Vivian’s Story) Off To a Bad Start – Silas & Vivian’s Wedding

After I passed Blaine in the hallway for the 4th time he grabbed my waist and with a slight twirl from the speed I still had, brought me to a stop, holding on to me.
“Let go, we are going to be late!” I urged, struggling free.
“What are you doing? Exercising?”
“I am looking for the car keys, which is why I asked you a minute ago if you had seen them. Duh!”
“What do you need those for?”
“To get to work. Because someone still has not taught me how to teleport.”
“You are not ready. And we’ll just take the bike.”
“Yeah, Blaine, the bike. How exactly do you picture that?”
“Never seen two people on one motorcycle?”
“Sure, but neither had a guitar in their mouth, and buddy, I am not ruining my teeth.”
“It has a strap.”
“Uh huh, and with that hanging on your back, where would I go?”
“You’ll take the guitar, it will be on your back. And you will be on my back. Like always.” he grinned and barely avoided my slap on his arm.
“Holy hell, it’s time. OK fine, we’ll take that damned bike. And when we get back, I’ll go see Ezio about something.”
“Leave him be, he just wanted to help me for a change.”
“And when I am done with him, he will be cured of that!”

Blaine chuckled while handing me his instrument, helping me climb onto the bike since this was my first time, and then barely avoided me accidentally smacking the guitar into him while trying to balance on that bike and put that around my shoulder.

As we were walking into the club for our gig I still felt funny. A mix between ‘holy crap and wheeee’. Of course I would never admit the latter to Blaine. He’d get more shit for forcing me – for days – before I ever told him that I actually liked it.

Backstage he wrapped his arms around me and kissed me, some sort of good luck routine we had started early on and continued since.

“Umm, Blaine … what is that hard bulge in your pocket?”
“Babygirl, if you still have to ask …” he grinned.
“Stop it, I said pocket and you are not THAT talented!” I felt for the item by just sticking my hand awkwardly into the pocket of his jeans, and despite Blaine’s efforts to stop me, I finally dangled the car keys in front of his face.
“I’ll be darned …” he grinned.
“Blaine Cameron! I am going to …”
“Blaine, Vik you are up next!” one of the bouncers was knocking on the door of the lockers.
“I will remember this!” I threatened.

Naturally, one of the songs Blaine played as a solo that night was one titled “I Will Always Remember This”.       (“I Will Always Remember This” by Tommy Ljungberg)


09-07-18_10-22-26 AM.png

“Vivian, my darling, have you put any thought to our wedding?”
“As in …?”
“When, how, where?”
She moaned rubbing her temples.
“That is not a very flattering response. I might take offense.”
“Please don’t, Silas. You know it not you, it’s just …”
“Is this turning into a ‘it’s not you, it’s me’ talk which actually means it really IS me?”
“Of course not. I just never wanted to get married. I like my independence. I hate having to check in and out with someone. And I am just not the typical homebody who wants nothing more than a princess wedding and be Betty Crocker type.”
“Not news to me.”
“And you still want to go through with this.”
“I am still here, aren’t I?”
“Man, you must be seriously desperate!”
He just chuckled.
“I kinda like what my dad did. He just took mom to some pier on a boat and had the captain perform the ceremony. No guests, not much planning, no mess, no bickering and on a budget.”
“We can do something like that, but we do not need to budget. Remember, rich hunk, as you put it.”
“Maybe we should elope. Like Las Vegas style.”
“If we elope, why not Europe?”
“What the hell am I to do in Europe, I don’t have any connections there.”
“But I have. I was born there.”
“Oh, I did not know that.”
“You never asked.”
“Asking now, so where?”
“England. Did my last name not give that away?”
“How would it? Could be from anywhere. Am I supposed to place people by their last names now?”
“Why not?”
“Ok, where are we from then – and don’t say Brindleton Bay or I will kick you.”
“Scotland? No shit? Picturing my daddy in a kilt now, hahahahaha. How do you know this?”
“How do you not?”
“So where in England are you from?”
“County of York. Yorkshire. Up North.”
“Like the yappy dogs?”
“Yes, Vivian, just like those.”
“So our marriage would be like a Scottish-British fusion then, huh? With solid political meaning.” Vivian grinned, placing her arms around his neck.
09-07-18_10-22-37 AM.png
“If that will make you decide on a date, sure. Solid meaning. We will change the world.”
“Why do I have to pick the date?”
“Because you, my beautiful, are the hold up.”
“Hold up? You pick a fucking date! Why do I have to, just because I am the girl? Misogynist much?”
“Girls take longer to plan, flowers, dresses, make up, hair … and who knows what else. Guys just shower and show up.”
Vivian crossed her arms and narrowed her big, light green eyes.
“Oh really? Well, you are wrong. Challenge accepted. I’d get married in a fucking clown suit and whenever, wherever! YOU pick the date. All you babe.”
“Viv, I can get married anytime. But you need to …” Silas tried to back-pedal.
“Fine, no time like the present. How about now? Right now.”
“Lead the way!”

09-07-18_10-23-40 AM.png


“Will you, Miss Vivian Cameron, take the here present Mr. Silas Barnabas Jacob Maria Rufus Blackbourne …”
Vivian tried to suppress breaking into loud laughter after Silas’ middle names where listed, failing partially and earning angry glances from the groom and the minister.
“Sorry…” she pressed out.
“…love him and honor him, in sickness and health, until fate shall thee part, so answer now “I do”. The minister monotonously rattled down the typical vows, slightly adjusted for the growing vampire population.
“I do.” Vivian said after clearing her throat.

The vows continued, then ended in the usual kiss.

09-07-18_9-51-54 AM.png

“I now pronounce you Mr. and Mrs. Blackbourne.”

“Blackbourne? So I am to change my last name now?”
“Vivian, love, not now.”
“Then when?”
“What is wrong with my last name?”
“Nothing, suits YOU. Just like Cameron suits me.”
“Viv, Blackbourne will suit you just the same. Everything suits you.”
“No no no no.We are talking about this now.”
“Excuse me, I do need some signatures here and here … and the witnesses please here and there…”
“Sign the paper, Viv!.” Silas whispered to her.
“I am signing it Cameron!” she hissed back.

They thanked the two friends of Vivian’s, two girls she used to go to college with, whom she and Silas had happened to run into on their way to the impromptu wedding.

“So, my lovely wife, where to now?”
“Well, hubby, what do newlyweds usually do after they got hitched?” Vivian grinned.

They made it home in record time.

After the wedding night events, Vivian was laying next to Silas.

09-07-18_10-11-49 AM.png
“Hey hot stuff?” she smiled at him.
“You could change your name. Not that unusual nowadays for the husband to take the wife’s name… Barnabas.” Vivian burst out into laughter again.
“That may be, but I am not modern enough.”
“But you expect me to?”
“No, then do not change your name, Vivian. Keep it. Or hyphenate it. You know what? I do have a problem with that. Yes, I think I do. What about any kids we are going to have together? Just pick one randomly? Or do you assume they just all be little Camerons? I have been very understanding so far, but it is time for you to give a little too. You have not even moved in with me yet. And now we are married.”
“A ha, here it comes now. So, moving in. You with me or me with you?”
“Easy, you with me. My house is much bigger. Enough room for Finn, once we get him back and any future children.”
“Who says I want more children?”
“Why would you not? You are in a stable relationship now. It’s only natural.”
“No, old-fashioned is what that is.”
“Well, I AM old-fashioned then. I grew up in different times, and to me, this seems normal. A leopard cannot change his spots, at least not any more than I already have, Vivian.”
“I am thinking this was a mistake!”
“And I knew this was going to happen!”
“Go fuck yourself, Silas!” Vivian yelled, grabbed her clothing and ran down the stairs. Silas fell back onto the bed and sighed when he heard the front door fall shut with a loud bang.
“Happy wedding day to you, Silas!” he mumbled.



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