Prelude to a Legacy Chapter 6) Another Twist

Adrianna heard several voices arguing loudly as she unlocked the door. She inhaled deeply. While she was generally brave, just as her dad raised her, right now she just wanted to run. She didn’t need three guesses to know what this was about again now. Probably her parents fighting over something with her and Blaine.
She began sneaking up the stairs when she saw Blaine hunched into the corner of their couch. Oh shoot! She HAD to help him! Her dad would kill him if he only blinked the wrong way!
As she entered the large living and dining area her mouth fell open. It looked like a family get-together, except it was mostly the men with the exception of Marcella, her cousin and aunt Claudia, Marcella’s mom. Blaine’s parents were there, as well as both of her uncles.
“Ummm … hi … what’s going on?” Adrianna asked when nobody spoke, obviously processing some bomb that must have dropped just before she got there.
“Adrianna, go to your room please!” her dad ordered.
“No, no Ezio, I think she should hear this.” her uncle intervened. He was the oldest sibling, a very stern man, who became the patriarch of the Auditore clan once their father passed. Nobody ever argued with him. This time was no different.
“I’ll tell you what is going on…” He was the one who addressed Adrianna. She had always been fearful of him, or at least uncomfortable. As a little kid she usually ran away to hide behind her mommy. Somehow, she wanted to today as well. As if her mother’s instincts kicked in, Viktoria came over to stand next to her daughter, her arm protective around Addy’s shoulders.
“I’m not a man to sugarcoat anything, so here is the Cliff Notes version: your Romeo over there knocked up Marcella, then dumped her for – presumably you – and who knows how many others!”
“She is the ONLY one!” Blaine exclaimed bravely, earning stern looks by all the men, including his dad.
“Blaine is a good boy, not a …playa!” Olivia, Blaine’s mother argued.
“A good boy!? I have to seriously wonder about your character Miss … erm…”
“MRS Cameron!”
“Mrs. Cameron, when does impregnating a young woman, then dumping her to leave her feat on her own ever make any man a good one?”
“I does not, but that is not what happened. He broke up with Marcella BEFORE he knew. And they have not worked out. It was a mutual decision. I know, I was there …”
“Were you there too when this … unfortunate event happened?”
“No, of course not. Blaine said they tried to be careful but the condom…”
“I do not want such smut details! I know how children are made, Mrs. Cameron, I have five of my own. All conceived AFTER marriage and NOT as teens, but once I had a stable enough job to support a family, instead of just willy nilly jumping into bed with every skirt that does not run away fast enough like your son and his father before him …”
“Listen dude!” Blaine warned, both men measured one another up
“I am not your ‘dude’ but all ears.”
“You are ridiculous! You and all of your siblings were born with not one but two silver spoons in your mouths. Work for a living … HA HA HA … laughable. You never had to work a day in your life. You go fart in some comfy chair in some luxurious office all day, judging the financial fates of lesser fortunate, yet are all high and mighty. And the reason why you didn’t sleep with any other women is because none would have you, you ugly stuck up fu..”
“BLAINE!” Olivia and Viktoria yelled at the same time.
“ENOUGH already. This is my house and I want this civilized! Let’s all sit down and talk like grown ups…” Viktoria proclaimed.
“Not surprised that when the going gets rough, you would stand up for him, instead of your own husband.”
“What is THAT supposed to mean.” Ezio now demanded
“Means that she pulled the wool over your eyes all those years ago and you still have not learned what that woman really is!”
“Oh, please enlighten me, brother dearest!” Ezio’s eyes glistened dangerously. He was all about the Auditore family and would protect them hell or high water, but nobody was allowed to attack his wife. Not even them.
“It means you are the same love-struck fool as you were 20 years ago. I don’t know what spell she cast over you, but father and mother tried to warn you as did I, then and now. You are not thinking … or at least not with your head, Ezio.”
“How dare you come to my home and insult my wife and me?!”
“Call it what you want, lil brother, but that woman was bad news then and now. She broke your heart once, and she will do it again. She locked you in with some brats, hopefully they are even yours and you won’t see that she still has the hots for that scrawny skinny tattooed up loser who does not seem to own a hair brush!”
Blaine jumped up now and a fist fight ensued, Petruccio tried to break it up as did Ezio and all ended up beating on each other.
“Ladies and you too Blaine Junior, come with me. Let those fools beat some sense into each other, we are going out and then we will talk!”
They were able to find a quiet table in a corner of the restaurant, once they had all settled and ordered, Viktoria spoke up.
“Addy, Marcella and young Blaine. You do realize that this REALLY does look bad. It is not a good situation. Not for anybody.”
“So what does this mean now, Blaine? I mean for … us?” Adrianna asked.
“I love you, Addy. This is … I don’t know what to say … it wasn’t meant to happen.”
“Blaine and I are through, Addy. I am not trying to break you up. He and I just did not work out. So if that is what you are afraid of, don’t be. Besides, if anybody would know that you can raise a child on your own, it would be me, right Mom?”
Claudia had a fangirl fling with a celebrity when she herself was a teen, and it resulted in Marcella. She never married the father either.
“Of course we do need some help … after all, he IS the father …” said Claudia.
Adrianna felt dizzy. She loved Blaine … but the mere thought of him having slept with another girl … and now he would have a child with that woman. She always painted that very picture, but with her as the mother in this little romantic cottage with the white picket fence … now that dream was forever changed. As if he read her mind, Blaine took her hand and smiled a forced smile. It was obvious that he was not exactly thrilled with this.
“Can you not just … you know, go to the doctor and …” Addy addressed Marcella
“NO!” A chorus of four voices rejected that idea immediately. Marcella, Claudia, Olivia and even Blaine.
“Look baby, I do not like this situation either, not for any of us, but I do not want …. that. I hope you understand.”
Addy nodded.
They finished the meal and went their separate ways. Walking back to the car, Addy and Viktoria took the scenic route through the park.
“You really DO love him, don’t you? Still?”
“Yes, Mama, still … even more now, I think. But mom … can we stop by the pharmacy … I think I want to check something when we get home…” Adrianna lowered her gaze. Viktoria understood and took her daughter into her arms.
“I am sorry mom …” she cried into her mothers embrace.
“It’s ok baby. I knew it was bound to happen sooner or later. I’ll get you in with my gyn as soon as possible and we’ll get you on birth control. Just let me handle that part of the news with your father. Eventually.”
“I really hate uncle Frederico! He is impossible…”
“Truth be told, I am not a fan either…”
“That must have been hard for you when you two were dating …”
“It was hell on wheels. You never met your paternal grandparents and be happy for it. They were a very acquired taste. Someone once told me that your grandmother once was a very sweet woman, but when they moved to here, she changed and became bitter. Remember my kneelength black and white dress? That really elegant one with the silver belt? Yeah, I spent all my money to buy that to impress them when Ezio took to me to introduce me and she told me at the dinner in front of everybody that I looked like a two dollar hooker. Good times.”
“Wow. What a … well …you know. How about grandma Edi and your dad? Did they not want you dating dad either?”
“My mom was ok with him. She liked him, but of course once she heard about his family’s antics she wasn’t his biggest fan. She kept telling him to stand up for me. And my dad, well, we never really had a good relationship until he remarried and I started seeing your uncle … but he couldn’t care less.”
“I like grandma, she is really cool!”
“Your dad thought so too, which is why we got married in her living room.”
“Oh yeah.”
“So that is why there are no wedding pics on the walls.”
“Yep, sore subject too with his family. When we renewed our vows after 10 years, we didn’t invite any of them either. Yeah, they are not happy with that fact.”
“Maybe that is what Blaine and I need to do … just elope and confront everybody with the fact.”
“Don’t you dare Missy! It would kill your dad! He’d have a stroke and a heart attack while going mad all at the same time.”
“Sounds fun!”
“I swear I will spank you and your new husband till it bleeds!”
Both laughed as they entered the pharmacy.

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