Vivian’s Story) Love & Marriage

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A wedding. Today. Aww. Sweet, calm, laid-back Ben and the beautiful firecracker Fey.

Ben and Fey

In the time between my last story and today a lot had happened. Fey had gotten wind of the Liam and Leonie drama.
A cop with domestic violence slash misogynistic tendencies was just right up her alley. We merely mentioned it in passing during a cozy family night at our home, you know, as families talked and since she and Ben had been together for years now, she was family to us.
So, this was Fey who not only at some point ripped her own parents several new ones for being on the ‘does it have to be a white guy’ track, which she remedied really quick, she went on to war with the Chief of Police. We tried and tried to talk her out of it. But guess what? That girl dug up some dirt on him and within 2 weeks got him put on administrative leave, pending the investigation which soon turned into a court case. After confronting him herself, which was worse than any daytime talk show you ever saw. That dirt bag had met his match in this delicate, smart woman and was now in prison for a good number of years. Am I terrible for hoping that what they said was true, that dirty cops had a rough time in the slammer? He deserved every bit of it.
Liam joked about getting Ben jealous with his hugging and loving on Fey for getting Leonie’s horrible dad out of the picture. Fey also talked to Mrs. Hanson about all the help she could get after getting out of an abusive relationship with a cop. So all that was in the works. Leonie would finish the school year out at the boarding school, than come back to the public school again where Liam went. Her brother had since graduated and without his father’s influence was kind of quiet and in the background.

Fey did all that while working on advancing her political career and planning a wedding.

Yeah, I felt like a whimp. I was the vampire here and that mortal had ten times the energy and courage of me.

It did help her votes too and she was on her way to eventually run of mayor, in a few years maybe, once the office was up for reelection. Did I mention that they wanted kids too and told us they would get started on that as soon as they were hitched?!

Me, in the meantime had the hardest time getting my own husband to attend their wedding. Liam was nowhere to be found, as it later turned out he was too busy running away from the boarding school with Leonie so she could be his date for the wedding. And Blaine was being a baby about not wanting to go. ARGH.

Ezio and Melissa came over to pick us up and Blaine was still being complicated so Ezio went to talk to him. I just about had a nervous breakdown, but just seconds after he went in, both men came back, ready to go. The looks Melissa and I exchanged would have been priceless. I have said it many times before and I will say it many times more: I just did not comprehend the makings of their odd bromance.

The wedding itself was great, even though like with most weddings, things did not go as planned.

Felicia and Alycia had a younger brother, who was not there for reasons unknown. Which made Fey’s parents tenser than usual, and when Fey’s troubled twin sister Alycia ended up talking to Ben on one of the outdoor couches Fey was tense as well.
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Sigh. Liam was all over Leonie, dancing, Vitto was there with Madelaine. Addy and her family could not come.
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Tense was also the family photo shoot. Not only would nobody stay put, but I was eventually called to the bridal shot as Blaine had major hang ups with Ben’s biological mother Marcella being in the shot, as she had abandoned the boy shortly after birth.

09-28-18_11-30-06 AM

Ben being the sweetheart he was eventually made up with her, but Blaine held the grudge. I was not even truly related to Ben, but there were two sets of bridal shots now, aggravating the mother and father of the groom even further.
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There had been words between them and Fey just before the wedding again about why a mixed marriage and she told them to stick to her younger brother with their antiquated pure-breeding efforts, as she loved Ben and that was that.

Ack! Where’s the bar?

If stuff was going to hit the fan, I would at least be nicely lit and not too bothered by it.

While Fey was from a wealthy lawyer/doctor family, Blaine’s and my wedding present did outshine all the other ones: when the sale of my childhood home fell through due to funding issues the same day we received the ‘save the day’ card for Ben and Fey’s wedding, we decided to just give it to the newlyweds.

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Windenburg had great schools, the home was suburban and almost rural, perfect for raising kids, while getting to the city was not difficult. They were beside themselves and remade it to their own taste. Not gonna lie, it was hard for us when we were invited for the first visit, but we were happy for them. They already fully furnished a nursery, there was not going to be a surprise baby for them, they were READY. I was expecting that call any day now.

When Blaine and I were finally home, without Liam, as he had to sneak Leonie back to boarding school, Blaine let himself drop into the couch cushions next to me and told me “I am so very glad we have ONE more child to get through this with.”

Blaine hated weddings for some reason. Always had. So Liam’s would probably be the last one I would get him motivated for. And Liam was already talking marriage, no, not immediately, but he told us that Leonie was the one and he would marry her one day and they would be just like us. Oh, heaven, I hope not. Ha ha ha. Blaine and I were great together, but it had been a lot of things except easy.

What else was new? Vivian and Silas stopped by occasionally. I don’t talk about them much, as everything is just toddlers now. And those babies are a HANDFUL.
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I am not aware of any more drama between Viv and Silas so maybe having those babies keeping them busy plus a teen son got them on the straight and narrow now. Viv had always been very independent, so we were not too surprised about her being so illusive. Both of them were great parents and seemed to be enjoying it.
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Addy and Casey were all about either toddlers or colleges now. Not much to tell there.

Every time I saw my beautiful oldest daughter I noticed another grey hair, a little wrinkle here and there and it gave me a pang of pain. I quit aging, she didn’t. One night after one of their visits, Blaine went to the Skyline for a performance, Liam was with Leonie, so  I went over to Ezio’s, Melissa was already in bed as were all the kids, so he and I went to have wine atop the raised deck, enjoying the view and serenity, when I brought it up to him. Turned out he felt the same way. We ended up reminiscing about the old times, when Adrianna was a baby, her toddler years, a child who turned into an opinionated teen way too fast. Addy had always been a daddy’s girl and Ezio very attached to her. Seeing her age while he didn’t was hard on him. But still Addy maintained that nature should take its course and she wanted to age and eventually perish as intended. I dreaded that day.

Blaine tried to be understanding, but really did not have that kind of relationship with his two older daughters from his previous marriage. We had tried many times, we knew that Emmy was expecting, but eventually Blaine and I decided to let the relationship fade into the background again. Blaine was close with Addy, too, but more on a friend level rather then as her step-dad.

And then Liam came home from dropping Leonie off. Blaine and I had a few drinks since we got home and were ready to turn in when he came to us to ask more questions.

“Mom, dad. On the drive home I just had an idea! I am so sick and tired of missing Leonie, so we would need you guys’ help,at least until we are 18, which is not even 2 more years now …”

Uh oh – despite of all the alcohol-induced haze this did not sound great to me. Blaine had his arm around me and I felt him tensing up, so evidently he felt the same.

“And what would that be?” I asked, knowing I would not like the answer.
“If she got pregnant …” Liam started.
“NO!” Blaine interrupted sternly.

I sobered up instantly, my mouth open, staring at my son like a two headed monster.

“But dad, you didn’t even listen to the rest …” Liam complained.
“Nor am I going to. No. Don’t. It will not work, only cause grief. No. Just no. The end.” Blaine remained firm.
“Dad, Vivian ..” Liam tried again.
“I said NO! Don’t make me go with you every step of the way when you see that girl, so I can put that condom on for you if you get silly ideas. Cos I will.” Blaine threatened.
“DAD! Mom, say something!” Liam now turned to me.
“I was about to offer the same as your dad just did. NO babies, not now. Liam, don’t do it. Not a good idea.” I tried to get through to that boy.
“Why are you so … so … umm..” Liam complained again, sounding whiney like a child.
“Reasonable?” Blaine offered.
“Logical?” I added.
“Parent-y?” Blaine stacked on.
“Wiser?” I said, trying to hide a grin.
“You two are awful! And I thought you were cool parents!” Liam moaned.
“We are. If you still feel like a teen pregnancy is a great idea, go talk to your sister first.” Blaine suggested.
“Vivian was not married, we would get …” Liam continued, but was interrupted by Blaine.
“NO! A hearty no!”
“No from me too!” I added.
“Urgh .. I am going to bed! Night!” Liam stomped off.

We watched him leave the room then looked at each other, speechless, eyes wide and 100% buzz-free.

“Ummm … Blaine? Should we be worried?” I asked, suspicious.
“Maybe. I’ll talk to Vivian and have her talk him down. Did our 16 year old son just say he wanted to get married and have a baby or was I trippin’?” Blaine asked in disbelief.
“If you were, I was too.” I told him.
“Man, babygirl, I know I have not said that enough but THANK YOU for not having any more children with me when I pushed for it. I don’t think my limited amount of brain cells could handle more kids. Or if we do get pregnant again, we’ll keep them as long as they are cute and obedient, then give them up for adoption.” Blaine grinned.
“You actually NEVER said that and you are welcome. I am not worried about brain cells, I am worried about my nerves and sanity. Why is this so hard? Do you think Ezio and Melissa are going through all this too?” I was wondering.
“Babygirl, the LAST thing I want to hear or think about now is that Mafioso. For all I know he thinks about business proposals in the sack, surprised Melissa has not given birth to a calculator yet. Enough about those two now. Come here. Let’s go to bed. My coffin or yours? Either way, I am sleeping wherever you are tonight, using the term sleeping loosely. I need to know you are right there, with me. And in case I haven’t said that enough of late – I love you, babygirl. And once the smoke settles, you and I will go on a vacation – just us. I need some true alone time with you again, just us.”
“Awww – sounds dreamy. But is that the alcohol talking?” I smiled as he was pulling me up off the couch and sliding his arms around me, trailing kisses along my neck.
“Nope, that is the Blaine talking.” he smirked his crooked smirk and began working on buttering me up for the kind of night he intended.
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He really did not need to twist my arm …
09-28-18_4-24-53 PM
… before I let him pick me up and carry me downstairs.
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