Vivian’s Story) Vivian & Vitto’s Wedding

Time seemed to pass faster than usual. It was not long until the morning sickness hit in full force and her first items of clothing were getting tight.
Vivian panicked, as she could not secure any wedding location that would hold all the people invited. While chances were high that about half would not show, they had to account for them just in case.
Vivian had her dress, the flowers, even the catering. Eventually they decided to just hold the event at their home.
By now, it had been about 3 weeks, that Vivian and Chessy had moved in with Vitto. The two formerly empty rooms were now the new master bedroom, as it had two balconies and the other the kids room.
The house was large enough to hold everyone, even if everone invited would show, but if not the backyard was cozy enough to make it still a romantic and intimate event.
Then the big day hit. Vivian’s parents came over early to help finish set up and overlook the hired staff.
Strangely, Vivian’s mother was an emotional wreck, and when Liam and Leonie arrived with the kids, Leonie was not much better, to the degree that they all agreed that Blaine would not – as planned – walk Vivian down the aisle to give her away. She did not care. Her beloved daddy was here, he, her mom and her little brother with family would be just an armlength from her while she tied the knot.
Her mom was helping getting her ready, Vivian wore the earrings Viktoria had given her for the event, since the dress Vivian had chosen did not allow for much of a necklace.

“Look at you, my little girl, so grown up and so beautiful. And finally a real wedding. I am so very happy for you!” her eyes started to well up.
“Mommy stop! You are going to make me cry and I will look ugly!”
“Impossible! You are my beautiful little girl … I remember when your father and I … waaaahhh.”

After some clean up and reapplication of make up, it was time. Viktoria fetched the bouquet and they were ready to go.

While everybody was finding their seats and positions, Viktoria sat next to Blaine on the bench in the first row and whispered.
“Your daughter is the most beautiful woman you have ever seen, Blaine!”
“Second most beautiful!” he smiled his crooked smirked and winked at her.
“Wait till you see her. I am so very proud of our little girl.”
“Almost as proud as of your little boy, right mom?” Liam leaned in from the row behind them, chuckling.
“Quiet in the cheap seats!” Blaine joked back.
They watched the minister arrive at his podium and sort through his notes, Vitto arrived and hugged  his parents, seated in the first row on the opposite site, then he went to speak to the minister. After than he stood in the wedding arch, visibly nervous.
Viktoria looked over at Melissa, but she was fighting her own emotions.

It was easy to see that Vitto was fighting his flight instinct. This was his second wedding, but certainly not any easier on his nerves. Especially considering how long he had been secretly hoping for this very moment.

Finally the music started. Vitto turned around. He looked anxious.

Since Vitto had no friends aside from Vivian, they had decided against bridesmaids and groomsmen, so instead a different couple came down the aisle.

Liam and Leonie’s two youngest, Natalie and Jake.

The guests could not help but ooh and ah about the cuteness, while their parents sat there smiling proudly.
Then all eyes went up to Vivian. Even in this light, fit for the vampires in attendance, did she look beautiful.

When she reached him, Vitto’s nervous expression softened and he smiled at his bride.

The minister began his speech.

The vows were exchanged.

Some final words by the minister.

The first official kiss as husband and wife.

Vivian snuggled up to Vitto. It was a sense of arrival for both.

The audience was equally as moved.

And the little flower girl was worn out.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Auditore.”

Standing ovations ensued, guests came up to congratulate.
Next stop: releasing of the doves.

More oohs and ahs, briefly interrupted by Blaine’s voice.

“Hopefully those damn winged rats don’t end up shittin’ all over the place now.”
“BLAINE! Shhh!”
A quick kiss of the bride and groom.

Then on to the cake cutting.

Applause ensued, then the bridal dance was announced. Again, Blaine had bowed out of the the daddy daughter dance, so Vitto took over gladly.

During the dance, the tables had been cleared and now food and beverages were being served.

Finally, the party started and everybody began to mingle.

Even the youngest guests had fun.

More and more guests had to leave, until it was basically only the families left.
Eventually only a handful of people were left, and they moved the rest of the celebration onto the couch in the living room, to give the staff room for clean up.

“We should probably go now too to give the bride and groom time to themselves.” Leonie smiled.
“No need. They got that wedding night ritual knocked out months ago. She cannot get more pregnant than she is.”
“DAD!” Vivian nudged her father.
“On that note, we will head out too.” Ezio proclaimed, holding out his hand to Melissa.

“Guys, just one more thing for you to get done and then the night is yours. The photographer is here for the wedding shots.” Viktoria said.

They chose a location in front of the house for the pictures.

Once all guest were gone, Vivian and Vitto decided to hide in their bedroom from all the clean up hustle and bustle.
When they awoke next to one another the next morning, Vitto turned to Vivian, smiling.
“Good morning, Mrs. Auditore …”


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