Vivian’s Story) Spreading The Wings

Three people were walking up the dark alley, faintly illuminated by sporadic street lights, just like in most horror movies, complete with thick puffs of fog creeping along the ground. It looked as cold and wet as it was. Luckily, neither of the three was human so they were not affected much by any of it. The long, winding path up to the spooky manor, tucked away behind a tall rod iron gate, which stood slightly open, appeared before them. They set out to the front door, which opened on its own. The woman and one of the men exchanged knowing glances, as they all walked in. The front door now fell shut behind them causing loud echoes. One of the men jumped when suddenly a figure materialized before him.

“Good evening, my lady and gentlemen, and welcome to my humble abode”, the old, gnarly wiry man bowed theatrically before spreading out his arms underlining his words.

“Good evening. I assume you would be Mr. … erm .. Dracula?” Ezio regained his usual composure quickly and held out his hand while dwelling on how idiotic saying that name out aloud sounded to himself.

“COUNT Dracúl, or Dracula, if you do not mind, my dear Sir. And the pleasure is all mine, meeting the well reputed Mr. Ezio Auditore of the long old line of the Auditores. I actually have been acquainted with your ancestors in the old world. Also, I have been following your progress here for some time and must say it is a joy to know you are part of our exclusive group. Please do follow me inside.”

Blaine rolled his eyes at Viktoria, who shook her head slightly.

Once they reached the gaudy room, as usual, the Count turned to Viktoria.

“Apologies, my dear Viktoria. How rude of me, indeed. You see, I have not rested as much as I should have. My dear wife is taking a longer absence, leaving me with a toddler on my own. Certainly you would understand how taxing this can be. But allow me to say what a pleasure it is, as always, to see you again. You really do look more stunning than ever. Motherhood does become you.” He took my hand and gestured a kiss on it without actually touching lips to skin.

“Yo Count!” Blaine waved casually, which was met by a slightly distorted facial expression of the vampire elder.

“Ah yes, Blaine.” He briefly acknowledged him; it was very obvious that he was not crazy about Blaine.

What followed what an introductory meeting, similar to what Viktoria’s had been, except that Ezio did not have to meet the Count alone, like she had years ago. For the most part Ezio and the Count just exchanged niceties and pompous comparisons of achievements, while Viktoria and Blaine sat around trying to suppress yawns.

Eventually the meeting was ended as abruptly as it was customary for the Count. Blaine suggested paying Caleb a visit.
They stayed for a little while, Ezio was very courteous to Grace, Caleb’s wife, who was born and raised a Southern belle, and hence his gentlemanly ways went down like honey with her. The triplets happened to be there, both girls now married and the boy a vampire now; he had been turned years ago just after he became a young adult.

As they reached Ezio’s exotic car, it was just about an hour till dawn. Next week would be the introductory meeting with the entire vampire society for Ezio, tonight had only been a pre-meet with the elder.

Melissa had stayed behind, as a non-vampire she was not allowed to attend, plus it was tough to explain to a nanny why the parents would go out after dark and come back around dawn. People were still pretty jumpy about anything vampire and the Auditore business could not afford to have anything potentially blemish their reputation, so Ezio’s condition was kept hidden, just like Vitto’s had been.

“How was it?” she asked him as Ezio crawled into bed with her. Often he would still sleep in the bed with her, as opposed to the coffin downstairs.

He kissed her and wrapped his arms around her.

“Like a business meeting organized by Stephen King.” Ezio smiled.

“Is he really such a creep?”

“He reminded me of a grumpy Frederico, vampire edition.”

“Oh dear!”

“Yes. I was actually glad to have Blaine and Viktoria there with me, and I have met with very important people internationally. But this really was a different magnitude of strange. Afterwards we went to pay the Vatores a visit. Nice people. Strange, but nice. Grace, the wife is lovely, you’d like her.”

“I have met her before at one of Blaine and Viktoria’s parties.”

They talked a little more about the night, then fell asleep snuggled up close.


Then the first vampire society meeting happened for Ezio, he was introduced, received his first official tests of his skills, which he passed, and sat at the table while the other vampire discussed current events. For the most part, such meetings were more tradition that anything, and only exciting and new to new inductees, for those who had attended several meetings they were just going through the motions.


“I think you are getting fat, Blaine. Either that or the coffin is shrinking.” I shifted uncomfortably.

“Maybe you are pregnant again … “ Blaine smirked, his face just an inch away from hers.

“Oh no. Not even funny. And no, I am not.”

“Aww. Pity. Maybe I need to work on that.” Blaine kissed me, while trying to shift atop me, while I fought him

“No, no, no, off, off me, you fiend.”

“Why?” he batted his eyes comically, making me laugh.

“Oh Blaine-y, just get some rest. Are you not tired at all?”

“A little. Maybe you could help me get more tired? Relaxed…” he grinned, raising and lowering his eyebrows to underline his innuendo, before trailing kisses down my neck.

“You think he likes it?”

“Oh, I am sure he’ll like anything you are willing to do to him…” Blaine mumbled, trying to kiss the other side of my neck now.

“Huh? That makes no sense…what are you even talking about?” I stiffened, irritated. Blaine halted and looked at me.

“Evidently not the same as you are. What did you mean?”


Blaine threw his head back, and then fell back onto his side with a sigh.

“Of course. What else could my wife be thinking about while I am trying to get her into the mood?”

“We are always doing THIS. Sometimes I just want to talk to my husband.”

“About your ex-husband. Sure, let’s discuss him. Maybe we should invite him over, what’s one more in this coffin?” Blaine grumbled.

“Well, I am responsible for him, including the intro into the society. I am not exactly crazy about all that responsibility, but it is what it is, and you said you’d support me. “

“I did support you. I was there with you both. Now he is nicely tucked away with his own family, so it is time for us again.”

“I am just worried about it all. He is in this situation because of my lack of judgment.”

“He is in that situation because he wanted to be. You heard him, had you not turned him, he would have found someone else. At the end of the day, he would have been a vampire regardless.”

“So what is it that you have a problem with then?”

“I do not like that he is stuck to my wife like a wet noodle at each and every outing to do with vampire business, under the cover of being your offspring. He has gotten the needed introductions, you taught him the basics, we have been there to hold his hand longer than any other vampire I know ever had help, so now he needs to spread his wings and fuck on off out of my life again. That offspring thing only goes so far, before he becomes the vampire equivalent of the 45 year old man living in mommy’s basement!”

“Jeeze, Blaine, tell me how you really feel.”

“I tried, but no takers.”

“Aww, Blaine-y feeling rejected?”

“Very much so. But I have suggestions on how you could make it up to me, if you feel bad about it.” Blaine’s smirk was back at the prospect of getting what he wanted.

I kissed him. Which was the beginning of the end to any discussion.

Eventually, we ended up spooning and falling into vampiric slumber together until Liam squawked through the baby monitor demanding attention.





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