2-17) Rough Times Ahead

10-13-18_10-18-13 AM
I was on the couch, sorting through a sheer endless abyss of photos when Blaine walked in and plopped down next to me, causing me to drag and drop a bunch of images all over the folders on the screen, making me groan and complain, which was immediately muffled by a kiss, while pulling the tablet from my hands.
10-13-18_10-19-14 AM
“Hey! I was doing something on that!”
10-13-18_10-21-21 AM
“Well, now I am doing something on it, you gadget hog!” he grinned, then diverted his attention to the screen. I got curious what would be so important to a not exactly incredibly technology savvy Blaine, but he pulled the device away from my view.
10-13-18_10-21-57 AM
I felt faced with two options, number one being an adult and number two, well, not. I went with the second and threw myself onto Blaine trying to grab the device from him, immediately foiled by him by hiding it underneath of him, then holding me where I was now, laying on top of him.
10-13-18_10-14-00 AM
“I like the way you think, but you sure you wanna go there, babygirl? Has a history of getting you in trouble.” he grinned and was referring to a specific time long ago where I had done exactly this, we were only friends then, I had been trying to pry something from his hands, unfortunately the situation ended with an unwanted audience, confusion and ended my marriage to Ezio.
“What were you looking at?” I asked.
“Since when are we so curious, Mrs. Cameron? I tell you what: kiss me and I’ll tell ya.”
So I did.
10-13-18_10-14-21 AM
But no info was forthcoming, instead he kept kissing me, more and more demanding.
10-13-18_10-14-36 AM“Blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaiiiiiine!” I struggled away as much as my limited range in the current position allowed.
“Uh uh, too late. Now I am distracted.” he smirked.
“You are impossible. Did you have a bowl of Viagra for breakfast?”
“No need, one of the many benefits of being a vampire, one of my personal favorites, too!”
“I bet!”
“Awww, never heard you complain.”
“That’s because you never listen. I never get anything accomplished around here.”
“You do, whenever Liam is around and won’t leave. One more pro point for you to have another child.” he grinned, challenging.
“That old hat again.” I rolled my eyes, trying to climb off him, he still held strong, grinning wider, chuckling when with a sound of defeat I seized my struggle and buried my head against his chest with a loud sigh.
“Just playin’, babygirl, I actually did want to have your full attention for something. An idea. No, a request. Suggestion. No, it’s more of a …”
“Blaine! Just spit it out already.” I mumbled against his chest.
“Ok, fine. Here, look at this and tell me what you think.”

Blaine let go and sat up, pulling me up with him, while fishing for the tablet again, handing it to me, a website pulled up showing some sort of jungle, grinning people who had been paid to look so happy and amazed, ever-changing pop up blurbs with endorsements about how much fun and excitement was to be had there, in Selvadorada. Excuse me, where?
10-13-18_10-19-00 AM
“Is this the right website or did you fat-finger something here?” I showed Blaine the tablet.
“Yup, that’s it. Whatcha think?”
“About what? Jungles in general, or this one in particular? Never heard of it. Why am I looking at it?”
“You are not looking at a jungle, you are looking at our vacation destination. Your incredibly spontaneous husband bought two tickets, leaving the day after tomorrow.”
he grabbed the tablet from me again, and pointed to various images, triumphantly grinning at me.
10-13-18_10-22-22 AM
“Blaine, what?! Liam has school!”
“He ain’t going. Just us. His butt is staying to take care of the furry puppies, so daddy has a chance to play with mommies puppies in the fresh air – or stuffy? humid? – actually I don’t care, as long as I get to play.”
“Argh, you are … wait what? You already bought tickets? Without asking me first?”
“I didn’t realize I had to ask parental permission.”
“Not permission, but … Blaine, we are both the world’s palest people, even before the vampire thing. What the hell are we supposed to do in a jungle? We either burn to death or get eaten by mosquitoes or piranhas or some big animal creeping about. Or maybe even some cannibals. Oh my god, and all the poisonous plants there. Plus, how often do you hear about planes crashing in such thicket?”
As I was rambling on, Blaine demonstratively looked at his wristwatch. I playfully hit his arm.
“Not funny!”
He pulled me close.
10-13-18_10-23-45 AM
“Very funny. Are you done? Can I respond to all that nonsense by reminding you that we are already dead, babygirl? I pity the piranha who tries to nibble at my ol’ embalmed vampire toes. If some big cat jumps us, oh well, I am up for trying new things. Personally never had exotic cat blood, but if it is between us and it, I’d give it a whirl. What else you got? Plane crashes, cannibals? We survived dinners at the Mafioso’s, saw Vivian and Liam through puberty and had several run ins with the Count who just didn’t want to stay dead until recently. I don’t think that is a problem. So, pack accordingly, as your amazing hubby is going to drag your cute butt through the jungle for exploring, no lazy laying by the pool. We’re gonna go roughing it, baby!”
10-13-18_10-23-58 AM“Oh mercy!”
Blaine just kissed me to avoid further complaints.
10-13-18_10-24-07 AM
When that didn’t work, and I attempted more – reasonable – food for thought, he just tickled me till I had to laugh.
10-13-18_10-24-42 AM
There was always a Blaine-way to solve things. Resistance was usually futile. I was defeated.
10-13-18_10-23-02 AM
Look, I like nature as much as the next girl, walking through a forest, hikes. In temperate climate. Jungles did not sound appealing to me AT ALL!

I got up and went to my intentionally sparsely filled closet. I was a heels kinda girl, so there I sat, I had the bottoms and tops covered, hoodies and jeans, shorts or leggings, but the shoes. Hmmm. I liked fashion, but I liked minimalism and monochromatics more, so even while married to wealthy Ezio I had kept my closet down to the necessities. Never had been the many pairs of shoes and purses kinda gal. In fact, I owned a total of three bags, which I barely ever used. My philosophy had always been, if it didn’t fit in my pant pockets, I didn’t need it. Now if there was something I never thought I’d need, it would be Indiana Jones type of giddyap. At the very least I needed suitable footwear. Urgh. But then I grinned. An evil grin. I knew someone who hated shopping even more than I did. I went straight back to the living room and cooed at my husband while placing one arm around his waist, grinning.

“Blaine? Oh Blaine-y … Guess what? We are going shoe shopping! Are you excited?” I tried to stifle said grin and batted my eyelashes at him.

The look on his face was humorous to see as it changed from a sly ‘ha-ha, good one’
2018-10-13 (3)
to ‘oh dang, she’s serious’
2018-10-13 (1)
to a resigned ‘well, played, Vik, well played’
2018-10-13 (5)
to the foretelling ‘you know there will be payback for this?!’.
2018-10-13 (4)
I had hopes he would offer to cancel the trip, but no such luck. I would make him pay. Dearly.

I dragged him through every single shoe store in San Myshuno. It’s a large metro, so that is a LOT of stores. I could have found what I needed in the first one, but I was out for punishment. Pretty sure Blaine knew it too. As I was about to leave the current store empty handed again, he stopped me.

“You had your fun. Now pick something, or I will pick for you, so you will be hiking in the gaudiest pinkest number I can find or you can wear your heels!”

I burst into laughter, could not help it, but did as told.

When we got back, Liam was home, so we told him.

He had a fit of laughter, admitting he was not one bit sad not to go.
10-13-18_11-35-49 AM
Liam was more into city life than hiking and camping, which is why our visits to the cabin had been rare with him. He was useless without his technology and hated being without his beloved car.
“Ha ha ha, mom in the jungle. I can’t even anymore.”
“Why is that so funny. I can do it.”
“You won’t even take the trash out without full make up and hair done… using your phone, since you cannot use a mirror. OMG, I am dying!”
“You will be! First off, trash is YOUR job anyway, and that is not true. I work, in a prestigious office, so of course I usually look decent.” I grumbled. It was a lie. I had a hard time getting too casual and thought about that too.

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