Vivian’s Story) Bad Choices

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Vivian was running about the house in a frenzy. Eventually Blaine stopped her in his arms.

“I am getting dizzy here. Anything your ole dad can help you with, my angel?”
“I doubt it. But Mom may … MOOOOOM!” she now screamed and ran on.
“Of all the things that do not work anymore when you become a vampire, hearing could not have been it?” Blaine mumbled to himself.
I came running up from the cellar now.
“Did Vivian call me?”
“What for?”
“I am not a teen girl, not even female enough to be privy to such info, evidently.” Blaine grumbled.
“Fine, I’ll find her.”
Found her digging around in the desk.
“Can I help you?” I hated it when people did that. I had my own OCD-style way of how I liked everything sorted.
“I am looking for my hairband. The new one, the cool one, not any of those childish ones!”
“Bathroom? Your room?” I suggested. Vivian was very neat and tidy, especially for a teen.
“My bag!” she exclaimed and ran.
“Man, good thing you were here, I could not have figured that out. The world would have literally come to a screeching halt without you today, Vik.” Blaine grumbled on. It bugged him that his baby had chosen me over him to help. I gave him a peck on the cheek to appease him and continued to the kitchen, when he pulled me back for a deep kiss and a tight embrace.

Vivian came from her room now, rolled her eyes and went “UGH. Aren’t you too old for this now?” Another eyeroll.
“Aren’t you too young to worry about what your parents do?” Blaine grinned at her.
“Whatever. I am going over to Alexis’. Be back later.”
“Again? Should I start having your mail forwarded?” Blaine asked, frowning.
“Daaaaad, I’ll see you later!” she rolled her eyes again and left.

“What’s so interesting at your sister’s house that she is always over there, and not over here? Alexis used to come over here all the time, now they are over there and never here at all. And she still has not gone over to Vittorio’s house. He has called the house a good 7 times now, I can only imagine her cell phone is blowing up even worse.”
“Maybe they had a fight. Who knows?”
“But they were so tight as kids.”
“She is a teenage girl, those are always difficult and impossible to understand. And change their minds all the time.”
“Oh, so you are an expert now?”
“I basically lived with one before.”
“Don’t you have TWO daughters?”
“I wasn’t talking about them. I was barely home then. I meant you, babygirl. Definitely got a crash course on female nonsense in puberty then.”
“Oh funny, you poor baby! As if you had been a walk in the park yourself. Glad to see you appreciate it so.”
“I did and still do appreciate all you and your mom did for me, but facts are facts. And I was simple then, just like now. All I need to be happy is fun, food and … well, the other f-word.”
“Oh jeeze Blaine!”
“Truth is truth. But I would never lose my shit over hair accessories.”
“Well in that hair you got there you would never find them again anyway!” I laughed at him giving me the raised eyebrow, until I had an idea. “Blaine???” I started playing with the collar of his shirt.
“Uh oh. This is going to be bad. When you ask me in that tone of voice, it will either cost a lot of money or a lot of nerve.”
“Let’s go visit your sister!”
“I knew it.” He closed his eyes, but headed for the door.


We had to ring 5 times, even though we heard music from the inside. Eventually Blaine threw rocks at the upstairs window. Finally some boy we did not know looked out.
“Open the dang door!” Blaine yelled up, the boy gestured to ‘chill’.

Bit later we were inside. It was LOUD. Definitely a party. We looked around the house, teens everywhere, some we had seen before with Vivian, others entirely unknown to us.
The Blaine elbowed me in the side and pointed to the patio. There she was, with Alexis and several boys. I started towards it until I almost reached the door when Blaine held on to me, his index finger on the lip and gestured me to just watch. I did. And it was so obvious that Vivian was flirting heavily with one of the boys, who was evidently telling her a lengthy story, while she blushed and played with her hair, listening attentively. It was disturbing and funny as the same time. Eventually we went outside, when Vivian heard the door sliding open and saw us, she jumped up from the patio chair, blushing and nervous as if we just found her in bed with a man.

“Mom! Dad!” her eyes were widened in surprise.
“So, how’s the studying going?” Blaine asked, smirking.
“Studying? I didn’t say I was going to study.”
“True, you say nothing at all. So you went to party. On a school night. Seems like a sound decision.”
“Umm, sorry to interrupt, but are you Blaine?” the boy now asked.
“Depends. I am either Blaine or your worst nightmare, trying to find out which one to go with here.” Blaine said.
“It’s all good. I am Devin.” one of the boys held out his hand to Blaine, who did not take it.
“Who?” Blaine sounded annoyed, the boy lowered his outstretched arm.
“Devin, your nephew. So … hi uncle Blaine.”
“Oh, so you have met Vivian, who has forgotten to tell us all about you….” Blaine said accusatory towards Vivian, who – you guessed it – rolled her eyes.
“So what? Am I supposed to introduce our family to you? Wouldn’t that be your job, dad?” she said with attitude.
“Enough, you come with me now, Missy!” I ordered, grabbed her wrist and pulled her along with me.
“Mom, what the heck!” she went along to not make more of a scene in front of her ‘cool’ friends.

I dragged her out the front door and there started laying into her
“Do not speak to your father like that! Not ever again! I do not know your deal, Viv, but I think you’d agree that we all have a pretty good relationship, and I do not want to start setting rules and boundaries for you now, just because of your cousins!”

Blaine joined us now.

“Let’s go.” he was pretty grumpy now.
“Wait, I haven’t even said goodbye yet …”
“And you’re not gonna. Text them later! Home now!” he ordered in a tone that did not allow any further discussion.

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At home we went down the rabbit hole of trying to tell a teenage girl she was wrong about this. Eventually she rolled her eyes (see a theme here?) and went to do her homework.

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“This smells like trouble.” Blaine said to me, both of us snuggled up on the couch, TV going.

08-01-18_5-09-32 PM.png
“What do you mean?”
“I don’t know but I just do not like this. My sister seems nice now, but she is troubled. Her kids are loose cannons. We need to figure out how to get Viv away from them or at least not spend so much time.”
“Alexis is her best friend now!”
“Yeah, and I do not like that one bit. I wasn’t so thrilled with that Vittorio, but that is even worse now.”
“What do you have against Vitto? He is a sweet kid!”
“Aside from the obvious, that he is the spawn of your mafioso and that Lilith-witch, that kid ain’t right. Not the stuff a dream boyfriend for my daughter is made of.”
“Dang Blaine. I had no idea what a judgmental prick you can be.” I grinned at him.
“Bad choice of words, babygirl…” He began to get cozy when Viv came back in.
“OMG! Can you NOT stop that please? I do not know any other parents like that. Do me a favor and please never go all sex addict when I have people over, ok?!” Eye roll.
“Yes mom!” Blaine saluted.
“You are just so immature!” she complained.
“OK, kiddo, what the heck is with you these days. You used to be the sweetest kid, now I am waiting for your to breathe fire.” Blaine had gotten up and hugged his daughter, who snuggled into his embrace.

08-01-18_5-12-36 PM.png
“I dunno, daddy. I am tired. Talk more tomorrow?”
“Want me to read you a story and tuck you in, princess?” Blaine grinned.
“OMG DAD! Good night parents and please try not to multiply while I sleep.” one last eye roll for the day.


“Hi Mr. Cameron. Is Vivian here?” Vittorio shuffled his feet nervously.
“No, sorry Vittorio. You wanna come in anyway?” Blaine offered.
He shook his head. “Do you know where she is?”
“Naww, sorry, looks like I was fired as her secretary. All she said was that she was going out with friends. I kinda thought that would include you too.” He shook his head again.
“I am not invited to such things.”
“Aww, I am sure Vivian wouldn’t mind taking you along.”
“She never asked. ..
I saw him tell Blaine goodbye and leaving, head hung low.

08-02-18_4-31-44 PM.png

I felt sorry for the boy. He was not a small boy, almost more a man, but so very shy and nearly a hermit. Ezio had complained so often to me about it, had signed him up for classes and such, but Vitto just never went. Just like as children, Vivian was his one and only friend and he seemed utterly uninterested in making even one more.

Vivian seemed to have moved on. When the three of us went over to the Auditores, she and Vitto got along so well, but there was just no dynamic outside Ezio’s home.

“Stop thinking whatever is brewing up in that head. He is not your kid, not your responsibility. Leave that up to the mafioso and Melissa!”


“MOM! Can I talk to you, please!” Vivian sounded aggravated. Blaine raised his eyebrows. He and I were preparing plasma fruit for storage when Vivian got home from school.
“Sure baby, what’s up?” I braced myself for terrible news.
“Alone. Sorry daddy!”
“Vivian, I am sure your dad wants to know too, maybe he can help.”
“Doubt it. But ok. Here it is. I HATE Alexis! HATE HER! What a bitch!” Vivian nearly yelled now.
“WHOA! Slow down, baby, what happened?”
“She is a bitch, that’s what happened. B-I-T-C-H! BITCH!” her cheeks wer glowing red now.
“Hey, calm down, sweetie. And please do not use such words, she is your cousin, for one.” I gently rubbed her back.
“And why is she a bitch of a sudden, I thought you two are besties.” Blaine added, dryly and unimpressed. No, we did not encourage cursing, but in this case it seemed like the lesser evil to get to the bottom of the matter.
“Because she behaves like one, talks like one… is one!” Vivian insisted.
“I kinda thought you two were twins … ” Blaine smirked. A mistake, as it set Vivian off badly.
“THIS is why I wanted to talk to mom alone! You just don’t get it. Just do not have a clue! Argh!” she stomped off into her room, slamming the door.

Blaine stood, his eyes widened. Poor guy. He seemed to have fallen from grace with his precious baby.

“Let me go talk to her.” I gestured him to stay. Naturally he didn’t. We found Vivian crying on her bed.

“So what happened. Can you just tell us, without yelling?”
“OK. Fine. Alexis is like a total whore now. She slept with like three guys now.” she sobbed.
“All right. Let’s stop with the swearing, ok … aside from that, yikes, but isn’t that something her mom needs to handle?”
“One of them was a boy I was hoping would ask me to prom. And she knew I liked him. Did it anyway. Of course now he asked her. What a b… you know. I HATE her!” tears ran down her face.
“I don’t know what to tell you, baby, that was wrong. But you are young, I am sure there are other nice boys. You are smart and pretty and popular, they should be beating down the door.” I smiled at her encouraging, drying her tears.


08-02-18_9-38-31 AM08-02-18_11-42-44 AM08-02-18_11-57-35 AM08-02-18_9-40-50 AM08-02-18_9-53-11 AM08-02-18_9-57-05 AM08-02-18_10-01-17 AM08-02-18_10-33-22 AM08-02-18_11-00-39 AM08-02-18_11-37-34 AM

Careful what you wish for, I thought. By Friday of that week we had the house full of teens. Including a lot of teen boys, too many for Blaine. It was comical to me, how he used his vampire powers to randomly appear and disappear in an attempt to ‘casually’ keep an eye on things. When at some point he stopped by me to kiss me, I couldn’t help but pour oil into the fire.

“Taste of your own medicine?” I winked, referring to his womanizing ways from yesteryear.
“You think you are so funny, don’t you? Just you wait, when Vivian comes home pregnant, you’ll think of making fun about me for trying to keep her straight.”
“Oh come on now! Viv is smarter than that.”
“Really? I have seen her get all gooey-eyed about that last guy that arrived.”
“The cute redhead?”
“No. Dark hair.”
“Oh, the black kid, I think his name is Case or something like that. He is really polite and sweet.”
“OK, Vik, three things. Firstly, teen boys are always polite and sweet when there is a girl and/or her parents involved. Secondly, once there are no parents, the mask falls and they become monsters! And thirdly, no, not that guy either. Some other kid. Oh, that one over there. She is talking to him now.” Blaine pointed past my shoulder out the window, where Vivian was standing talking to a boy out by the cliffs.

I turned around and my eyes widened. Uh oh. Evidently my facial expression changed or something, because Blaine wanted to know if I knew him. I did not want to lie so I told him
“Yeah, that is Lucca.”
“Lucca? Never heard of him before. Do we know his parents?”
“I do not know if you do, but you know his grandparent. Frederico Auditore, Ezio’s dead older brother.”
“WHAT!?!?” Blaine looked as if he was about to pull the spine right out of Lucca.
I did my best to calm him down, right when we both looked out the window and saw him leaning in for a kiss.

“That’s it! That kid is going to die!”

It took all I had to keep Blaine from running amok. I had to pull ever single register in my cute book to draw his attention to other things.

08-02-18_11-12-29 AM.png
Lucca Auditore

Few days after that ‘party’ Vivian came into the living room where Blaine and I were curled up on the couch together with Roxy and Spunky. She smiled big and twirled in the middle of the room, partially blocking the view, as Blaine was trying to look past her.
“What do you think?”
“Very pretty, baby.” I said.
“You look like my daughter.” Blaine stated plainly.
“OMG, dad you are such a dude!”
“Sure hope so.” Blaine grinned, when I nudged him. “Fine, you look very pretty and way too grown up. Also, overdressed for bed.”
“I am going on a date!” she did a spasi-dance and meeped excitedly.

“Blaine!” I warned.
“What date? Where? With whom?”
“Daddy … please….”
“WHO!? If you say Lucca now, you are grounded!”
“Room, now! School night, no dates. End of story!” Blaine was surprisingly firm, even when Vivian started crying. Eventually she gave up and went into her room.

“Oh sweet husband of mine. Don’t think that was a bit much?”
“No. I know boys like him, I was one. Just not that filthy rich part, which only adds to the entitlement. If I were him I would try everything to get into her pants, urgh just the thought of that, but I guarantee you he would too.”
“Why? Just because he is an Auditore?”
“No, because he is equipped similarly to me. Which means, it took me decades to learn how to control my urges. And you tell me how well I have mastered so far.”
“Oh gawd. I wonder if there are still active cloisters around and if they accept young girls until they are 18!”


We finished the show, then decided on bed when it was just hours from getting light. As Blaine was turning off lights I went into Vivian’s room to check on her.
Blaine came and we both admired a completely untouched bed. She had snuck out.


“You are so pretty. The prettiest girl in school. And unlike the others you are also smart. I like that in a girl.” Lucca said while wrapping a curl of Vivian’s long blonde hair around his finger.
“Ummm.. thanks.” she blushed deeply. Oh yeah, she had it bad for him, he was tall, muscular, dark hair, bright blue eyes and that typical Auditore complexion, a reminder of their ancestor’s Northern Italian heritage. All the girls in school just swooned over him, when he came to the public school in the middle of the school year. Evidently he was a troublemaker and had been kicked out of the private school he had attended until then, much to the dismay of his parents.

“You are very cute! Not many girls blush when you compliment them.”
“Oh, uh .. ummm…” Vivian blushed even more.

He smiled and she felt butterflies. Then he kissed her again. Her knees were shaking.
The made out for a while until he whispered in her ear that he wanted more. Vivian was torn. She really wanted to impress him, definitely not lose him too, but she knew that it was probably wrong. But still …

08-02-18_3-01-07 PM
“You are so pretty – and talented”

08-02-18_2-48-33 PM

naughty08-02-18_2-51-56 PM08-02-18_2-53-00 PM
“Addy, are you alone!?” Vivian sounded panicked after Adrianna had opened the door to her home.
“Um no, the kids are here .. Casey’s at work if that’s what you mean…” Addy let Vivian enter.
“OMG, Addy I messed up bad! Mom and dad are going to kill me. KILL ME! And I am not even kidding!” Vivian was in a full panic, tears welled in her eyes.
“OK, calm down Viv. Take it from someone who has tested mom’s patience a LOT in her days, trust me, she won’t kill you. And Blaine is just an old teddy bear. Come on, sit down, I’ll make us some cocoa and we’ll talk.”
“I much rather try something from over there!” Vivian pointed at the large bar, which caused Addy to laugh.
“Sure, come back in about 5 years and you can have your choice.”

Once they had the beverages Vivian started talking, nervously playing with the mug in her hands.

“I messed up bad, Addy. Really really bad. So there was this boy in school, totally cute and all, and I was sure he liked me too. But I have this bitch of a friend, well EX friend, a cousin actually, who I thought was my friend, my BEST friend in the whole world, and that bitch weaseled her way in and stole him from me. Right before he was gonna ask me to prom, I swear, I just know he was going to ask. I was destroyed, seriously like wanting to die, right.
So then there is this other boy, he just started at our school and he is soooo gorgeous. His voice, and his eyes – OMG those eyes… when he does this little thing …”
“Umm, I get the picture, move along little sis” Addy interrupted the fangirling
“Well, he came to my party last week and he was soooo sweet … well… he kissed me! Like right there in our backyard. OMG! Well, dad had a fit and like days later when he asked me on a date, dad frigging went idiot and grounded me. Can you imagine me not showing up because my father grounded me? I would NEVER get a date again.”
“I think that was kinda the idea, Viv. But let me guess, you went anyway.”
“Yup. And we kinda … made out .. and kinda .. more….” Vivian avoided looking directly at Addy, blushing deeply.
“Oh Viv! But of course you used protection, right?” Addy rubbed Vivian’s arm, who shook her head, as tears began to fall.
“Ummm .. that is kinda why I am here. HELP!”
“Man, now you yell too!” Vivian started crying uncontrollably, Addy comforted her.
“OK, fine. One thing after another. We’ll get you a test, you chill here, and when Casey gets home I’ll take you home and you and I both talk to mom and Blaine, ok?”
“Addy …”
“NOPE, we will talk. But chill, ok, whatever happens, mom and Blaine are going to be there for you. They are pretty cool. But, who’s the boy, do I know him?”
“Lucca Auditore.”
“Oh crap! You are so dead!”

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08-02-18_4-16-30 PM
“I am here for you, lil sis!”


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