Side Story – Autumn) Full Circle

He sat on the bed, staring out the large panorama window into the nighttime cityscape to his left. A stunning view, but lost on him, so he stared at the wall in front of him instead.
2018-10-12 (4)
His life had changed in its entirety over the past months, unlike all the times prior though this time for the first time it had been for the better. He had finally understood the meaning of emotions, happiness, gratefulness, joy, amusement and even love.

There was a romance budding between him and Autumn. Beautiful, kind Autumn, who had refused to give up on him even in his darkest hour. She had forgiven him for his deeds and even enabled him to have a new life, a home, with her. And then his old life came back to ruin it for him.

When Lilith had come by their home, Autumn was in class, he did not know who she really was, but she said she was Caleb’s sister, so he let her in. Few moments after he remembered nothing at all anymore, full blackout  – and he didn’t come to again until he recalled Autumn in the door frame of her bedroom, an appalled stare, tears running down her face before he realized he was towards the end of intercourse with that strange woman, unable to recall how he got there.
That had been the last time he had seen Autumn. He did not know why the woman and he had been in some incriminating position. The woman left wordlessly while he scrambled to figure out the proper reaction to it all.

Any and all attempts at speaking to Autumn had been in vain, eventually he gave up. Then Viktoria came by, acting worse than odd, he just assumed she was there because of that incident, but when he mentioned it, she looked confused and nothing changed after her visit. At least not with Autumn.

He remembered little of that fateful day, only really waking up in the hidden basement of his father’s home, dazed and confused and again, there was Viktoria untying his hands. Later he learned the rest, learned he was not to blame for any of it, then finally ended up back in the apartment. Still, no Autumn.

Suddenly, as if willed into existence the door opened and there she was, his Autumn, right there in the bedroom with him.
10-12-18_1-04-55 PM
He looked up but stayed seated, afraid if he tried to approach her, she would run from him. She stood, looking at him, as if waiting for something.
10-12-18_1-05-17 PM
“You’re back.” he said, his voice raspy from not having spoken to anyone in a long time.
She nodded, stood by the door for a moment, then sat down next to him on the bed.
10-12-18_1-07-18 PM
“You hurt me. Bad.” she stated.
“I know.”
“Grandma said, you were not yourself then.” she continued.
He shook his head.
“Did you feel anything?”
He shook his head again.
“That was supposed to be our moment together. That is gone now, for good.”
He looked down at his hands.
“Lucien, look at me.”
He did. They sat there, staring at each other for a while, until she smiled.
“I am still crazy about you. I tried, so hard, to hate you and forget about you, but I do not want to. And my mom always told me about her lost love and to never repeat her mistake, especially not out of wounded pride.”
10-12-18_1-10-30 PM
He swallowed hard.
“Good grief, Lucien, say something!”
“I … love you.”
“Oh my gawd, FINALLY! I have been waiting forever for you to say that to me!”
10-12-18_1-10-38 PM
“Why did you not say it then, you know that I am … broken. Damaged goods.”
“You are not broken you drama-queen, you are just shy and had a shitty childhood! So – are you ever going to kiss me or is that going to be another few months and more ‘Exorcist’ moments later?!”
10-12-18_1-12-19 PM
Instead of words, Lucien used actions.
10-12-18_1-13-29 PM
“Autumn, I really do not know how this is properly done, but I would love it if you would become my wife. I don’t know your father or how to ask for your hand, but I would like to do that.”
“Oh jeeze, Romeo, slow down! First you say nothing and the next moment you drag me off to the wedding chapel. Let’s do the couple thing first and see how we do. Besides, we still haven’t even … you know … that thing we were going to do together. I think that should definitely come first.”
10-12-18_1-14-40 PM
“Okay? Just okay?”
“I do not know what to say here. Whee?! Tally-ho? Or I I to just have my way with you now? Maybe with an internet page up on the tablet and instructions to follow like I have been doing with most other day to day things everybody but me knows how to do?”
“Hardee har har. Did you eat a clown for breakfast?”
“No, I am about as embarrassed as you are and not sure what you expect from me right this moment.”
“Well, since you have more experience now, you make the start.”
10-12-18_1-14-49 PM
“I would hardly call that experience, since I do not even remember any of it.”
Clumsily he kissed her again, then they peeled each other’s clothes off, which was not as smooth as it seemed in the movies, causing them to giggle and stumble, making the intended romantic moment a lot less tense, then the rest turned out enjoyable and fairly self explanatory.
10-12-18_1-21-18 PM
Afterwards they lay together, both blushed and flushed when Autumn turned to him
“Please tell me you will remember THAT.”
10-12-18_1-23-53 PM
“Oh, I will – forever – but think I’d like frequent refreshers…”
“OMG – are you turning from innocent shy nerd into Blaine now?!” Autumn laughed.
“I don’t know, but I totally get him now!”
“Oh and – Lucien?”
“Let’s give this a little while, but I would very much like to be your future Mrs. Drake. Eventually.”
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