2-20) One More Reason

I came home from work, entered the living room, and saw Blaine on the couch, his back towards me. Smiling, I snuck up on him, in an attempt to startle him, grinning, knowing where such shenanigans usually lead us. Liam was staying over at Corbin’s tonight and it was Friday, so no work for me for two days. Let the games begin.

10-15-18_1-48-42 PM
About to do my evil deed I saw that he was typing on his phone, looking over his shoulder I caught a glance at the screen and saw

Hey hot stuff!
Long time no see.
Miss your sexiness around and I am bored.
Come on over to Netflix & chill.

2018-10-15 (2)

My blood went from zero to boiling. That hussy again! I must have made some noise when Blaine turned his head, looked at me and went
“Oh, hey babygirl.”
“Bad time? Need to get your sexting done first?” I was not amused.
“Hey whoa whoa whoa … before you jump me, read my response first.”

He held his phone up and it read

Thx, I am good.
See you for practice on Tuesday.

I was somewhat relieved, but still wanted to burn that phone. And the girl. Stupid Kat. Know the expression ‘there are many ways to skin a cat’? Yeah, I’d love nothing more than to test all of those out on her.

Blaine pulled me onto the couch next to him.
2018-10-15 (1)

“Quit being jealous and kiss me already!”

Instead of waiting for a reply he just kissed me and I kissed back, placing my arms around his neck thinking Mine! Why did that hussy have such a hard time getting that memo?.

“I just want to get rid of her so bad. I am sorry Blaine, but she is just bad news.”

Probably thinking up a calming response, Blaine smile and opened his mouth when the doorbell rang. Of course. There were windows everywhere, so the entire ‘not home’ act fell flat.

“I’ll get it. Must be Ezio again. Still dwelling on my resignation. Every damn day at work now, he keeps going on and on about trying to talk me out of moving. Betcha he just thought of some great reason and had to come right over to try it out on me. Or you. Would be just like him to try to change your mind now hoping you’d make us stay.”

I hopped off Blaine’s lap, already saw through the window by the door it wasn’t Ezio. It was Blaine’s band members.
10-15-18_1-50-45 PM
My mood hit the basement floor. Naturally they saw me, so I opened and played nice.

“Hey guys.”
“Hi Vik. Sorry to intrude but we got kicked out at home, Kat wanted privacy, knowing her that can take all night, so we thought we had not been by here for a while. Time to come visit.” Tucker, the drummer with the long blonde hair and super-calm demeanor explained, while kissing my cheek.
“Hey!” said Rob, the dark haired keyboarder. He was more reserved, but had an explosive temper.

They came inside, straight into the living room where I heard them greet Blaine. Well, there went my romantic evening. Now what? At least that man-crazy cow wasn’t with them. I went into the living room too and sat down by to Blaine.
10-15-18_1-57-15 PM
The guys were talking shop, I had nothing to add so just sat there and listened. Until my thought became verbal and I asked

“So, how can Kat kick you out of your house? Don’t you all own it equally?”
“Oh, that’s code for ‘has a new lover and wants to seal the deal’. We really don’t need to watch that. Seen it often enough.” Tucker replied.
“Yup.” Rob growled.

I knew from Blaine that Kat had affairs or a relationship or whatever the hell you would call something like that with both band members and both knew it too. Additionally would she still slept with other guys as it pleased her. Aggravatingly enough, she still kept trying to add my husband to that list. I think at this point it was more to prove a point, namely that she could, rather than really wanting him, as Blaine had been less than nice to her on several occasions. Blaine could be really bad news when you got on his wrong side, so I was sure he was not dealing with her in kid gloves.

“Got engaged, too.” Rob said.
“HUH!?” I thought I heard wrong.
10-15-18_2-07-03 PM
“Yeah, some nerdy moneybag. Total moron, but really loaded, and he has put a ring on it.” Tucker told us.
“Oh awesome, congrats!” I said. Finally off the market. Finally peace. I grinned.
For a few seconds at least, until Tucker added
“Yeah, was awesome. When she came home and showed us that rock on her finger, we all went to celebrate in style.” the men laughed.
“That’s normal. I did that many times when friends got engaged.” I said, earning myself roaring laughter.
I didn’t understand why that was funny until Blaine took pity and explained
“No, babygirl, you haven’t. Not like this. What he means is, that they all celebrated with her in the bedroom.” he chuckled, I blushed.
“Not just the bedroom. All over the house. Several times! All night!” Tucker added, grinning.

OMG, kill me now. I never felt like a prude or anything in my life – until now. Yikes! No, no I hadn’t or would ever. Urgh. My facial expression gave away my feelings about that, generating another outburst of laughter. Except Blaine, he put his arm around me and kissed me.
10-15-18_1-58-04 PM

I stayed for as long as I could take the crude guy talk, then wanted to go get coffee when I heard knocking on the glass of the door. I turned and saw Kat. No. No, not that. She was waving at me. So I opened and let her in.

“Oh, Veronica, look!” My mood hit a low and my blood pressure a high as she lifted her hand with that ring on it as the greeting. I didn’t look at it, but at her while hissing.
“Aw, sorry, right. I knew it was something dowdy and old-fashioned.”
“Well, we can’t all be named after animals.”
“Aww, bad mood, huh? Maybe menopause. My grandma had the same thing. Well, here look – or do you need glasses? Well, it is so big, you won’t need them if you do.”
What a B-I-T-C-H! Technically, she would be right, if I were a human, I would be pretty dang old now. But I wasn’t so she could go and kiss my ..
I looked anyway and was surprised she was able to lift her hand at all. That was a gigantic, gaudy ring.
“Cool, congrats. Suits you.” I said and walked off into our office, shutting the door, mumbling insults about her to myself. I wanted to start packing for that move that could not come fast enough.
Then I remembered her grabbiness around Blaine and the fact that she had not ‘celebrated’ her engagement with him but he was probably on her list, so I went back to the living room. Blaine was standing up, strumming on his guitar, likely to keep her away. I caught the last part of an ongoing conversation when she finished with

” … Lance understood though and is okay with it, at least for now. We’ll see after the wedding.”
“Who’s Lance?” Tucker asked. He was usually stoned and always very calm, chill, and smiling.
“My fiancé.”
“His name is Luke.” Rob growled. While he played along with it all, but seemed to hate it. I think he really liked Kat and wanted her to himself.
“Luke, Lance. Doesn’t matter. I don’t even know his last name. Don’t really care, I never use last names anyway.”
“He hasn’t told you his last name?”
“Sure he has. It’s on his credit card too. Wait, let me look.”
“You took his card?”
“He gave it to me.”

And that trash was in MY house. Gag.
10-15-18_2-08-23 PM
I looked up at Blaine, who was still playing his guitar, winking at me, smirking.

Man I was glad he left that band. He still wrote most of their material and went to practices with them to get it right or change things that weren’t. Was I glad that this would stop after the move.

The doorbell again. I was about to jump up when Blaine gestured to me he would, putting down his guitar. He left the room, only to appear seconds later with Ezio and Melissa. Oh good grief. What a mix. Those two stood awkwardly by the living room door, probably in awe, as the band members greeted them in their own ways and Kat already made purring noises and ‘cat claws’ at Ezio.
10-15-18_2-44-43 PM
I went to greet them both, the usual hugs and kisses on the cheek, then pulled Mel with me into the kitchen to help make coffee.

“Man, am I glad you are here! Have you seen that hussy on the couch? That is the one that cannot keep her paws off my husband. ARGH!” I was fuming as I vented to my bestie.
“Looks like she has her paws lined up on mine now, too.” she replied unamused.
“Ezio can handle himself. He’s a big boy.” I dismissed her fears. If there was one thing I was sure of, it was that Ezio would not cheat.

We made more jokes about that girl, finally the coffee was through and I sent Mel to the living room to check how many takers we had. Took her way too long to come back, so I followed.
“Jeeze Mel, by the time you come back the damn coffee is cold.” I said when I saw her standing there, just by the door, before I realized she was all stiff, staring into the room.
2018-10-15 (4)
I peeked past her and saw Kat all over Ezio.
2018-10-15 (5)
WTF?! She literally sat on Ezio’s lap, giggling and he did NOTHING. What is with these men!? I would have punched her off me if I were him!
Just like Blaine causing us to have that big fight once, when I had walked in and he had just sat there, her in his lap. GRR. And even now my husband just stood there, peacefully strumming on that damn guitar again, instead of knocking that human tarantula off of Ezio!
So I burst into the room.

“Ezio, can I see you in the kitchen please?! Just remembered a work question, it’s urgent!” I struggled to keep myself composed.
10-15-18_3-05-19 PM
Somehow awkwardly he managed to get out from underneath and come to me, when I grabbed his jacket collar, ignoring his complaints about ‘custom tailored’ and pulled him with me out of the living room, Mel followed wordlessly.

“Dude, what the FUCK!?” I laid into him right there in the hallway.
10-15-18_3-18-34 PM
“I just did not want to be rude to your friend…” he explained.
“FRIEND!? You think THAT in there is my FRIEND!” that statement alone was an insult to me. Friend!
“Viktoria, please get a hold of yourself, there is no need for you to yell at me.” Ezio had had enough of my abuse, and was getting upset.
10-15-18_3-22-19 PM
“No, I should be yelling at you! How could you?!” Melissa now said.
“How could I what? They are obviously a different kind of people with very casual to loose behavior, their act. It is not my place to change that, especially since this is not even my home. That would have been up to one of the hosts to …”
“What?! At your age you need Blaine or me to keep groupies off you? Are you nuts? What you should have done is to give her a piece of your mind and not sit there, grinning like a gingerbread man while that disease-ridden hussy…” I complained.
10-15-18_3-18-49 PM
“I need to go home.” Mel said and just left.

“Well done, Viktoria!” Ezio growled at me and went after her.
10-15-18_3-20-26 PM

Oh good, I sarcastically thought to myself, was afraid there would be one single day without any drama.

And how was all that my fault now?

“Hey babygirl, where did you go? And where are Ezio and Lissa?”
“Blaine, do me a favor and get rid of them in there or I am staying the night somewhere else. I just can’t with them tonight.”
“Ok, ok, no problem. I was gonna start complimenting them out the door anyway. Just chill.”

Once they were gone I told Blaine about the Mel and Ezio incident. He told me to stay out of it and that it was not as bad as it seemed.
Wasn’t it, though?

I calmed myself by counting down the days until moving day in my head. I would start boxing up stuff tomorrow, just to make it more real to myself. As sad as I had felt, by now I could barely wait for that day to come.

Screw all this mess!

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