Vivian’s Story) Good Advice Gone Bad

Banging on the door. Jeeze. I dried my hands as fast as I could then rushed to open. It was just barely dark enough for vampires to be outside. It was Vivian, she rushed in with Finn, pushed him into my arms.

“Where is my father?!”
“Downstairs. I don’t think he is awake yet.”
“Oh, he will be shortly!”

Uh oh. Should I or shouldn’t I? Nah, I had two toddlers on my hands now. Hope you are ready for this Blaine. Liam was being a brat and teased Finn with a cookie he had but did not want to share making Finn cry. So I promised him his own. Navigating two upset toddlers into a small kitchen took a moment and when I finally had the package in my hands the door opened and Vivian grabbed Finn, who screamed “COOOOOOKIEEEEEEEEEE NOOOOOOO” so I jumped forward and pushed one into his little hands when Vivian told me “I’ll be at the computer!”, went to our office and slammed the door shut.

09-05-18_10-03-36 AM.png

Yeah, she was PISSED. I stuck Liam into the highchair and gave him another cookie then went downstairs, hoping Blaine would still be in one piece. He was, and he was grinning.

“What happened?” I asked.
“Your daughter happened. I feel like I went to prison and Calamity Joe had a go at me.”
I laughed.
“Your advice to Vitto backfired?”
“Yup! I am no expert, but I’d say they are not soulmates.”

We went upstairs, Blaine to the living room to continue writing a song, while I got Liam ready for bed and tucked in. I just closed the bedroom door to Liam’s room when someone just about took the door off the hinges banging so hard. I opened and it was Vitto, looking REALLY pissed. With a shiner. A BIG, very noticeable one. THAT kid got into a fight?! What do you know?

09-05-18_10-20-51 AM.png

09-05-18_10-22-10 AM.png

“Blaine, honey, it’s for you!” I called in my best Stepford Wives voice.

09-05-18_10-01-14 AM.png

Vitto was already in the living room and I heard him yelling at Blaine. I don’t think that after the toddler stage I had ever heard that kid yell. Jeeze Blaine.
I went in. Maybe this time I should tackle Vitto to protect Blaine. But it was more civil than it seemed.

09-05-18_10-33-10 AM.png

“I am just so frigging pissed! All this stupid soulmate this, soulmate that stuff. What they don’t tell you is how to find it out! How DO you even know? I think I am going to stay single forever! Women are just too much! Except you, of course Mrs. Cameron …” nice recovery, I thought as he already vented on. Evidently he was not mad at Blaine but at the vampire thing. Needed to vent and our house seemed the right address. Oh well. Blaine just stood there plucking away at the guitar, grinning, while Vitto went on and on and on.

“OK, guys. Can I get a memo here, please?”
“Sure. Vitto and Vivian are not soulmates. Memo end.”
“You don’t say.”
“Mrs. Cameron, I went over there and she would not open the door. So I walked around the house and they were in the backyard.” Blaine giggled as Vitto continued “So I told her I had to get this off my chest, I was not going to leave before I did, every single word, told her that I loved her and thought she was my soulmate and that she was with the wrong man. Basically everything. Every detail.”
“Was a disaster. Terrible disaster.”
Blaine just burst into laughter. I still did not get it.
“What’s so disastrous about that?”       Really, what?
Blaine was in tears now for laughter, Vitto looked tortured.
“Can somebody please tell me what the hell happened?”
“I can.” Vivian stood in the door now. Vitto closed his eyes and hung his head. Blaine laughed louder.
“Ol’ Romeo here came over to follow my daddy’s advice to not let this go until he told me how he felt.”
“I got that part. So?”
“Daddy forgot to mention timing was everything.”
“Silas and I were in the middle of some raunchy outdoor sex, when Romeo there come up and went into great length about how he felt about me. Would not shut up, would not leave! Just for the record, I said ‘no’ – again!”

09-05-18_10-15-05 AM.png

Silence fell. Then the penny dropped. OMG.

I burst into laughter, joining Blaine. Vivian started giggling and then went to put an arm around Vitto. Within minutes we were all roaring for laughter like insane people. Oh yeah, so proud of my husband and kid. But what can I do? Just love them. And laugh.

At least at the end of the night everybody went their own ways and was on good terms with each other. Yes, even Vitto and Vivian, even though it was now clear to everybody they would never be more than friends. But they were still friends.

09-05-18_10-19-25 AM.png

Standing in the door watching Vitto go up the hill to the Auditore Mansion and Vivian drive off down the road the other direction, we were still giggling.
“Hey Blaine?”
“What? My advice sucks?”
“No. The advice was good. The execution could have used some more refinement. I was going to ask if you were as proud as I am?” I was being sarcastic.
“You have no idea. And there is another one like that brewing in the nursery.”
“And you wanted more kids.”
“Still do.”
“What, when is the last time we laughed this hard for this long?”
“You do realize that Ezio will skin us if he finds out the truth?”
“I can handle the Mafioso.”
“How? Give him advice?”

I put up a good chase, until Blaine finally caught me.

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