Vivian’s Story) Missing

I moaned and pressed my hands before my mouth after habitually licking some batter off my fingers I ended up with when moving the mixing bowl into the sink

Blaine stood by, shaking his head, watching me pull  the cake from the oven, carefully sticking in candles, lighting them.

“Why, do you always feel like you have to do that, Vik. Our kiddos would understand.”
“I am their mom, I am baking a frigging birthday cake for my boy! And if it kills me!”

09-07-18_12-12-11 PM.png
“Oh babygirl… what am I going to do with you?”
“Nothing. Our daughter plus Silas will be here soon. Well, they better. I am going to call that girl!”

I dialed the same number for the 10th time now, again, straight to voicemail.

09-07-18_12-13-48 PM.png

“Where is that girl!? She is going to get a spanking from hell when I get my hands on her!”
“Vik, she probably forgot the time with Silas. Young love. Or they are stuck in traffic. She’ll be here.”
“She better be! What kind of birthday party is this?! Nobody’s coming! Ezio has Addy away on business, Casey is at some camp with their kids, the Vanderbilt’s are being Vanderbilt’s, Melissa can’t leave the house as sick as she is, meaning Ezio or their brood won’t come either, your sister has not responded, Vitto declined, Eric is full of excuses, and now that brat daughter of ours finds her fiancé more interesting than her own brother!!! That goddamn Silas is a bad influence on her. She would never have …”
“Vik, baby, Vivian is a grown woman now. If she is late, that is on her, not on Silas.”
“Oh now you side with him?” I talked myself into anger.
“Nope. Just trying to stay level headed here, one of us has to.”

We ended up celebrating our boy’s 6th birthday among just the 3 of us, plus the dogs. They got cake too, after I insisted that we all have a slice and Blaine and I ended up sick with our insides in a twist. So our pieces went to the dogs, Blaine and I relaxed on the couch, greenish in the face, while Liam played happily with his gifts in his room.

09-07-18_12-19-48 PM09-07-18_12-21-54 PM09-07-18_12-22-46 PM

09-07-18_12-22-15 PM
“Buddy, you are lucky you are a dog. The things us humans/vampires do for love …”

“So sorry Blainey for making you sick!” I mumbled against his chest.
“Tis ok, babygirl. You didn’t. This is on me, I am old enough and know better, I just hate telling you no.” he kissed me. I moaned.
“But what the hell is with our daughter?”
“Vik, I do not know. I know she is a grown woman, a smart one, and a vampire. She will be fine. On that note, I am going to bed now. You coming?”
“In a minute. I’ll try to pry our son away from his new toys and get him ready for bed. I’ll be in after that. Bed or coffin?”
“The way I feel, coffin! But open invite.”

I got Liam settled, cleaned up, then I threw up two more times, and just turned out the lights in the living room on my way downstairs, when there was careful knocking on the door.

Through the glass insets I could see Silas. WTH?

09-07-18_1-06-00 PM.png

“Silas?” I said as I opened. It was pouring down rain and he stood there, looking lost, holding the umbrella.

09-07-18_1-08-42 PM.png
“Can I speak to her, please?”
“To whom?”
“Viv? She is not here. I thought she was with you?”
He shook his head and looked sad.
“We had a fight. She ran out. That was hours ago. I have been to her home in Windenburg, she is not there. Went looking for her all over. I was hoping she was here. I tried calling her…”
“Yeah, so did I. She missed her brother’s birthday party! Oh well, come on inside.”

So here I was now, with Silas. He looked pitiful, especially for such a hulking, stong man that he was. But since I did not know what happened, I did not want him too comfortable, as my loyalties would be with my daughter, especially since I still was not his biggest fan. So I took him to the kitchen. We sat. I purposely did not offer coffee.

09-07-18_1-24-45 PM.png

“So, what happened?”
“That is a long story.” he sighed, rubbed both hands over his face and looked positively desperate. Almost traumatized. I took pity.
“OK, coffee?” I offered after all.
“Hmm, good answer.” I smiled appovingly.
“Did that get me brownie points? I need all I can get right about now.”
“Sure. All right, go.” I said, placing two cups on the table.

09-07-18_1-17-49 PM.png

He told me what had transpired over the past two days. Needless to mention that I was not happy about it.

09-07-18_1-26-30 PM.png

09-07-18_1-27-18 PM.png

So, our little girl gets married. Without us. Without even telling us. Wow. And then this. And instead of HER coming to me, her pesky fiancé – sorry – husband sits here crying his little heart out to me and most aggravatingly, I actually felt sorry for the poor bastard. And I didn’t even like him. Yet, here I was rubbing his back, telling him it would be all right eventually.

When we were done talking it was already getting light. There was no way he would make it back to Forgotten Hollow in one piece. So I got him settled in my coffin and just stayed up. I would not be able to sleep now anyway.

09-07-18_1-30-01 PM.png

Instead, once Silas was gone, I called Vitto. Maybe she was there? Instead, that sweet boy just about took my head off barking his answer at me, about why would he know, ask Silas, not her keeper, then simply hung up. What just happened?! Was it opposite day?!

09-07-18_1-38-39 PM.png

I had made another pot of coffee and was still calling around to the people Vivian could potentially be staying with, whom I had the numbers of, when Blaine came into the kitchen.

09-07-18_1-43-19 PM.png

“Hey baby!” I sighed after I hung up.
“Morning. Can you tell me why I just about kissed Silas good morning? Any specific reason he is in your coffin?”
“Would you have prefered him to bunk with you?”
“Tempting, but I am more interested in the context. And where is Viv?”
“Oh boy. Do I even dare ask?”
09-07-18_1-45-34 PM.png

“Vivian is hiding, somewhere. That is why he is here. They evidently got hitched, fought, and now Viv is missing.”
“They WHAT?!”
“Without even a word to us? Lovely.”
“So why do we have the husband when we are related to the wife? And what was the fight about?”
“About changing her name, moving in together and kids.”
“OK, I can guess the rest. I know our stubborn kid.”
“Honestly, now I only heard one half of the story, but I really think Vivian messed up.”
“I would not put it past her. So now what? We’re adopting Silas?”
“Oh hell no! I couldn’t send him home, it was getting light.”
“Cheaper than a divorce.” Blaine smirked.
“I thought he is your friend.”
“Debatable right now. A real friend would have called another to tell them they are marrying their daughter!” Blaine sounded grumpy now.

09-07-18_1-44-59 PM.png
“Oh come on Blaine, we both knew she was not going to have a fairytale wedding.”
“Let’s go to bed, babygirl. We are not going to get answers right now anyway. Let’s wait till it gets dark and we will search for her. Oh, and you are sleeping with me in MY coffin! Not the bed. Just to be safe.”

09-07-18_1-47-36 PM.png

09-07-18_1-46-57 PM.png09-07-18_1-49-34 PM.png


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