Vivian’s Story) What’s In A Name?

“Ah, here we go now … it’s always so tough to get it to show right with vampire babies, and even harder to determine the sex, but I think this visit we are going to get … oh! Now, let’s just … oh … huh.”

“What is it doctor?!” Silas was alarmed. He had been tense at every visit to the obstetrician, excited, but very worried about his wife. There was always a small chance that something could go wrong, even for vampires and it could be dangerous for mother and child. Even Vivian was uneasy now.

“Oh, nothing bad, folks, just a bit of a surprise that would normally not slip through until THIS late into a pregnancy.”

“Is the child all right? And my wife?” Silas was now standing, tense and worried.

“Mr. Blackbourne, I did not mean to upset you.” the doctor, a mortal, a bit taken aback and possibly scared by the behavior of the vampire. Most people, especially women, reacted oddly to him. On one hand was he the stereotypical tall, dark, handsome loner type, but he rarely smiled and usually had a sense of danger about him.

“Silas, sit down, please!” Vivian urged.

“OK, Mr. and Mrs. Blackbourne. As I have confirmed now, you are actually not expecting ONE baby, but TWO. Twins. Congratulations again.”

“What?” Vivian thought she heard wrong.

“Amazing!” Silas smiled.

“Would you like to know the sexes?” the doctor asked, smiling.

“Yes!” Vivian exclaimed.

“No.” Silas said at the same time.

“Silas, come on now. Yes, I do. If he does not, tell me and I will keep it from him.” Vivian told the doctor.

“Ok, fine, just tell the both of us.” Silas agreed.

“One of each, a boy and a girl. You see here, this is the boy … and here .. slightly behind, that is your little daughter.”

Silas went closer to the monitor, the doctor slid back in her chair a little, but now Silas smiled, shaking his head in disbelief, but full of happiness.

“That is … just … amazing!” he mumbled.

“It’s great! One shot and we are done with kids! One of each – and done!” Vivian smiled.

“Well, now the really tough job begins for you two, picking out names. Again, congratulations and I will see you both again soon!”


As they entered the home, they were both still grinning from ear to ear and high on life. Finn came into the hallway. He knew that today’s appointment was to try and determine if he would have a little brother or sister. He was genuinely excited at first about the news, everybody sat together in the living room discussing possible names, laughing at some not so serious ideas, when he suddenly became quiet and his smile faded.

“You all right buddy?” Silas asked concerned.

“Yeah. Kinda. Umm .. daddy, can I ask you something?”

“Of course you can, son.” Silas enjoyed the fact that Finn had approached him with the question if it were ok to call him dad just shortly before Vivian found out she was expecting. Silas was more than interested in making it official, and Vivian had approached Lucca several times about him signing the paper to let Silas adopt Finn, but the answer had always been the same, despite the utter lack of interest in his son otherwise. Not even a card or call for his birthday. Total silence.

“So what will the babies be called?”

“That’s what we are doing here. We do not know yet.”

“No, I mean the last name…”

“That will be Blackbourne.”

“But why can I not be a Blackbourne too? I want the same name as you too, daddy! Pleeeeeeeease, daddy, please!” Finn urged, his eyes welling up.

Silas shot a quick look to Vivian, unsure how to go about this, but it broke his heart. He had grown attached to the boy very quickly before he and Vivian were even a real couple. Vivian seemed overwhelmed as well, but decided Finn was almost a teen, and probably old enough to understand the truth.

So she pulled him into her arms next to her on the couch and explained, why that was not possible, and tried to tell him that Cameron was a nice last name too and that he would always be Silas’ son for as long as he lived.

Finn loved his grandparents a LOT, so he was appeased eventually and the tears that had been glistening in his eyes subsided.


“For what it is worth, Finn, to me you are my son, no matter the name.”

“Thanks dad! I really want to be, and make you proud. And I have more homework. Will you check it with me when I am done?”

“Of course, just like I always do.”

Finn ran up the stairs to his room.

“He is such a great kid.” Silas sighed. Lucca’s behavior rubbed him very wrong, but there was nothing anybody could legally do about it.

“Yeah, he really is. Poor thing, so young and already so much he has been through. I do not think those weeks at his father’s family were very beneficial to him. He still won’t talk much about it. I wonder what they put him through there. Whatever went on there, he had nightmares for months.” Vivian said gloomily.

“We can only hope one day he will tell us. Or just forget about it. He seems happy now.” Silas said.

“Oh, he is. He adores you, looks up to you and wants to be just like you. The other day at the store he asked me if we could dye his hair black, like yours. Don’t worry, I talked him out of it.”

Both laughed.

“Now, back to naming. How about we both make a list, and then compare if we have any matches?”


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