Prelude to a Legacy Chapter 1) A Child Becomes a Teen

“What is that stuff our daughter is wearing? Is that sleepwear or something she wants to leave the house in?” Ezio whispered in my ear, as I was preparing the family breakfast.
“Honey, this is her style now …”
“What style? She looks like she sleeps on park benches and hugs trees for a hobby!”
“Do you not remember when you were a teen and you experimented with different styles? I know I do. Some were cute and some I will never admit to.” I giggled.
“Can’t say I have, do you not remember Auditore senior? he would have had our hides. Besides, we all went to a private school with a mandatory uniform. And after school I was too busy learning the family business. No time for such … fashion shenanigans…”
“Well, my dear husband, luckily you are not your father and you can adjust to modern times. Give it a few months, she may be into Japanese Anime by then …”
“Japan… what?!”
“Oh man, you really need to get with it. Anime. Those cartoons with the exaggerated features and tiny outfits…” I teased him and could not longer hide my grin.
“Over my dead body!” he hissed back, well aware that I was teasing but obviously still not quite on board with the joke.
“I’d be careful with that, love. Remember, Addy is part Italian …” I giggled, glancing up at his now more relaxed facial expression.
“You know not what you speaketh of, woman. My baby girl adores me! I am her king, she would never kill me!” he said, then slightly bowed before me, winking.
“She is also from a wealthy Italian family, meaning she will have someone else handle it!” I joked back, which earned me a semi-gentle elbow nudge to my stirring arm, sending some scrambled egg and bacon onto the stove top, to be quickly picked up by Ezio who now grinned at me, chewing, just inches from my face.
“If this is what being a parent to a teenager is going to be like, I will have had a heart attack long before her hired killers arrive!”
“What a whimp you are! I had you pegged to stay strong until she started bringing boys home!” Oooh, that one wiped his smile clear and narrowed his eyes.
“My baby girl is barred from getting within 30 feet of any boys, particular on my property!”
“Awesome! You need to tell her that, she keeps stealing stuff from my bathroom and my toolbox!”
Neither one of us had heard our youngest arrive.
“So what, sharing is caring.”
“But not with a dumb sister!” he protested.
“Since when do you think you sister is dumb? You were so close until …”
“…until she started going to high school and thinks she is now better than me.”
“She does not!”
“Does too!”
I cringed, arguing with a boy was … like arguing with your husband. Urgh.
“Good morning all!” Adrianna appeared, encased in a cloud of … lavender scent. Hmmm.
“You stink!” her brother exclaimed.
“And you kill mother nature!” she retorted, which earned me a quick side look by her father through narrowed eyes. I shook my head at him.
“I am going to kill YOU if you take my shit again!”
“MARCO! Language and we do not threaten to kill family members in this house!”
“You say that you kill dad all the time when he leaves his stuff laying around…”
My husband did not interject anything useful, just a hearty belly laugh.
“Yes, that is different. Who wants breakfast!?” Maybe that kid will drop it when food is involved.
“How is that any different?” *sigh* Or maybe he won’t. Juuust like his father.
“Well, my wonderful yet nosey son, it is because firstly I say so. And when you get married you will know what exactly that means….”
“…it means ‘happy wife, happy life, son. Essential part to your health!” Ezio interjected laughing while eating.
“Thank you, HUSBAND. Secondly, I am part of the two people who PAY for this house. Meaning I get the vote. And thirdly and most importantly, I know the best hiding spots for bodies. And if you two do not want to find out where first hand, you finish your food and be ready in ten unless you want to walk to school!


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