2-22) Unforeseen Circumstances

Leonie’s Point of View

Ever since reconnecting with Liam, and him finding out about Everett, he has been an attentive father. Boyfriend too, even though neither of us ever officially discussed us being back together. But he would always have a small present for me when he would come back, a box of chocolates, a rose.  I told him many times he did not have to bring me a thing, just himself, to which he replied ‘that is exactly why I want to do it.’
Every minute he could he would spend with us, it was a feat, his career was still at its height keeping him crazy busy.
Whenever he could make it home, he would stay at my little apartment, not his parents beach home like before. His parents were very supportive. They looked after Everett often, as I was going back to college at night to finish missing credits of my last semester and then finally graduate.
I did let Liam help some with the tuition, but I kept my job and paid for everything else. My tiny apartment wasn’t cheap, but was in walking distance of both, job and college, negating the need for a car.
10-17-18_2-07-31 PMFinally Liam was back home, for a full weekend with us.10-17-18_1-55-11 PMAll three of us lived for moments like these. Liam tried hard, but there just never seemed to be enough time together.10-17-18_1-55-43 PM
Little Rett could not be any happier. Neither could I. 10-17-18_1-58-26 PMEvery visit was the same. He would greet us, then shower, change into his home wear and be daddy for a very clingy Everett. Once the baby was tucked in, he would be a boyfriend and lover to a very clingy girlfriend.10-17-18_2-40-59 PM“Mommy? Why can’t daddy just stay all the time?”
“Because daddy has to work and live where he works, honey.”
Everett pondered my answer for a second, then came up with the solution.
“We move to where daddy works!”10-17-18_2-41-30 PM
And there it was again. I smiled and closed my eyes, I could feel Liam looking at me with that ‘my words exactly’ look.
He came over to me.
“Even our toddler son can see it, Leo.” he told me “He is a smart kid!”10-17-18_2-41-44 PM“Smart, hee hee .” Everett parroted in his high chair.10-17-18_2-42-07 PM“Milk! Smart milk! Yummy!”10-17-18_2-42-18 PMWhile he was busy with his dinner, his daddy tried working on swinging my vote again.
Oh, I wanted to. So badly.
We had visited him at his home several times, and it was breathtaking. But I felt like an imposter and out of place there.
One time, his parents came as well, to watch Liam, as he wanted to take me to some VIP party, some producer’s birthday or something. I wore a new dress I had bought and felt so great in it, Liam loved it, but some woman came up to me and covered me in sugar coated insults.
I’ll assume a soured ex-fling of his. But she was obviously a model, beautiful, tall and lean, always the perfect posture. I was not very tall, and while I knew I wasn’t exactly ugly, my pretty was nothing like what you saw at this party. Luckily there were only few moments I spent alone, when Liam was by my side everything was ok and nobody would talk down to me.
Now I knew how he must have felt around my parents when we were teens.
10-17-18_2-53-42 PMHis work kept him busy, had him travel a lot, then he would travel even more to come see us, then be a daddy to a son who was very attached to his daddy, an attentive boyfriend to me, and still tried to be a good friend to our friends plus see his parents and sister. There were nights that ended with father and son passed out on the couch.2018-10-17 (2)Whenever Everett would wake and stir, Liam would wake too and we both would tuck our baby boy in together.2018-10-17 (39)
10-17-18_4-22-08 PM
All the nights that he wasn’t home, it would be just me, and it felt – wrong. Especially when a drowsy toddler asks you if daddy could come too to tuck him in, or while I was reading him to sleep he would look out the window, point at some plane flying by and ask if that was daddy coming home.2018-10-17 (38)

So I began to seriously consider my options.
There weren’t many. Liam had to stay where he was and my only logical excuse for wanting to stay here would hopefully be gone in a few more months, when I graduated. I made good grades so I assumed I would. After that, it would be obvious that I was just being a chicken.
I hated the idea that people would think I tried to tie Liam to me with a child. I had not.

While I knew what I was doing then, and I wanted to do it with him right then and there, when I found out I accidentally got pregnant I was shocked, then elated.
I had no plan on how to make it work, but I knew the baby was his and I knew that I wanted that child more than anything.
When I finally had to tell my parents, it was horrible!
Mom cried the whole time, while dad yelled at me in one breath, then threw me out of the house, called me bad names and warned me to never come back there.

I flew back to Bridgeport, attended school with my growing baby bump and after a few months got notified that my tuition was due – and my rent. Dad had cut me off. I could finish that current semester and then I would be out.

Bridgeport was expensive, the city and the university so I transferred to San Myshuno University, which was only slightly more affordable, but I had many friends here who would help once the baby was born.

I swore all of them to secrecy. If Liam would find out, he should find out from me.

Naturally I had informed him as soon as I knew, just weeks after that night together. I had even flown out to Del Sol Valley, he had given me his address, cause I felt this was something to be told in person, and I wanted to see his reaction. Sure, I should have called first, but I was not exactly in the best state of mind at the time. And the surprise should be real, all the way around.
Unfortunately he was living with someone, a fact I had not known about, and she was less than helpful. She told me he wasn’t there and would not be back anytime soon, I did not have much time to wait until I had to fly back.

I had written Liam a letter anyway, in case he would not be home or in case I would chicken out at his doorstep, so I left that with her, yet he never responded.

At first I thought he just didn’t want to be a father, but a small part of me always suspected that icy blonde that was so rude to me may not have given him the letter after all.
So I texted him, which came back as message undeliverable. I tried calling and got a ‘number you dialed is not in service’ message.
Nope, that did not look good at all.
I still wanted that child, even though he may not. I found a job and made it work, until I couldn’t do it all anymore, and dropped out of college in my last semester.

But now everything was great. Not ideal, but great. The longest Liam and I would go without seeing each other in person was maybe a week, we would Skype nearly daily, like we had when we dated in high school and my dad had forbidden me to see him.

And then I got the stomach flu yet again, so bad one day that my boss sent me home, telling me to not come back until I was better.
She meant well.
I did and puked my guts out for the next two days, but was fine otherwise. I got stomach flus often, nothing really special and not something I could do much about.
Still, a suspicion crept up on me.
When that suspicion was confirmed I felt like someone pulled the rug out from underneath me. Again.

What the hell, Leonie!? How did I manage this?!” I asked myself before the tears fell.
10-17-18_3-19-56 PM
I could not stop staring at the test result window. Like mockery of my despair, the words “PREGNANT” seemed to glare at me in capital letters.

Just to be sure I took the second test from the package.

Same result. Had there been 100 tests in that pack, I would have taken all of them.10-17-18_3-21-46 PMDazed, I went into my bedroom. Dream, right?2018-10-17 (33)Nope, not a dream.2018-10-17 (31)What the hell!? How?! We had been careful. 2018-10-17 (34)
Instead of my stomach, now it was my head. I had the worst headache, probably stress related.  This just could not be. 2018-10-17 (35)2018-10-17 (36)
I laid down, in a fetal position, silent tears flowing. My phone was buzzing like crazy on the night stand, but I could not move. All I could do was stare at that test, hoping it would add that little work ‘not’ to the window if I stared at it long enough.
2018-10-17 (32)The room was dark, I heard Liam come in, he must have just arrived back in town I didn’t know he would be here. Probably one of the many calls I ignored had been him.

Since I was motionless he probably thought I was asleep, not noticing that test I was still holding and staring at. My phone was going off again, he answered. His parents were watching Everett and I was supposed to have called them to pick him up or have them bring him hours ago. He told them that I was sick and he would be there shortly to get his little man.

When I heard that, I sobbed. He ended the call.

“Leo? Hey baby, you okay? What’s wrong?” he started climbing onto the bed over to me, reaching for me. 2018-10-17 (22)
I sat up quickly, avoiding his touch, and just wordlessly handed him the test stick.2018-10-17 (23)“Oh shit!” he said, as he swung his legs back over to sit on the edge of the bed, I followed suit.
We both sat, in shock, for some time.
2018-10-17 (24)
“I’m sorry.” I mumbled.
2018-10-17 (26)
“For what?” he asked.
“I don’t know how it could have happened. We both have been so careful. I don’t know Liam.”2018-10-17 (27)“Baby, you don’t have to be sorry. I am just as much to blame for this as you, if you are looking to place blame. Shit happens. I happened that way. We’ll be fine.”
“You’re not mad?”2018-10-17 (21)“Why the hell would I be? Sweetheart, we already have a child together, whom we both love. We have enough love for another. And not like we couldn’t afford it.
But we are going to talk about making changes.
I am not going to let you go through it all alone again. I want to see this child grow.
The full experience from the start. And I want to be there for you to yell at when things get rougher, just like other mothers do at all the other dads out there.” he smiled at me, then pulled me into a tight hug, just sat there holding me, whispering that we would all be all right.2018-10-17 (20)
After I had calmed down he tucked me into bed and left to get our son from his parents, even though he had just arrived from a long week abroad. Caught an earlier connection to be here one day sooner than planned.

He would probably tell his parents, which was fine. They were amazing. When I decided to go back to school, one of them would come out every damn day to pick up Everett and either watch him here or take him with them, and then when I got home I would either pick him up at their place or one of them would bring him to me. Every single day. My parents would have never.

My father had yet to hug my son.

I dreaded the moment my parents would find out about this new pregnancy. We had just started talking again, a few months before Liam came back into my life.
Dad was less than impressed that I was back together with ‘that freak’.
If he found out I was pregnant yet again, and still not married it would be a debacle.

Dad was very traditional. And had strange views. My older brother Steven had to break up with his last fiancée, cause she was a brunette. Hansons were always blonde and blue eyed, per dad. I already failed that breeding effort twice, once as myself, cause I was more of a darker strawberry blonde, like my mother, but at least my eyes qualified as blue, even though they were more turquoise. My son was dark-haired and green-eyed like his dad. complete fail in my father’s book, even though everybody else swooned over that combination.

Steven found a new woman, blond and blue-eyed, dad approved, Steven married her and had children, blonde and blue eyed. Dad very obviously preferred them over Everett when we all got together.

I hated him for it.

He had been strict and cold to Steven and me as kids, and I just didn’t know any better.
After meeting Liam and his parents, I saw how it could be. And not only that. They were not even mortals. Dad had painted vampires in a very bleak light for me, cold hearted, evil.

When I met the Camerons, and even Liam’s sister plus husband and kids, they were all warm, caring, funny and upbeat. I was so not going to date Liam, he had a bad reputation and I knew my dad would not like him, but after meeting his family I changed my mind.

My parents had always faked the perfect family, but his seemed so perfectly imperfect that I knew it was real.

But here we were now, in an unplanned spot yet again. All my life I thought I would find a nice boy, date, he’d propose in the most romantic way imaginable, then we would have the most perfect wedding ever, and then have kids. Boy had I been wrong.

After Liam flew back to the Valley on Monday and Blaine had been by to pick up Everett, I called my boss and told her I was going to the doctor. Wasn’t a lie, I was, but a different doctor than she would think.

My ob/gyn confirmed it. Definitely pregnant. After the mishap causing my first pregnancy, I had changed my birth control method to a safer IUD, unaffected by antibiotics, which now had to be removed. This is where we got our answer. It had dislocated and hence not prevented a pregnancy. Liam and I always doubled up on protection, but I recalled one night, a date night, Everett was spending the night at Vivian’s, we ended up having too much wine and I think we forgot the additional protection when things got heated in the bedroom.

So there we had it.

Liam’s parents were so supportive, he already had told them, but I made him and them promise not to tell anyone else for a while.

Blaine hugged me one day and told me smirking that I had encountered the Cameron curse of unplanned pregnancies. He explained that Liam was one, Viktoria had gotten pregnant with him – despite efforts not to –  at a very inopportune time, they were really struggling then. And she was pregnant with Liam at the same time their daughter was pregnant with her son, also unplanned as Vivian was a teen.

Viktoria took me aside and told me to quit overthinking everything, finish college and then move to Del Sol Valley. I confided my problem with the women there in her, she laughed and said that she probably understood better than most. I knew that Blaine was still popular with the ladies and had witnessed them hitting on him right in front of Vik many times. I asked her how she dealt with it, we had a long talk.
After that I decided I would take her advice and just go with trusting Liam.

So, in a few months from now I would be a VERY pregnant college graduate and then move to Del Sol Valley to compete with gorgeous, skinny, perfect celebrity women, many of which very obviously were after my boyfriend, while I would be so big by then that I could not even bend down to tie my own shoes.


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  1. Awwww. Another nooboo! When is he going to put a ring on it? He should do that before this next babybis born. Glad Viktoria spoke to her. She should trust Liam. He loves her so much. Always has. His soulmate. She is so pretty too,

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