Vivian’s Story) Leaving The Nest

Blaine was in the living room, composing a new song on his guitar, when he heard my and Vivian’s raised voices, apparently arguing about something. Not much longer after the door to the living room opened and both females entered, still arguing and gesturing, followed by Spunky and Roxy staring at both. Attempting his best to hide his grin at the comical aftertaste of this situation and with the faint hope to not get involved in whatever was going on here he looked down at his fingers flying over the strings of the instrument.

07-14-18_2-06-22 PM (2).png


He saw the tips of his daughter’s feet and looked up just as she addressed him

“Dad, please tell your wife that I am no longer a child and am very self-sufficient now!”

Blaine gave his daughter a confused look then looked to me when I addressed him as well.

“Well, tell your daughter that all that may well be, but she is not even 18 yet. Still a child. OUR child.”

“Ok, but I am already a mother, I take great care of my kid while still being class valedictorian, in several honor societies, scouting, learning the guitar AND tutoring two classmates! Dad you agree, right?” Vivian gestured at her dad.

“That, my child is not a great selling point! Being a teen mom is not your best achievement yet! Blaine, tell her!” I pressed my point.

“No, dad, tell your wife that I made lemonade from lemons. I made a mistake, whoop-dee-doo. But I am not struggling! Tell her!”

“You are not struggling because of your father and me! Without us you would not even be able to go to school. Your father agrees, don’t you?”

We women continued on like this until it got too much for Blaine, he ran his fingers across the strings, creating a loud enough noise to halt Vivian and my verbal duel. As he sat the guitar down into its stand he put his left arm around me and his right around Vivian and pulled each of us close, kissing his daughter on the nose and me on the lips.

“Ladies, I am getting a headache here. While I enjoy hearing what I am thinking about something that I have no idea about what it even is, I’d like to use my own words and mouth now. So, enlighten me, please.”

Both of us females started talking immediately and simultaneously, until Blaine let go of Vivian and dip kissed me intensely, causing Vivian to pull faces.

“Dad, eww, seriously?” Vivian protested.

Carefully pulling me back up to a standing position with him, leaving his arm around my pregnant waist he smirked.

“Now that I have you girls’ attention, let’s try this again. You, daughter, talk and you, wife, listen.” He kissed me quickly, as I opened my mouth and rolled my eyes, then he just pulled me close while looking at our daughter.

“I have been thinking long and hard, and when you consider that I don’t even have half a year left in school, I have a well paid part time job already and am already accepted into college…”

“Viv, not the entire sales pitch. Just tell me what you really want.” Blaine interrupted.

“I want to move out.”

“Absolutely not!” I snapped at her, which was punished by a raised eyebrow from Blaine in my direction before he addressed Vivian again.

“All right, so let’s play along for a second. You want to move out. Assume you know that would mean you will be taking Finn with you, as your mom and I love that kid dearly, but he is YOUR responsibility, we do not run a 24/7 daycare here, especially not since we are expecting the birth of your brother any day now. I also assume you have noticed that we are not exactly rolling in Simoleons here and that you know that your own apartment costs money. So, my fantastic daughter, how did you imagine handling all this?”

“I am glad you ask, daddy, because mom would not even want to listen to reason …” Vivian replied to her father, while looking at me.

“I would, if I heard some!” I said, quickly pulling out of Blaine’s embrace and out of immediate reach, which he acknowledged with a grin, causing me to stick out my tongue at him. Vivian rolled her eyes and shook her head.

“Hello, parent-children. Can we deal with my issue for a sec before your impulses take over again?”

“Parent-children? Oooh, bad move Viv, if you want to get your parents to grant you a big favor, insults are probably not a good idea.” Blaine grinned at his daughter. We all sat down on the couch.

08-06-18_7-47-29 AM.png

“I do not want a favor, daddy, I want you both to understand that it is a great idea. I want you to know that I can be trusted with responsibility. I may have messed up one time in my life, but I have never disappointed you guys since. You know I am responsible. I pull my weight around here. And you both love me and trust me.”

“Ok, fair enough. Leaves the problem with the cash.”

“Way ahead of you daddy. Mom owns real estate. Did you know about that?”

“I did. But that is your mother’s deal. If you want that house from her, you have to speak to her directly and only her. That ain’t my party, kiddo. That’s all mom.”

“Oh great. I think you already know how mom feels about that.”

“Am I invisible again? Hate it when that happens.” I waved at my daughter, tired of being talked about, instead of to.

“Funny mommy, but tell me I am wrong. You made up your mind about this already and no matter what I say now, it will be no.” Vivian pouted.

I looked at Blaine for help or input, but my husband just shrugged.

“Let me talk with your father under four eyes.” I told Vivian as a peace offering and to buy myself time, but Blaine shook his head.

“I don’t think that is necessary, babygirl. Vivian is right, she is old enough to be part of this discussion, as it affects her greatly. I will tell you that I do think Viv is ready for her own household, her own life, if she feels she is. She is a very ripe, smart, dedicated and reasonable young woman. But it is your house she wants. I know how you feel about that house, so I can’t and won’t make any decisions about that. That will be all you, sweet cheeks, but whatever you decide I will support one hundred percent.” he smiled at her.

Several pairs of eyes were focused on me now. Blaine’s, Vivian’s awaiting my decision, while Spunky and Roxy had understood that something was going on and that there was a tension in the air, which depended on me. But no pressure, right? So, was I going to let my baby go and be grown up way too soon? Or was I going to force her to stay for just about six more months until she would turn 18, well aware she would leave then anyway if only to prove her point, knowing her stubbornness?

“OK, fine – BUT – there will be stipulations and none of those are up for discussion or negotiation. First, certain things in the house are old fashioned, but cannot be changed in any way shape or form. Secondly, if you or Finn at all even remotely faintly feel the hint of a struggle, you let your father and/or me know immediately. Thirdly, no orgies, excessive partying, neglect, etc. Fourth, you will check in frequently with dad and me. Fifth, I love you so much my little girl and I cannot believe that I just agreed to let you move out.” I started crying, Vivian screamed excitedly started crying and hugging me. Spunky started bouncing around us, barking, only to receive a slap from Roxy, causing those two to chase each other through the house and yard. Only Blaine sat smiling on the couch until Viv and I included him in our hug.

08-05-18_12-56-08 PM.png

Man, did I really just do that?

08-16-18_9-03-17 AM.png

It did not even take a full week until we brought the first batch of Vivian’s things to my and in a way Blaine’s childhood home. Vivian took Finn down the street to a small ice cream shop when Blaine and I stumbled down memory lane in the home. Both of us had spent so much time here together many years ago. Old photos of us and Mama were all over the walls. Blaine tried to keep me laughing with small anecdotes, when he realized that I was close to tears several times. We entered my teen room and I cried anyway. This room had changed my life so many times. The most recent one being that this was where Blaine turned me into a vampire, per my request. And now the next two generations would move in.

08-17-18_6-52-36 AM.png

Yes, I know all the reasonable points why a lived-in home is better than an empty one, but it was still tough letting go of both, the child and the home. Windenburg was not exactly around the corner from Brindleton Bay, but Blaine had a good point. Vivian was not like most young women since she was a vampire. That fact may impact her ability of moving in sunlight, but also made her physically and mentally stronger than most teen girls, and she could not be stabbed to death or anything like that. Overall, once vampire children hit puberty they were very different from human teens. They matured faster and slower at the same time.

Within not even two weeks she was completely out of our home and moved into her own house. I felt weird and odd and strange. Blaine did his best to take my mind off the worry.

08-17-18_6-44-31 AM.png



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  1. Growing up. I adore the way Blaine handles everything without getting upset. He’s been through so much that it’s all see s easy for him.

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