Vivian’s Story) Significant Birthdays

It had been weeks since Addy’s call. She spent the last part of her pregnancy in the hospital, sometimes near a coma, fading in and out of consciousness. Something inside had done something and it caused some toxicity and the body to suddenly start rejecting the fetus. Everybody was on edge. Casey, normally all even keel, as the surgeon he had been for a very long time, even had a small nervous break down. It looked like we were going to lose Addy. And the baby.

But then came the birth. Nearly 2 months too early, and it happened with Addy in the coma via Cesarean. The little boy, they named him Greyson, was fighting for his life in an incubator. His mom was fighting too. Casey sometimes would facetime us in, but afterwards we kinda wished he had not. But then again, in the back of all our minds was always that unspoken fear, that this may have well been the last time we ever saw Addy alive, if you could call it that.

Ezio kept flip-flopping between utter wreck to explosive as TNT. Including at work. I had tried my best to get him to stay home, but almost lost my hearing after his response. Let’s just say he declined. Vehemently so. In a very rude manner. So we had words, I updated him that she was MY daughter too, and he ended up hugging me and having something in his eye against my shoulder for a while, cos as you know, an Ezio Auditore did not cry. I played along, even though I felt more like spanking him. Then he had moments where he proclaimed that as soon as she was up and well enough, he would just turn her without her consent if need be.

“Ezio, you know you cannot do that!” I tried to convince him, calmly.
“Why not? You did it to me!” he snapped back at me

URGH. I stormed out of his office, but instead of downstairs I ran into the lady’s room and hid in a stall, when I heard two women come in, talking about our fight. I kept quiet.

“You’d think they were still married or something!” One woman said.
“No joke. Maybe they are a little bit. I mean, which married man gives his ex-wife an upper level management job in his company, if they don’t get a little something-something back on the side, if you know what I mean. His current wife was pregnant that entire time and now just gave birth and probably didn’t let him.” the other responded.

They laughed. I was bright red in the face seeing stars. How dare they talk about my friends’ and my own integrity like that!? We all had been through so much together, never would we betray each other! And I was thirsty. So – let’s just say I had a weak moment, two actually – and they were delicious. I had heaved them into the stalls, locked the doors, covered the bitemarks with makeup and teleported to my office. Bitches. That is what talking bad behind people’s backs and starting rumors gets ya.

I worked, trying to ignore the Addy problems, but felt like a chameleon with one eye constantly on my cell phone when Ezio came in, closed the door behind himself and stood next to me.
09-18-18_3-29-18 PM.png“Yes?”09-18-18_3-31-18 PM.png
“Do I have to go over the no-feeding rule at the place of work with you?” he started, his voice sincere.


“Don’t even try to deny it. I hope they were at least tasty. Nice touch with the makeup, though.” he scolded me.

“Who all knows?” I asked defeated.

“Just me. And you are welcome. I sent them home for the day. Must have reacted allergic to something they ate at lunch, is my official story.” he stated drily.

“Yeah, crow.” I snapped.

“Care to elaborate?” he gave me that certain look, demanding truth.
09-18-18_3-37-41 PM.png
“Sure. If you must know, they think you and I had – or have – an affair, while Melly was pregnant with your child and probably even still. How else would I have ended up at this level?” my words dripped for sarcasm and anger.

“Really Viktoria? You know how many employees I already supposedly had affairs with, per some bored old jealous, unhappy souls? An endless parade. And you know how many of those I used for an afternoon snack? Zero! I would recommend you get a hold of your urges and temper in future. Now, any news from Addy?”
09-18-18_3-39-23 PM.png
“Don’t you think I would have been up in your office if there had been?” I asked, tired.

“With you, I never know. I did not exactly think I would have to muzzle you for work.” he quipped.
09-18-18_3-38-45 PM
“Oh, go sit on it, Auditore.” I said.

“That’s Mister Auditore to you, or I may need to have HR give you a talk and a warning.” he chuckled.
09-18-18_3-40-41 PM.png
“You are …” I was about to tell him what I thought of his teasing at this very situation, when my phone rang. I reached for it, but Ezio was faster.

“HEY!” I protested while he answered.

“Yes. Uh huh. Ok. I see. No, I understand. Yes. Sure.” he hung up, and exhaled deeply. Since vampires did not breathe, this was almost always a sign for bad news. I had stood up and was just an arm length from him, trying to figure out what was going on during the call and now looked at him, eagerly.09-18-18_3-51-56 PM.png
“EZIO!” I exclaimed when he said nothing, but seemed like he was fighting back tears.

“She’s out of the woods. Both are. Our little girl is going to make it, as is that little grandson!”

I cried for joy, jumping into his embrace!
09-18-18_3-50-13 PM.png
Good thing those office hags could not see this. As much as we had been hugging of late, I could not even blame them for thinking odd things.


Almost a week later we were at Addy and Casey’s home. Addy was still unwell, weak and mostly on bedrest, but she seemed happy to see us. We could only visit in small batches. The little boy looked healthy and round, like any other baby, maybe somewhat smaller and more delicate. Unbelievable that he was a preemie and almost did not make it.

09-18-18_8-47-43 AM.png
Addy, on her feet for once to go home, holding her son Greyson.

Ezio was engrossed in his daughter. They always had that special kind of bond. Hopefully that man would not make good on his promise to just turn her. Hopefully Melissa was able to keep him grounded. Addy would not take kindly to going over her head on something like this.

09-18-18_9-04-45 AM.png
Addy closed her eyes for a moment, after laughing with Ezio and Blaine. Casey looked worn out. In the background is Lauren, Addy and Casey’s oldest daughter, cooing at her little brother Greyson.
09-18-18_9-14-02 AM.png
“I told you they would be all right, babygirl” Blaine said and kissed me. Casey looked tired, but relieved.

09-18-18_9-19-09 AM.png

While everybody breathed sighs of relief about Addy and Greyson, the Blackbournes had their own little events. The adoption came through, Silas got his taste of fatherhood.
09-18-18_12-34-36 PM.png
And then Finn made a few more growth spurts and suddenly that day was here: the birthday.
09-18-18_12-40-17 PM.png
A teenager.
09-18-18_12-49-58 PM.png
Finn did not want a party, he wanted to enjoy having a real family and his mom was about to give birth soon anyway. 09-18-18_12-50-36 PM.png

We all knew what this meant, too? Yes, Liam would have a birthday soon. Then Blaine and I would have a teen on our hands again as well. We had already gotten a few doses of it over the past months. But we had no idea, not even the faintest clue, what we were getting into next  …

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