Prelude to a Legacy Chapter 4) First Love

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“Hey dad!”
“Hey honey.” Ezio mechanically replied from behind his newspaper, but then realized it was dark and looked up at his daughter.
“Did you just get home from school?”
“Ha ha ha … you are funny. Of course not. I was out with friends. And before you ask, yes, that was okayed by mom.”
“All done.”
“So which friends?”
“OMG dad, again? I already went over that with mom… like I am gonna remember all of them.”
“ALL OF THEM? How many people do you know?”
“A lot.”
“And you all go out … often?”
“Man dad, I know you are old but … seriously. It’s probably just like when you were young. Minus the dinosaurs.”
“Thanks. And no, your OLD dad had a very different upbringing, I can tell you that!”
“Fine. So how it works is you meet your friends somewhere and then you go out, and you meet some people they know, and now you know them too and then they know where to go next and we meet more people… ya know.”
“Oh jeeze … so whom all do you know now?”
“You want me to like list them?”
“For starters…”
“Do I have to?”
“If you want to go out and collect new friends again, yes.”
“OK fine, so there was Nicco and Rob …”
“As in your cousins?”
“Oh, that is not bad … so who else?’
“Logan … yes, another cousin. And then … ummm …”
Ezio relaxed and breathed a sigh of relief. If she was with her cousins, if couldn’t be so bad. Phew!
“…Shelby was there and Blaine …the other ones I do not remember the names of.”
“Ok hon…. wait what?! Did you say Blaine? Not Blaine Cameron, right?”
“I don’t know his last name, dad, I don’t card them…”
“What did he look like?”
This is where things went South quickly. Adrianna blushed, started fidgeting, smiled and began…
“Umm… well, he is tall, like REALLY tall and handsome .. I mean REALLY handsome in like this rugged kinda way, not that baby face thing, he has like almost black hair and it is like all shaggy and his eyes, oh man, they are green and soooooooo pretty … like oceans … if oceans were green and he is ..”
“Ok, enough, I get it, he is dreamy. But you are not gonna see him again.”
Her smile faded into an expression of disbelief. “HUH?”
“No more Blaine. As a matter of fact, where is your mother? VIKTOOOOOOORIAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!”
Few seconds later Viktoria appeared.
“I was behind you in the kitchen making dinner, no need to yell, dear husband. And yes, I heard. So she met Blaine. Whoopdeedoo… She would have met him sooner, if you would not have PROHIBITED me from inviting my friends into my own home.”
“Ok, I’ll be in my room then…” Adrianna tried to use the turn of the story to make an exit.
“You will stay right here.” Ezio now stood up, stepping back to face both females.
“There is a reason why I don’t want them here and a reason why I do not want the products of their loins dating my baby girl.”
“Ezio …” Viktoria’s tone had a warning undertone.
“I am not ‘dating’ him …”
“Not yet, but I know that look! This case is settled. You stay as far away as possible from that Blaine and we will be fine! Excuse me, I have work to do!” Ezio stomped off.
“Whoa, what’s with dad. Is that the midlife crisis thing or something?”
“You’d think. He’s just over protective. I’ll talk to him. But he is right you know. Your dad assumes that Blaine is very much like Blaine Sr., really great guy, unless you are female…”
“I didn’t know you know him. Seriously, he looks just like his dad, just not so ….. old.”
“His dad was there?”
“Yup, and his mom and his sisters.”
“Huh, cool. Liv … Olivia and I used to be really good friends. I met Olivia when I was just a few years older than you and I actually introduced those two. Funny that the apple does not fall far from the tree. Your dad and Blaine Sr. just never saw eye to eye. Too much testosterone or so.”


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“So, has the father-daughter jealousy dissipated or shall I give you another hour?”
“I am not jealous. I just do not want my daughter to end up like your friend Olivia.”
“What’s wrong with Liv, she’s doing well?”
“You suck as a friend. A blind man can see that she hates her life. She had plans, but he knocked her up and she has been stuck at home since, while he still comes and goes as he pleases.”
“He works…”
“Every night?”
“He performs. You know he is in a band.”
“Viktoria, I know he is a master at lulling gullible twenty-year-olds in with his rebel ways, but – and I say this in the most loving way – you are really too old to fall for that routine, cara mia!”
“Thanks.” He pulled her into his lap.
“We’re both older and wiser now. Although I have to say, one teen and one almost teen are going to make me go grey fast.”
“Speaking of …”
“Don’t even start!”
They laughed and kissed.


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