Vivian’s Story) Not Again!

Daily life at the Auditore Junior household had settled into a routine. Every morning Vivian and Vitto would get up together, shower together, have coffee together.

Then his father’s driver would make his stop to pick Vitto up, they would kiss each other goodbye and while Vitto went to work at his father’s business in San Myshuno, she worked from home.
In the evenings, Vitto would text her from the limousine on the way home, she would make dinner or they would go out.
On the weekends they would stay in, since walking was a bit hard for Vivian in the final days of her pregnancy.

Vitto and Chessy, Vivian’s cat even had become friends at last.

“Hello son. Soon we will get to meet face to face.”


“Dear lord, enough already!” Vivian pleaded with her backache.
It had been very bad today, along with lots of cramping. Pain meds did not even take the edge off at this point.
“Why do vampires feel pregnancy pains?” she told herself, referring to vampires usually having an extremely high pain threshold, if they felt it at all.

She relocated to the living room when Vitto walked in too.
“Hey you. The slave driver finally let you go home?” Vivian smiled as they embraced.

“My dad just thinks that everybody is a workaholic at heart like he is. No bad intention.”
“And he would be right, wouldn’t he?’ she winked.
“I am not! I love being home with you. Just sometimes some things need to be …hmph.”
Vivian muffled him with a kiss.

“I am starving. Did you already have your nightly plasma fruit?” Vitto asked, breathlessly, trying to get his mind off what his body was feeling after that kiss.
“No, I was working until …” she stopped but he was already grinning.
“Fine, busted. We’re both workaholics. I’ll fix us up.”
“Oh no no. I’ll get it. You relax.”
“All right. If my homemaker services are not good enough for ya.”
“I would never say that.” he said on his way to the kitchen, while thinking ‘at least not out loud’.
He started fondling around in the large kitchen when Vivian called over
“Leo had her baby just now! A little girl they named Brianna.”

“Aww congrats from me.”
“Already texted those back from both of us. Dang it, I was hoping we would beat them with the birth.”

They ate, Vitto tidied up the kitchen, then joined Vivian on the couch for a movie and cuddling.

He had just sat down when she labored up to go to the restroom. Again.

Suddenly he heard cursing, jumped up and ran over to her. She was standing in a puddle, shaking her feet as she seemed to have stepped right into it, while Chessy, the cat, looked guilty.
“Bad kitty, bad!” Vitto shook his finger at him, when Vivian told him.
“Not the cat, Vitto, me.”
“You peed yourself? Bad Vivian, bad!” he smiled but the smile faded when she shook her head.
“Oh no! I’ll get the car. We can make it to the gyn!” Vitto realized she was in labor and her water had just broke.
“No Vitto, too late. Get me on some bed. This is happening now.”
“Oh no, not again! Why always me?” Vitto looked distressed.

This would be the third birth he helped with, his first time was still as teens when he helped with Vivian having her son Finn, whom Vitto also got to name (read here).  Days after that one, he helped his stepmom birth his half-sister Stefania (read here).
“You wanna argue with me now, while I am having your baby?!” Vivian screamed in pain and at him. Vitto picked her up and ran upstairs.

Vivian screamed in pain and Vitto regretted getting her pregnant, as well as living so far from the vampire-friendly medical center. But then suddenly everything went fast and he was holding his son.

Within days, a new routine set in at the Audiore Jr. household, although Vitto could not stop beaming for joy. His three biggest wishes for as long as he could think had finally all been fulfilled.
He was married to Vivian and they had a child, a son, together. Life was perfect.

Since the Auditore clan was nothing if not traditional, the child had to bear an Italian name to stay true to the heritage. They named him Vincenzo,  called “Enzo” for short.

Vivian smiled at how happy Vitto looked. Since they had been together, but especially since the wedding, Vitto had changed. He was less shy, a lot happier and downright hilarious sometimes.

And she had changed too. She kept catching herself trying to do things to make him happy.

“Am I ever going to get to hold my baby, too?”
“You’ll have to be quicker than that, wifey.” Vitto smiled, but carefully handed over their son to her.

“Oh, look at you happy lil thing, you are just precious! Mommy loves you sooo much.”
When Enzo finally drifted off to sleep, it was time for the parents to get some needed rest.
“I am the happiest man in the world.” Vitto told Vivian in the living room

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