Vivian’s Story) Remodels and Sleepovers

Relentlessly, she kept tickling him, nudging him and now poking into his soft stomach, definitely not the six pack Silas had.

“Stop, Vivian, please stop!” frowning, Vitto swatted her hand away only for her to continue with the other.

“How?! Why?! When!?” she demanded an answer to her earlier question.
“Ok, I hired it all out. They got done last week.”

“What? Why? I thought it would be fun for us to do together …” she had stopped her torture sitting next to him pouting now.
“Vivian, I have a full time job, sometimes I do not leave the office till almost midnight. I don’t have the time to remodel a house, especially not one of this size.” he said apologetically.
“Fine. Guess when you got more money than to know what to do with, you’ll just start shoveling it out the window at some point. Can I at least get a tour?”
“Sure, if you promise not to torture me again.” they both rose up off the couch to begin the tour through the house.
“Some cheese with that whine? And if you say now that you are a vampire and do not eat cheese, I will spank you, bare bottom and all!” Vivian nudged him as she followed.

He stopped in the middle of the large, open living area they had been sitting in, looking around.

“I believe you. And no thanks. Well, I don’t know how to give a tour here, since it is pretty much all open, but over there we have a beautiful open kitchen, which never gets used since I cannot eat, next to it a lovely dining room section, which never gets used, since I am a vampire and hence do not eat,” Vitto pointed behind himself, before he continued pointing at the seating area they were standing in front of

“…here is the couch, which gets the most use, since I am also a bachelor, likewise with the lovely bar over there.” he grimaced and smiled at Vivian.

“…not to mention the lovely big screen TV and gaming console that gets lots of use since you are also a nerd…” she replied, winking.
“Thanks. I thought we were done with the Vitto-abuse.”
“I did not even touch you. But I can…if you prefer that kinda abuse.”
“Please, I am begging you, mercy …” they walked towards the hallway to get to the stairs to the upper level.
“What’s in there now?” Vivian stopped and pointed at a door which used to be the guestroom.

“Coffin room.”
“Ooooh! May I?” Vivian clapped her hands together, while Vitto nodded.
Vivian had already opened the door and saw two coffins, so she turned around, where Vitto stood, his cheeks glowing red.

“Just in case family wants to stay over or something.” he quickly explained. It was a lie. He had ordered two coffins just in case Vivian ever wanted to stay with him. Longer term. But he would never admit that, not to anybody.

“Right.” she looked into his eyes until he quickly averted them.

They ascended up the stairs.

First door was the master bedroom.

“No frigging way!” she exclaimed.

Vitto had just returned to the normal shade of his complexion and was already turning bright pink again.
His bedroom looked almost exactly like one of the sample pictures they had torn from a magazine, when they were trying to plan the remodel of Vitto’s house. This bedroom example was the one that Vivian had liked the best.
“Can I sit on it?” Vivian pointed at the new bed with the new bedding, he nodded and she bounced on it.
“This is awesome, Vitto. I am loving it all! Great job, downstairs too. Suits you, all of it. Proud of you, sweetie!”
And once more he blushed. He hated that this happened to him, especially when attractive women addressed him directly.

Even his own Assistant at work always had that effect on him, when she left the company, he never replaced her.
Still easier than dealing with constant embarrassment.

They walked through the rest of the upstairs, the home office, a balcony, more bathrooms, until they reached the two large additional bedrooms.

“What the heck happened here?” Vivian exclaimed surprised, looking at Vitto, who intensely stared at one of the corners.

“Did you run out of cash or something?” Vivian turned to him.

The walls were newly wallpapered, the floors had been redone and new window fixings were up, but not a shred of furnishings.

She tried to read Vitto, who shrugged.

“I didn’t know what to do with them.” he explained, shrugging again.
“Guest rooms, rooms for future babies …”
“Yeah, that’s highly likely…”
“What? Don’t tell me you do not want kids. You are the quintessential Mr. Mom, you of all people I figured would have a whole stable of little ones running about by now, twice as many as your dad even!”
“Makes two of us, Viv.”
“So, what’s the holdup?”
“You still need two people for that, Vivian.”
“You were married to Mrs. French Connection for several years. So why did you not have a baby with her?”
“Sore subject, Viv.” Vitto instantly got sad.

“Sorry. Hey, I didn’t mean to hurt you, sweetie!” Vivian hugged him and held him. Poor Vitto.

Sometimes she forgot what hard a time he had with other people, but especially the ladies. She had never understood why. He was such a cutie.
And his father was definitely a charm-oozing ladies man, if he chose to be.

“I have an awesome idea!” she said extra-cheerfully to get his mind off the bad topic.
“No, Viv, I am not going to go out clubbing tonight.”

She finally let go of him.

“I was not even thinking that. Instead, I will invite myself to a gaming night with you, and put that new couch and gaming console to the test, spanking you in every game imaginable like I used to when we were younger, raid your bar and fire up the espresso maker in between. When all else fails I am calling dibs on that new bed of yours! How does that sound, huh?”
“Really, really good. That really is an awesome idea, Viv. And you never need to invite yourself, you are always welcome here.”
“Dang, bitch, in that case, I’ll pack up my shit and move in here, your crib is awesome.” she laughed.
“I wouldn’t mind that either.”
“Ha ha ha – I was just joking. Poor Vitto.”
“I wasn’t. It’s huge and empty. I tried to give it to Autumn, since she was born here and grew up in this house but Lucien has been doing so well that Caleb returned Lucien’s father’s creepy house in Forgotten Hollow to him, and all the money, so they remodeled that and moved there.”
“Wow, they didn’t bother to tell us. Nice, my mom and dad only saved their asses, yet not even a phone call.”
“Vivian, be nice. They have a lot going on. Autumn just had twin babies and Lucien is still learning how to function in society. If he didn’t scare me so much, I would hang out with him. Next to him I would seem almost normal.”
Vivian burst into laughter.
“Oh stop it. I really never understood what your problem with people is. Most of them think you are adorable.”
“Nobody thinks that.”
“I think that. And so did one of my friends in school. But you would not give her the time of day.”
“What friend?”
“Not the one with the gigantic braces wrapped around her head, cokebottlebottom-thick glasses and freckles that even had freckles?!”
“That one.”
“Oh, look who is picky now. You are hard to please, Mister.”
“Had she and I ever kissed my fangs would have gotten stuck in those braces…” he chuckled.
Vivian was in tears for laughter.
“You missed out. She is a looker nowadays.”
“I can live with that.”

They fired up the games and played for hours and hours.

There was lots of laughing, drinking, being silly, until both got tired of it and decided to find a movie to watch, while inventing new cocktails, half of them too terrible too drink but causing them bellyaches for laughter.


Vivian awoke, laying on her left side, she opened her eyes and knew immediately which room she was in. The remodeled master bedroom at Vitto’s. She could not recall coming up here, but evidently she had. It still smelled like paint.
She moaned as she stretched out, then rolled over onto her back, smiling, stretching her arms up then letting them fall to both sides into the soft bedding. Except, it wasn’t so soft to her right and she immediately heard
She shot up at the same time the person next to her did, both staring at each other.

“Uh – yeah…”

“Why are you in here?”
“I – dunno. Umm, but Vivian … you may wanna …”

He circled his hands in the air pointing at her while averting his gaze and blushing deeply. Vivian looked down on herself and realized she was topless. No, she was completely naked! She grabbed the covers and bunched them up before her, now blushing as well.
“Oh fuck! Vitto, did we…. do it?”

“I don’t know …”
“Well, THINK!” she ordered, distraught.
“I am. I don’t remember. If we did, I am sorry. It was not intentional…”
“It was not intentional?! Are you kidding me? What kinda fucked up morning after speech is that?!”

“What do you want me to say, Vivian. I did not mean for this to happen. It looks like yes, we had sex. I didn’t exactly have an evil masterplan to lure you into bed with me, nor do I have any recollection to speak of.”
“I can’t believe this shit! This is fucked up. You are ridiculous!” she yelled at him, who was now deep red and cowering into the blankets, looking worried, guilty and ashamed.

Vivian jumped up and ran into the attached bathroom, slamming the door.
Instantly she felt guilty. Why was she yelling at Vitto? She was just as much to blame, if not more. Vitto was not the type to just go for something like this, that was a lot more her style, so if anybody initiated this, it had likely been her.

She left the bathroom again, and found Vitto clumsily pulling on his boxers, trying not to look at her. She walked over and just pulled him into an embrace.

“Sorry I yelled at you. I know this is not your fault.”
“Umm, Vivian, you are still naked.” he said, blushing instantly.
“Oh, whoops. Well, at this point, who cares. Nothing you haven’t seen before I guess.”
“If I have, I don’t remember it.” he smiled a distorted smile.
She burst into laughter, he joined in.
“That’s deep and so frigging romantic, man!”
“I never claimed to be Don Juan – vampire edition.”
“Man, we are quite the pair. How about we keep this on the down low, and not tell anybody?”
“Whom would I tell? Remember? You are pretty much my only friend. Still.”
“Your family maybe.”
“Yeah, I can see that, me at the Auditore dinner table telling everyone about my sexual deviances. That would go over great.” he frowned. His large family was part vampire and part human and would meet for dinners together frequently. Obviously, only the mortals would eat.
“I wouldn’t exactly call it deviant.”
“Come on now. Whatever we were up to last night, I am pretty sure we did not master anything beyond cookie cutter, as trashed as we were.” she laughed.
“I’d be thrilled to even have a faint recollection of ‘cookie cutter’. All things considered, this was probably the highlight of my entire life and I missed it all.”
“I would be up for a redo for a cup of coffee.” she grinned.
“Damn girl, you are a cheap date.” Vitto teased. He just seemed so adorable and sweet to her as he stood there, smiling.

As a response, she just leaned forward and kissed him. At first he just stood there and let it happen, then he returned the kiss, carefully at first, then more and more demanding, when it became undeniable that this had a very noticable effect on him. They moved back over to the bed, never once interrupting the kiss and things turned much more heated immediately.

Afterwards they laid next to each other, still breathing heavily.

“Please tell me you remember that.” Vivian joked.
“Remember what?” he chuckled, immediately muffled by the pillow she slammed down on his face.
“Try again!” she joked when he tossed the pillow off himself.
“For all eternity.” he smiled.

“What is wrong with us, Vitto? I thought we were just friends.”
“I know you know better. At least as far as I am concerned. No way could you have forgotten the humiliation I put myself through to tell you how I felt about you.” read here)
“That was ages ago, Vitto. We have both been married and divorced since.”
“But you are definitely through with him, right?”
“Hello? Have you not only forgotten last night but also the last months?”
“No, but Silas is not exactly a man that is easily forgotten.”
“I can give you his number, if you wanna fangirl him in person…” Vivian teased him.
“Oh no thanks. I am okay with his discards …”  he had already jumped up as he was speaking, now running downstairs, followed by her.
“DISCARDS!? Oh, this is going to hurt!”

She caught up with him in the kitchen, where they playwrestled until they heard knocking on the glass of the backdoor. While Vitto had all the windows and doors replaced, most still had glass insets, just smaller. Both froze, halted and looked up. Ezio.
“Oh fuck!”

“Fuck indeed. So much for keeping this on the down low. I wished I had that fence already installed. Too late now. Any brilliant suggestions on what I should tell him?”
“That I am a Vivian look-a-like? Well, enjoy Vitto, I’ll be upstairs.”
“You are not leaving me now?!”
“What? Your father has already seen a LOT more of me than he ever should have. I do get embarrassed too, you know.”
“You were a model, I thought those are used to this.”
“Fashion model, not Playboy magazine!”

Vivian kissed Vitto on the cheek, slapped his butt and ran to the stairs.

“All righty, let’s do this.” Vitto said to himself as he opened the door.

“Hi dad.”
“What the hell was that, son!?”

“What do you mean, dad?”
“Don’t play dumb with me son? What were you thinking?”

“Right now that I got lucky, twice. At least.”

“Do I have to slap some sense into you? Wipe that stupid grin off your face! This is not healthy! You are vulnerable and she has broken your heart before. You are merely a stepping stone to her to pass the time till something better comes along.”

“Thanks for that vote of confidence, dad.”
“You know what I mean. Girls like her are bad news!”
“Dad, I love you, but I will not have you talk about Vivian that way.”

“Oh, that’s just rich son! Fine. You are an adult, you make your own choices. But I will remind you of this very moment in time when it all hits the fan!”

Ezio ripped open the door and rushed out, leaving it open. Vitto walked over to shut it when Ezio returned
“Oh, almost forgot, your mother wants you over for dinner tomorrow night at 7. Don’t be tardy. And for God’s sake, cover up.”

Now he rushed away, Vitto shut the door.

“So I am a bad news, huh?” Vivan joined him.
“He’s just worried about me.”
“Wanna bet that he is on his way to my parents’ house now to tattle?”
“Fantastic. Guess I’ll be welcoming those two here shortly to yell at me next.”
“Nah, they’d be yelling at me.”
“Don’t count on it.”
“I am still waiting for my payment for the sexual favors rendered.”
“The coffee.”
“Oh, right. Coming up. Hey, if I make a whole pot, would that mean I should clear my schedule for the whole weekend?”
“Damn, Vitto! Listen to you. You get laid once and turn into a smartass gigolo.”
“Twice, at least. And wouldn’t I be a sugardaddy? Or coffeedaddy? Luring beautiful women into my bed with coffee. Strong, fresh, hot .. coffee.” he teased her, swaying a filled cup in front of him which she took from him.
“Hmmm… that is strong and good. Definitely needed that. And looky who finally found his sense of humor again.” she smiled at him, as he gently stroked her cheeks.

Her phone rang on the counter behind her. Vitto picked it up to hand it to her, grinned as he looked at the display.”
“Told ya.”
Vivian answered
“Hey mom. Yup. Uh huh. Nope. Absolutely. Yes. Yeah. I know. Okay. We will. Love ya. Bye.”

She hung up, Vitto was looking at her.

“Oh yeah. It’s coming. They are preparing their speeches for when I get home. Your dad works fast. Hell, we are both grown adults, why do we even worry about what our parents think?”
“Not sure, but I wanna run away as far as possible from here. Care to tag along?”
“Throw in fake ID and hair dye and I am game.”
“Oh, don’t tempt me. Tomorrow night’s dinner will be so much fun.”
“Wanna go for a walk?”
“It’s daytime.”
“Still not sun-proof.”
“Why not? You are older than me and your mother was a Grand Master. You should have mastered that skill years before me. You can teleport, right?”
“What the hell!?”
“I hate being a vampire, remember? Hated it then, still hate it today. I don’t want to learn anything about it.” (few brief references about Vivian and Vitto’s long friendship here and here and here)
“Gimme a break! We are going to work on your skills. You need to get sun-proof.”
“Because I am asking. Because maybe you want to get laid again…” she grinned.
“Ah, so this is the blackmail now for everything, huh?”
“Would it work?”
“Like clockwork!” smiling he hopped up on the counter, sipping his coffee, she joined him and leaned against Vitto.


Vivian had decided to stay with Vitto until Ezio’s driver picked him up for the dinner the next evening. Sunday night. They said their goodbyes outside the Auditore Mansion, Vitto went inside while Vivian followed the little path down to her parents’ beach house.

Both of them probably sat through the parental speeches at the same time, both very much distracted with the events of that weekend.

Vivian laid awake most of the night in Liam’s old room thinking about everything, while at the same time Vitto was climbing out of his coffin to instead sleep in the new bed so vicariously christened that weekend, where he quickly fell asleep, still smiling.

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