Vivian’s Story) Marital Bliss?

Coming home from work, she found him watching TV in the living room, walked up to him to plant a kiss on his full lips. He pulled her towards him on the sofa. Laying atop him now, she snuggled her head into his chest and closed her eyes. Hmm, that felt good.09-13-18_5-13-58 PM

“How was the photo shoot?” he asked, gently playing with her hair
She propped herself up and looked at him, while he stroked her cheek.
“Same as always, lots of ado and work for barely nothing. I hate to admit it, but the novelty has worn off for sure.” she shook her head.
“Why don’t you quit? I do not think fashion modeling is your lifelong wish anyway.”
“Definitely not. I only took the job because it promised fast money, and I needed it for Finn. Had I known then what I know now, and even as much as suspected a custody battle in my future at that time, my ass would have stayed in college!”
“Go back to school.” he suggested sincerely.
“I don’t know. Studying arts was not really the fulfillment of all dreams for me either. I love playing the guitar, because daddy taught me. But more like a hobby, not like a career or something.”
“Well, what DO you want to do?” he asked.
“I like writing. Maybe journalism. Or author.”
“You do not really need a degree to write. Why not just stay home with me? We do not need the money.”
“Stay home? And do – nothing? I never saw myself as a trophy wife.” she pulled herself up and away from him, now sitting on the couch, he followed her and embraced her quickly to keep her close to him, his arm around her now.09-13-18_5-16-08 PM

“Then be a mother to my child.”
“Silas!” she said it in a tone as had he cursed.
“Why not?”
“I do not want any more children.”
“You do not like being a mother to Finn?”
“Of course, but if I had my choice … you know …”
“Now you have a choice. You have everything you could wish for. You could dedicate yourself to just raising our kids.”
“Oh now it is plural already? What do I look like to you, a breeding mare?”
“Vivian, why do you always get so defensive about something to natural?!”
“Because it is bullshit! World’s overpopulated as is, and us vampires are not exactly helping the tally if we just won’t die .. no need to add more.”
“You have the oddest and most appalling way to look at life!”
“You are appalling, constantly trying to make me something I am not! I was honest about everything from the start!”
“Appalling is what you are doing to me! You would not even entertain the thought for a second, to even humor me! Not even for love.”
“I told you from the start that I do not want to marry, have kids, be a homebody!”
“Then why did you say yes?”
“To tell you the truth, because of Finn. I knew that if I was married to you, they would let me keep him.”
Silas inhaled sharply. He was obviously hurt. The pulled out from beneath her and left the house.
“Silas? SILAS?!”
Her phone rang, she answered without waiting for the caller ID. It wasn’t him, it was Vitto. Just a social call, but she asked him to come over. She needed a shoulder now.
“Be right there.”

She let him in, offered him a beverage, but in the kitchen she lost it and started crying uncontrollably. Why was this so hard?
Vitto pulled her into a hug and let her cry on the shoulder until she had calmed down, talked to her quietly until even the last tear was gone. She looked hopeful again, another hug.09-13-18_5-30-50 PM

“You are really the best friend a girl could wish for, Vitto. Never, ever change! You are perfect the way you are!”
“WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!?”09-13-18_5-31-48 PM

09-13-18_5-32-11 PM

Within a split second Silas was over next to them and started trying to attack Vitto. Vivian stood in front of him, shielding him from Silas, trying to explain. Silas paid no attention.09-13-18_5-35-46 PM

“You will pay for this, you worm! The minute I turn my back you scrawny little rich boy tried to make your move on my WIFE!”
Silas finally succeeded, shoved Vivian out of the way and against the counter and punched Vitto hard against the jaw. His glass of water had landed on the floor sometimes during the attack.09-13-18_5-47-22 PM

Vitto stumbled over backwards, fell right into the puddle of spilled water, Silas immediately on top of him, punching, slapping, strangling – until Vivian cried out loud and Vitto begged him to stop.09-13-18_5-53-07 PM

“Stop, Silas, PLEASE, stop .. I love you .. not him .. STOP!”
As if Vitto needed more salt in that wound, hearing it again just gave him the rest and he went near limp. At least Silas had let up and was now looking at Vivian, measuring up his opponent. Both men were standing again.
“I am still not convinced you learned your lesson…” he roared again.09-13-18_5-40-16 PM

Vivian slipped in between, one arm around Silas, the other hand against Vitto’s shoulder.
“Silas .. please …” she begged now.
It seemed to calm him somewhat, he pulled her closer. Vitto felt used, like a token in some strange game.
“You better leave, boy, or I will make you never forget this ever again!”
“Vitto, I think he is right, better if you leave now … and .. I am sorry. Really.” Vivian seemed sad.09-13-18_5-38-06 PM

Vitto left, head shaking at himself. What an idiot. Again and again, he ended up with the short end of the stick.

Once he was gone, the drama was not over.

“You didn’t need to hurt him. He is my best friend.” Vivian said accusatory.
“Oh, really? And he just happens to be near every time you need him? I was not even gone for half an hour, Vivian!”09-13-18_5-54-12 PM

“So what? This is supposed to be a trusting relationship. You hang out with YOUR buddies, why can I not hang with mine?”
“I do not end up in embraces with Blaine and Caleb, with one of them having their hand on my ass!”09-13-18_5-55-50 PM

“Vitto did not!”
“I SAW it!”09-13-18_5-56-13 PM

“Me? Unreasonable? HA! You are not one to talk!”09-13-18_5-56-39 PM

“What is THAT supposed to mean?”09-13-18_5-57-14 PM

“Means that I have been the most patient throughout this entire relationship so far! I attributed some of your egoistic behavior to the fact that you are a modern woman, as you put it. And I was raised in very different times! But I adjust. You want to be independent, ok! Fine. You did not want to marry me, you did not want my name, you do not want my child, but I am good enough to take care of you when you need me to win some court case, to pay the bills and to look after Finn when you cannot. Now you do not want any more children, but do not even care what I might want. In return you get bent out of shape if you have to do even the littlest bit of housework, because you are too modern, you do not want to work but you do not want to stop working, you do not know what you want! Including me! But you string along that poor fool Vitto, dangling yourself in front of him like a steak before a hungry dog, again and again. How cruel can you be?! You really need to make up your mind, Vivian! I have just about had it with this. Choose! Me and life with me, which will include children, or go your own modern, independent way, but without me! I am leaving now, but this time, I will stay gone until tomorrow, because in about two hours from now I will be so drunk that I cannot even stand upright anymore! So invite all your lovers and friends to make you feel better about yourself! I don’t even give a damn!”09-13-18_5-56-48 PM

The wall shook as the front door slammed shut this time.

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