayed all week. Did not leave until the next Monday morning. Mine! All week! It was heaven. Yeah, I could get used to this.10-18-18_4-38-15 PM10-18-18_4-39-52 PM
10-18-18_4-40-42 PMMonday morning Blaine stopped by for Everett. I had called in sick as well. He looked at me strangely when I handed the boy over with all his things.
Blaine kissed me on the cheek, like he usually would, then smirked, winked at me before he called back towards the bedroom.
“Bye Liam!” as he pulled the door shut behind himself.
I blushed so deeply!
When Blaine was gone and I went back into the bedroom, Liam was still laughing.
“Still sure you want to marry into this family?”

The next days were beautiful.
All day, every day, our little family. I really could get used to this.10-18-18_4-41-59 PM10-18-18_4-42-34 PM10-18-18_4-42-56 PM
Before we knew it though, it was Friday again. Two more days left. It seemed not enough. Liam was right. We needed to change this. Soon. I needed to get through school, give birth to our child, get hitched and then I would move to the Moon, Mars or Venus if that was where Liam had to be.10-18-18_4-43-46 PM10-18-18_4-44-02 PM10-18-18_4-45-00 PM10-18-18_4-45-17 PM10-18-18_4-45-45 PM

Liam and Leonie Engagement Note

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