Vivian’s Story) A Walk in the Park

“Hey sweetheart. How about a date tonight? Yes, just got home. OK, I’ll come by and pick you up. See you in about 30 minutes. Love you. Bye.” Vitto smiled big as he was hanging up the phone.

“Umm … Vitto. Could it be that your navigation system is drunk? This isn’t a Lounge, this is a park. A dark park.” Vivian was looking around confused.
“Someone’s afraid of the dark?” Vitto teased, while gently stroking Vivian’s cheek.

“No, hello? We are creatures of the dark. It’s just, I am dressed for a Lounge, not for hiking Mount Never-rest.”

“You and your neckbreaker shoes always. But you’ll be fine. No mountains. Barely an incline, really, and that is only on the side with the playgrounds. We are not going there.”
“But we are going in there? Into the actual park? The dark park?” Vivian frowned.
“Yes Ma’am, we are.” Vitto grinned.
“Oh no, Sir, we are not. I am not dressed for spelunking. I am dressed for a promised date at a bar with yummy drinks to take the edge of my busy week. I am not going. Uh uh!” Vivian complained.
“Ok. Bye.” Vitto grinned and made for the entrance.
“You are not just leaving me here, are you? VITTORIO AUDITORE! Come back! Heyyy!” she protested.

Vitto kept going and already heard her follow when he entered through the hedged gate.

She finally caught up with him by a fountain, he heard the crunching of her heels on the gravel.

“Thank you for waiting! So, mind sharing why the fuck we are in a dark park in the middle of nowhere on a Friday night like … nobody else. Did you notice that there is NOBODY else around. How creepy is that?!” Vivian frowned and shuddered demonstratively.

“But is it creepy, or is it romantic?” Vitto smiled, handing her a rose he pulled from inside his jacket.

“Huh?” Vivian got out before he kissed her.

“Ok. Me likey, but what the hell is with you? Did you get started early on the drinks or did you finally figure out how to take that hanger out of your clothing before wearing them?” she giggled planting a kiss on his cheek to make up for the teasing.

“No, not a drop of alcohol. I am only drunk on my love for you.” he smiled again.
“Viv … Vivian. You know I love you and that you mean the world to me. I chose this because it bears your name, it’s the Cameron Park, dedicated to your family after your brother got so famous. Thought it would be the perfect location to do what I am about to do. So here goes.”
Vitto dropped down on one knee and Vivian’s knees just about gave out, while she felt butterflies in her stomach.

“Vivian Cameron Blackbourne, will you make me the happiest man in the world and become my wife? Marry me Viv.” he said, while holding out a ring to her.

“Oh god, yes! YES!” Vivian said and she meant it. Yes, she did want to be his wife. This was more than crystal clear to her now.
Vitto placed the ring on her finger, a beautiful, very tasteful, yet obviously very expensive ring, so typical for him.

She stared at it, then at Vitto who rose back up, unable to move or speak. He said nothing else either, just kissed her again.

In their embrace she could tell he was trembling. Poor sweet Vitto.
“Hey Auditore? Can you catch?” Vivian giggled as she launched herself into his arms.

“Damn Viv! I almost dropped you!” he complained but then grinned again.

Once he put her back down more kissing ensued, until Vivian gave him a very strange look.

“Vitto? Do you still have some of that courage left in ya?”

“Ummm… what for?”
She leaned forward to whisper in his ear, he immediately turned bright red.
“Viv! This is a public park. Children play here!”
“Not at this hour or they deserve to get a lesson in biology. Come with me!”
She pulled him to a nearby bush and then into it.

Once they were ready to crawl back out, poor Vitto was all sorts of discombobulated

“Wow, Vivian … I …. this was … ummm … erm…”

“Just kiss me.”

“So, Mrs. almost-Auditore, what would you like to do now? Finally the promised Lounge and drinks?”
“No, my almost-husband, how about a walk. I mean, while we are here. And you are right, this is very romantic at night.”
They walked, hand in hand, slowly, stopping every so often to kiss until they spotted a romantic little gazebo across the pond. They went to sit on the bench, overlooking the park, but neither of them had an eye for the scenery.

They were silly now, tickling each other.

Then they kissed, again and again, a weight seemed to have been lifted off both.

Eventually the kissing turned more and more intense.

“Viv – I REALLY want to go home now. I do not care whether mine or yours, but I want a real bed right about now. I still feel the branches poking me in unmentionable places but I am definitely not done celebrating with you tonight.” he got up and pulled her back to the main path of the park.

“Lead the way!”

When he pulled the car up to his driveway he turned to look at her, smiling
“Figured this would be the closest for making the rounds to our parents tomorrow to spread the news, since they live next to each other right here in Brindleton Bay.”

“Look at you, all practical and shit.” Vivian laughed.

“Truth be told, I felt it was safer here. No evil cat to tear me to pieces every time I move withing 5 feet of you.”

“Oh good grief, Mr. Big Shot, scawwed of a lil kitty cat…”
“Nope. Just that monster you brought into your home.”

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