Prelude to a Legacy Chapter 5) Romeo & Juliet 2018


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“Give me your phone.” Ezio demanded.
“What?! NO!?” Adrianna protested.
“Phone now, or I will have your line turned off!”
“What kinda Stasi shit is this now?!” Adrianna reluctantly handed over her phone.
“Ezio…” Viktoria tried to calm him from the stove, where she was cooking lunch.
“Looky here … Blaine, Blaine, Blaine and oh wow, another message from Blaine… ” he looked up at Adrianna
“What? He goes to my school, we are in some classes together… just typical messages between classmates. You text your colleagues…”
“Oh yes, you are right. Just yesterday I texted Joe from Accounting about his – where was this, ah here – beautiful blue eyes that remind me of sapphires sparkling in the sun. Or when I wrote Michael how much – and I quote – love to run my fingers through his ‘soft, shiny hair the color of ebony’ again!” The humor of the situation rolled off Ezio but was not lost on Viktoria and Marco, who were trying hard to not laugh out loudly.
“Well … Michael is bald for one …”
“ADRIANNA this is not a laughing matter!”
“No, it is pitiful and narrow minded of you, dad! Why don’t you trust me at all?!”
“It is not YOU I distrust, but your … beau!”
“Dad, Blaine is a total gentleman. Remember when I was coming home from piano lessons and got caught in that summer storm? Blaine invited me home and was sooooo understanding, he just held me and told me it was going to be all…”
“HE WHAT? AND WHERE? Oh that little … I specifically told both of his parents that I do NOT allow you over there without your mother and I! They should have send you straight home or called one of us!”
“They … kinda … were not there…”
“Oh, this keeps getting better! I am going to cut his …tool… off and beat him to death with it!”
“Dad! NO! I love him!”
Ezio halted, Viktoria stared at her and Marco made barfing sounds, all at the same time.
“He … loves me too. We are boyfriend and girlfriend and he got a job in construction last month. When he has enough, he will ask for my hand …”
“NEVER! NEVER EVER! Not in this life or the next! I forbid it! I do not want you to see him EVER again! You will never marry that boy! I want you to be happy, not end up tired and exhausted trying to make a living for you and 5 of his bastards while he goes fiddle in some street to hit on women like his father!”
“Ezio! Olivia works for NASA in engineering and Blaine works at a restaurant. He does the music on the side!”
“Oh, how lovely. And how would YOU know this? Have you been meeting him? Against my wishes?!”
“I … Liv came into the shop the other day and we … had coffee. We talked. She is my friend, Ezio …I miss her…”
“You should have thought about that before …” he stopped the flood of words just in time, as he recalled both their kids were present. Instead he stormed out, seconds later the engine of his car howled loudly as he rushed off.
“Why are you guys fighting all the time now?” Marco complained.
“Marco honey, we are not really fighting… we are … ummm…”
“You ARE fighting. And all because of me. I am so sorry mom, I do not know what is wrong with daddy but he is an asshole..”
“He is! He used to be the best dad ever and now, he won’t even listen to a word I said.”
“Yeah, and both of you are so busy with this Adrianna-drama that you forget about me.”
“We do not, Marco.”
“So you both will be there tomorrow?”
“So you DID forget. Great mom. Well, I’ll be in my room.”
“What about lunch?”
“Not hungry!”
“Me either!”
Both kids went to their rooms and Viktoria plopped down on the couch. Man, this was going to drive her straight into the insane asylum. But she knew where to get some sanity back from. She pulled out her phone and dialed.
“Hey mom … yeah I am fine I … actually mom, I am so not fine… can I come over? I need you!”


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2 Replies to “Prelude to a Legacy Chapter 5) Romeo & Juliet 2018”

  1. Ezio is really cute and all, but I dunno. Your stories in group made him seem different to me! 😦 I hope he gets off whatever stick he has up his butt. XD I don't wanna dislike him, hee hee.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Eziomhas some deep seated jealousy about Blaine. Poor Addy. And bless Marco’s little heart. I hope he and Viktoria get things worked out.

    Liked by 1 person

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